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  1. Hey guys, I am wondering, what’s a good felt replacement that you have used on your kamado? It’s for my vision kamado, and I generally purchase from amazon. Just wondering what are some good choices without spending a fortune. thank you!! Joseph
  2. This just made my favorite breakfast so much easier. Hash-browns, sausage all fried on the discada. Taken into the kitchen, thrown into the Dutch oven, eggs poured over, topped with cheese and baked at 350 for 25 minutes. mmmmmmmm
  3. This evening I used the vision grill smoker to smoke wings. 16 wings, 225 degrees for 2 hrs, using cherry wood. fired up the discada, using vegetable oil, I tossed the wings in for a quick minute and a half to add that nice crunch. These were some of the best wings I have ever done.
  4. I fixed eggs and bacon using it this morning. Fresh out of the box. Took me a bit to learn to adjust the temp but it all worked great in the end. Put the grill together last night when I got home from work.
  5. Hey Scott! thats funny that you showed that discada. After I posted this subject, k got busy back at work for the week and forgot about it. But, I also ordered the 24” with the bbq spring handle, as well as the xl burner, all from southwestdisk ! It is suppose to be here Tuesday. I can’t wait. how long have you had yours? It would be nice to have a subject for the discada here.
  6. Hey everyone! I have been looking at the Carolina cooker/ discada for quite some time now. I have found a place to purchase one, and I am really excited about the new way of cooking. While I am ready to take the plunge and purchase one, I have a question. Would a discada work well on a camp chef single burner? Or does the burner section need to be more open for a discada? any input on the matter, or on discadas period would be great!!!
  7. Thank you guys!! I was rather disappointed when I saw the gasket last night. I still cooked with it, but was fearful it was going to lead to a larger issue. I appreciate how helpful you guys are.
  8. Vision is sending me new felt, no issues, only asked to see a picture of the issue. Should be here in 4 days. Should I go about cleaning the ceramic section where it goes in any certain way?
  9. Ok, so I’ve owned my kamado pro for what, 3 months now? Yesterday I go to fire it up for wings and what do I see? I have my son hold this so I can snap a pic and get it off to the manufacturer. But come on......3 months??? Is that all the felt is going to last me? Ive only had it up 350 twice.
  10. These are the same ones I’ve been looking at. The only thing I don’t like, I know it’s dumb, then being glass. I have a lot of arthritis and my hands fail me at times (I’ve dropped three glasses this past month). But, if I’m cautious it’ll be fine. Glad someone else uses the ones I was looking at. Thanks for that!
  11. That’s where my first two came from and the bottles have ended up leaking after a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.
  12. I don’t know how many, or if any of you spritz your ribs, but I do. Well, I need to get a good bottle for my rib spritz. It’s just white wine vinegar, liquid butter, and apple juice. My plastic bottle leaks now at the top something awful, every time I squeeze the trigger; when it’s in the fridge for a few days it creates a vacuum and the bottle wants to ‘collapse’ around the middle. I am wondering, does anyone here have a bottle that they use and not had issues with? If so, what kind? I appreciate all your input.
  13. Now I have another question, this was the first time I ever had my grill up to 600 degrees. The pizza stone I used was a pampered chef pizza stone. It was a cream colored stone. During the entire warmup and cook I had it sitting on the top grate. Well, now, it’s black. Should it be like that? Shouldn’t it have burnt off and be clean looking? Should I have left it on longer after the cook?
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