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  1. Saturday I am going to try my hand at smoking two slabs of ribs. I know there are a lot of different opinions on this matter, and I am curious, should I use a pan with water in it, or no? Thank you, Joseph
  2. I contacted SmokeWare and unfortunately they do not make a cap LARGE enough to fit the vision grill.
  3. You know I really wondered about that, and I wondered if that isn’t why it took a while for my temp to climb. Instead of just the lava stone, I had another barrier, the aluminum foil. So, we will see with the next smoke. Thanks for the input and compliment @KismetKamado
  4. My JJGeorge Grill torch arrived today. 9228A1F5-1B52-4C77-8818-D50FD649975C.MOV
  5. I will have to think of something between now and Saturday. If all else fails I may zip tie an umbrella to a chair if I have to.
  6. Just measured my cast iron cap and it is 24 3/4” around. I don’t know what I need to get, but I feel like cooking in a downpour, like we are suppose to have this Friday and Saturday will be out of the question without something to keep the rain off of the grill vent. Maybe I am wrong?
  7. @AceUh Granted mine just came in Monday, and I didn’t get to cook on it until last night, but I absolutely love mine! No complaints on my end as of yet, except peeling the sticker off the side table was a huge pain in the backside. All the adhesive stuck to the table and it took about 30 minutes to get it all off even with mineral spirits. I then coated mine with polyurethane. The tables don’t bother me and I don’t have any issues with the dual layer rack either. Seeing where the top one hooks into the bottom one I made a mental note and have no issues taking it apart or putting it together. Personally I like the color coated temperature gauge. The one one thing I can say I am not the happiest about is the lava stone bracket. I don’t know if you have one or not, maybe you have the same issue? So the brace extends to form an “x” and grabs ahold of the inner ceramic bowl. Mine will make contact at all four points, but only once the lava stone is in place. Prior to putting the stone on, one side wants to stick up a great deal.
  8. Does anyone know of a cap that can fit over the cast vent on the professional s model? Unfortunately I don’t have a awning to keep the rain off my grill, and it’s suppose to storm Thursday - Saturday, that’ll make smoking a bit difficult. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Well folks, tonight it happened. I got my grill all put together and waited all day long to get it going. Around 4 o clock I loaded it up with my lump coal I coated my lava stone with olive oil and added the brace and stone to the fire along with three apple wood chunks. shortly thereafter I had reached my temperature. i had had decided on smoked hamburgers. I took 1 1/4lb of 80/20 ground beef, 1 egg, and 1/4 cup of oats. I patted out my patties and threw some seasoning salt to the patties. Fearing that the burgers would not stay together for 30 minutes I wrapped the top grate in aluminum foil and added my burgers. When I opened my grill my temp dropped drastically, down to about 175. I think I got over worried here and stumbled around with it a bit, but finally got it back to 300. I had a nice mist of smoke emitting from the top. 30 minutes of smoking them. I heated up a cast iron skillet with some butter and finished getting that nice crunchy layer. Just look at that.... the Mrs and I just sat and looked at each other with every bite. They were amazing! There wasn’t to much smoke, but just enough. It tasted like a burger we would get at a steakhouse. They were so good!! Im sure you have, but if you’ve never tried smoking burgers like this, you should. This is a meal I will be doing much much more, only trying many different things between seasonings and different flavor of woods. Thank you for looking and thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way. I am a happy Kamado grill owner. Being able to maintain the temperature was my big worry. Seeing that it wasn’t much of a worry, makes me very pleased. So....thank you everyone; and @John Setzler thank you for this forum!
  10. I don’t do diets, but my wife does. Her mother, God rest her soul, was rather heavy and my wife has always thought she, herself, was to big. She lost 65lbs herself in a year and a half and I was very proud of her. No additives, no supplements, et cetera. She hit a plateau and she wanted to loose more. She started on the KETO diet after I asked her not to. About 3 months of it she lost around 10lbs, and she decided to revert back to what she had been doing. She ended up with severe stomach cramping, constipation, et cetera. So much as eating a piece of bread was causing her issues. Slowly her body finally permitted her to intake other foods outside from the KETO diet. There have ave been so many cases reported of people ending up with renal failure. I use to be very hardcore when it came to exercise and diet, and my knowledge isn’t minimal in the area. But, while I am no expert, I don’t think it’s a healthy diet of any kind. Just my 2 cents worth. YMMV.
  11. but, if I use the lava stone.......no grease flare ups!! right?
  12. Thanks @TexasBlues anyone else have have any thoughts?
  13. Yeah, they say to do a reverse sear, but then in another skillet.
  14. Well, unfortunately I don’t have the griddle piece for my grill.
  15. As I’ve said, I was going to cook hamburgers tonight. Then I found a recipe for smoked burgers, smoking them 30 minutes at 300 degrees, but placing them in a aluminum pan. They give no real reason, but is the aluminum pan really necessary or would directly on the grates be fine? thanks from the new guy, with all the questions, Joseph
  16. This was the picture sent to me, while I was at work. i got got home and walked out back.... well, I had to check it out. Patience has never been one of my strong suits. thats all all I got to see. I grabbed the box that had the legs in it and brought it inside to put together tonight. Placed the box back on it and put her to bed. Tomorrow........so much more to come.
  17. That makes two of us. I am hoping I don’t mess anything up. Going to do hamburgers tomorrow after I get it all set up. I plan on getting it all together, and starting the grill and seeing how I do at burgers before I attempt a rack of ribs or a ham or anything else. I figure that if I have trouble with hamburger I shouldn’t try my hand at anything else more expensive yet. Lol Going to fire it up and see how I do at holding the temp at 225-250 range. If I do ok, then I’ll know. But then plan on opening up the vents and getting it to a grilling temp and grilling some burgers.
  18. Tomorrow, between 6am and 6pm my very first Kamado grill is going to be arriving. I’m very excited, I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Hahaha. I think I’m all set..... I have a wooden scraper arriving Tuesday, and haven’t quite bit the bullet on the KAB, but very close. I checked the deep freeze and I have three slabs of ribs, a whole turkey, and three pork loins, 17lb of hamburger. Plenty of opportunities coming up.
  19. @Zooberdoo welcome aboard from a fellow Ohioan!!! SW Ohio.
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