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  1. Hard to beat a good jerky, packs well for on the go.
  2. If y'all are driving and in proximity, this place is highly recommended. A short video description on Youtube Shaffer Farms Texas BBQ | Tennessee Crossroads
  3. And, press a thumb print 1/2 into the center of each patty - will keep the burger from mounding into a funny meatball.
  4. I made this yesterday and plated with some bite size organic mozzarella today, heavenly. The fresh ingredients are what make this delicious.
  5. Thanks Aljoseph, I just used some of our home grown matos and basil for this tasty accompaniment.
  6. Great record of your work to restore the Axe. A useful tool to be sure.
  7. DH, I appreciate the excellent food dishes you prepare and present as well as your humor We would still like to get back to Yellowstone sometime. Would you share the name of the movie you mentioned earlier this thread... the link did not open on my end, we could use a comedy. Thank you.
  8. Another thigh go to meal, just my taste too. Bet it would pair well with pasta, say a cold winter-time cook.
  9. Just _Curious, I was not clear, sorry. The height of the cooking/table-top surface?
  10. What is the measurement of your cooking surface? Great work and choice of wood!
  11. Just right, well done on the whole meal...flavorful !
  12. Chicken on a stick without a stick. I would like to see one of the drumsticks cut into? Looks great
  13. Just a few days ago I pulled a breast and three boneless thighs out of the freezer and cooked them on the Weber-Q. After finishing the thighs I thought , " boy these grill up nicely ". The ones I had gotten only had one or two un-edible bits of cartilage.
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