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  1. I believe I’m going to do a pork loin next. But, not certain.....plenty of time between now and next Saturday for me to figure it out
  2. Yesterday I decided to hook up the external thermometer so I could keep an eye on the grill and the ribs without having to run back and forth. Well, look at the difference. about 40 degrees. The thermometer probe was attached to the top of the cooking grate. Has anyone else noticed this difference?
  3. Yeah, he just doesn’t say how long it keeps. Lol
  4. The rib spritz I used tonight had imitation butter, white wine vinegar, and apple juice. How long do you think it would stay good for?? Refrigerated or not refrigerated?
  5. Thank you so much! My wife told me tonight, “honey, your ribs have only gotten better each and every time I’ve made them, and that still holds true. These are your best yet!”
  6. Alright guys, I got my wish today and got to smoke me some ribs. I came home home last night and pulled the membrane off and added kosher salt, and then I wrapped it all up in plastic wrap for the day. Then I made the run.... this is morning I opened up the ribs and added the rub. it it started raining so the mrs had this idea. I noticed quite a difference in my grill temp and my thermometer so so after a hour i began spritzing my ribs every 15 mins for two hours. At the three hour hour mark I pulled them off, added them to a aluminum pan and added 1 cup of apple juice. another hour on the smoker covered; taken out and added the homemade bbq sauce..... and back into the smoker for 30; brought it in to rest for 10 minutes. just look ..... mmmmmmmm, nothing happened here officer :-). What evidence??? Thank you for lookin.
  7. Well, the cap I bought doesn’t fit without some trimming and unfortunately I don’t have the time to do it right now. But......the mrs had a great idea. .........
  8. I contacted them and they told me that it would not.
  9. You could have saved me $10! lol
  10. Well, three hardware stores and I finally found me one guys. Looks like there'll be ribs just a smokin away tomorrow!!!
  11. Saturday I am going to try my hand at smoking two slabs of ribs. I know there are a lot of different opinions on this matter, and I am curious, should I use a pan with water in it, or no? Thank you, Joseph
  12. I contacted SmokeWare and unfortunately they do not make a cap LARGE enough to fit the vision grill.
  13. You know I really wondered about that, and I wondered if that isn’t why it took a while for my temp to climb. Instead of just the lava stone, I had another barrier, the aluminum foil. So, we will see with the next smoke. Thanks for the input and compliment @KismetKamado
  14. My JJGeorge Grill torch arrived today. 9228A1F5-1B52-4C77-8818-D50FD649975C.MOV
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