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  1. Thank you guys!! I was rather disappointed when I saw the gasket last night. I still cooked with it, but was fearful it was going to lead to a larger issue. I appreciate how helpful you guys are.
  2. Vision is sending me new felt, no issues, only asked to see a picture of the issue. Should be here in 4 days. Should I go about cleaning the ceramic section where it goes in any certain way?
  3. Ok, so I’ve owned my kamado pro for what, 3 months now? Yesterday I go to fire it up for wings and what do I see? I have my son hold this so I can snap a pic and get it off to the manufacturer. But come on......3 months??? Is that all the felt is going to last me? Ive only had it up 350 twice.
  4. These are the same ones I’ve been looking at. The only thing I don’t like, I know it’s dumb, then being glass. I have a lot of arthritis and my hands fail me at times (I’ve dropped three glasses this past month). But, if I’m cautious it’ll be fine. Glad someone else uses the ones I was looking at. Thanks for that!
  5. That’s where my first two came from and the bottles have ended up leaking after a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.
  6. I don’t know how many, or if any of you spritz your ribs, but I do. Well, I need to get a good bottle for my rib spritz. It’s just white wine vinegar, liquid butter, and apple juice. My plastic bottle leaks now at the top something awful, every time I squeeze the trigger; when it’s in the fridge for a few days it creates a vacuum and the bottle wants to ‘collapse’ around the middle. I am wondering, does anyone here have a bottle that they use and not had issues with? If so, what kind? I appreciate all your input.
  7. Now I have another question, this was the first time I ever had my grill up to 600 degrees. The pizza stone I used was a pampered chef pizza stone. It was a cream colored stone. During the entire warmup and cook I had it sitting on the top grate. Well, now, it’s black. Should it be like that? Shouldn’t it have burnt off and be clean looking? Should I have left it on longer after the cook?
  8. Thanks guys. Well, the meat temp is up to 161 and it looks and smells great. Still a ways to go. I’m curious, what causes the fire to burn out, especially when their is ample coal left? Could offsetting where I light the lump help? I usually always light dead center, should I light it on the left or on the right? Would that help? Is the fire just to small to keep a continuous burn?
  9. So today we are celebrating my grandmothers 82nd birthday. Last night around 21:00 I had the kamado up to 190 I had a 12lb pork shoulder prepared and into the smoker it went. Meat temp went in, and I walked away. Around midnight I went to bed and check on the grill quickly, temp was up and everything was great. 07:00 my wife wakes me, “honey, the grill says it’s down to 100.” I run down, and sure enough, it was, and my meat thermometer read 120. The coals had gone out. So......now what do I do? Just restart it and let it go to temp? What would have caused the coals coals to burn out? There is plenty of lump remaining inside the kamado.
  10. I ended up doing two pizzas tonight, which was a lot of fun, and I learned a great deal in the process; plus it cleaned my kamado. Lol. This is the only one I was able to get a picture of, all cheese. Definitely in need of getting a pizza spatula, it wasn’t easy moving it from the cooking sheet to the hot stone, that’s for sure!! I appreciate all of the help.
  11. The only other question I want to ask......do you ever add any wood chunks to the cook?
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