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  1. Really considering getting a drip pan for my vision kamado. Only question I have, can it sit directly on my lava stone or do I need to have spacers?
  2. Wow, I did a clean burn on mine last week and my lava stone came out nowhere near as white looking as yours.
  3. Wrapping which part with foil?
  4. Oh welcome to the club!!!! You are in for a world of trouble. Hahahaha. Not really, but let me tell ya’, once you taste the food you’re going to be hooked.
  5. So, the other week I ordered the Ceramic Grill Store Woo for my Vision Professional Series. I love this thing; it's solid and much sturdier then the lava stone cross members that were only connected by a wing nut. Well, I guess I'm still not satisfied, that or I'm just a gear junkie. lol I'm always looking at ways to make things more enjoyable. I have really enjoyed my kamado so far; the woo only made it better, and now with cooking more things, and trying new recipes, I want to branch out to the Ceramic grill stores adjustable rig with the attached spider. I don't want to get the combo that is on sale right now because I already have a deflector plate, and I have a separate pizza stone. So, here is my question, what would complete this setup? 1. I know I will need to purchase 2 grids 2. Large Adjustable Rig Extender w/ Crossbar - Large BGE (this would allow the top tier to slide) 3.Large Adjustable Rig Slide Guide w/ Crossbar ? (this would allow the middle grate to slide) I don't want to do any half stones just yet, but am I thinking correctly in my setup? Thank you for your input, Joseph
  6. Well I certainly wish I had picked up the AR with spider instead of just the Woo. I have gotten numerous ideas and planned cooks coming up and think I’m going to have to spring for this setup. Just trying to figure out what accessories I need to complete the AR.
  7. Thanks guys. I smoked two burgers last night and afterwards I opened her up the whole way and got it to 500. I kept having a difficult time with the top of the vent getting stuck from all the grease. I let it burn for about 15 minutes and when I opened it up this morning the grease had burnt off and the dome vent wasn’t stuck.
  8. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate all the input. I need to do a clean burn on mine.
  9. The umbrella I use now is actually a sports umbrella; it has a long stake that can be placed into the ground, deep in the ground. I've not used it in high winds, just breezy and rain.
  10. Ive not been willing to take the risk. I haven't used my vision for anything besides smoking, I enjoy it so much. I just put up the umbrella anymore.
  11. When you do a high temp burn off do you leave your deflector plate in?
  12. So which temp reading would you go by yourself? Would you say at the grate or at the dome? Just trying to learn.
  13. Well, I’m still scratching my head, and even more so this morning. So last night I ran up and got more hamburger, 73/27 and cooked it, and it turned out nice and red, just like it did in this photo. well, I got to looking and look to the right. The probe was used. Which means my grate temp was 300, not the actual dome temp. Could the difference really have have been the selection of meat I used last night was 80/20? I’m just puzzled and really bothered by all of this. The first three times I cooked hamburgers they were awesome. This time, something didn’t act right, the fire? The meat? Any thoughts are most certainly welcome!!!
  14. Ok. I’ve done several low and slows but I’ve not done a burn off yet. Ever since the kamado I’ve not done anything but smoke, I’ve not even used it to grill. But, after reverse searing my burgers tonight there was a lot of black liquid on the plate, I attributed it to the deflector plate.
  15. For those of you that use your deflector plate for cooking, tell me, how do you clean it? Do you periodically run your kamado at a high temp for a while to clean it and the grill? What’s your method?
  16. I am pleased to say that I figured it out! It had to do with the temperature. I got the grill up to 300 on the dome temp, added my applewood, and threw two more burgers on. 30 minutes later..... nice and red colored and the aroma was just as I remembered! So, I need to go off of the dome temp not the probe temperature.
  17. I let the grill get to temp, I let the temp settle, threw on the wood, placed the burgers on the grate, closed the lid. A smoke flavor, but not a bitter flavor.
  18. So, 3 weeks ago I got my kamado grill and decided I would fix hamburgers for my first time cook. My reasoning was, hamburger is cheap and I sure didn’t want to mess up a $10 slab of ribs my first cook. Well, I smoked them at 300 degrees for 25 minutes. When I opened the dome they were red and the aroma was astounding! When we bit into these burgers they were just great!!!Tonight I decided that we would have burgers again because our son loved them. I put my thermometer on the grate and waited for it to reach 300. Well, my dome thermometer read 225. I decided to leave it be and go by the probe thermometer. In 25 minutes there was a hint of red and they were done. I gave them the reverse seer, and put cheese on them. Biting into them, they tasted nowhere near the same as they did the first time. They didn’t have the good smoke ring, they didn’t have that applewood smoke flavor. Why? Would the temperature difference effect it that much?thank for helping a puzzled smoker,Joseph
  19. Came across this tonight while browsing amazon https://www.amazon.com/BBQ-Myron-Mixon-Everything-Barbecue/dp/1419727028/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=1FNJYPRCC9T8B&keywords=bbq+usa+book&qid=1556831227&s=gateway&sprefix=bbq+usa&sr=8-2. Just thought I’d share it with you guys.
  20. Wow! You certainly fill yours up with lump. I had mine pretty full for my pork shoulder, but you have a lot more in there then I did mine. Guess that’s something I’ll have to remember for my next cook.
  21. I found that out the other day. I LOADED my pan up with lump and in 8 hours I was still doing great on fuel. It was just the idea of not knowing, so I had to check. Sure didn’t want to discover I was out of fuel and that would have been why my temp hadn’t rose any hahaha.
  22. So, the other day when I cooked my pork shoulder it was frustrating having to remove the cooking grate, then the deflector plate, to check the fuel level. I don’t know if anyone else has this issue or not. Well, after looking around I found the ceramic grill store woo for the vision. It appears that the Woo holds the deflector and the cooking trays, making it all one removable piece more or less. Anyone else have one? I was trying to decide if I bought the right thing, or should I have gone with the adjustable rig with spider?
  23. Well here is a side question, anyone use the woo and the KAB in their vision?
  24. bushcraft_joe


    Anyone here have any experience with the ceramic grill store woo?
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