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    bushcraft_joe got a reaction from lnarngr in First time pizza with Kamado   
    I ended up doing two pizzas tonight, which was a lot of fun, and I learned a great deal in the process; plus it cleaned my kamado. Lol. 
    This is the only one I was able to get a picture of, all cheese. 

    Definitely in need of getting a pizza spatula, it wasn’t easy moving it from the cooking sheet to the hot stone, that’s for sure!!
    I appreciate all of the help. 
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Jack. in Felt   
    The gasket looks to be in pretty good shape-still plenty thick.  It looks to me like an adhesion problem.  Maybe reglue it with high heat adhesive?
    What do the folks at Vision say?
    If you decide to replace gaskets, I suggest self adhesive High Que Gold Standard nomex.  I've used it on all of my kamados and never had a problem.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to BrianAZ in Felt   
    Things that can kill your felt are heat, and drippings from your food.
    Since I cook on my Kamado's multiple times a week, I replace my felt every 4-6 months.  It's not very expensive, and fairly easy to do.  I've tried the "high quality" felt as well, and while it did last a few weeks longer, it wasn't worth the added cost.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to BrianAZ in Felt   
    rubbing alcohol
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Jack. in Felt   
    Removing the old gasket(s) with a putty knife helps for a cleaner removal.  Be careful not to gouge the ceramic. Then, rub vigorously with acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove any residue. A light sanding of the cleaned ceramic surface with 200 grit sandpaper and then a final wipe with acetone should get your surface ready to accept whatever adhesive you choose, including gaskets with the adhesive pre-applied.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to 3547fl in Rib spritz bottle recommendations   
    I have been though several bottles and just bought these glass ones and really like them. I use a spray almost everything I grill which is about 6 times a week. 
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to pmillen in Rib spritz bottle recommendations   
    I think it's a good idea to use food-safe bottles.  I couldn't find any but I saw this product in the grocery store and thought, "That must be a food-safe bottle."  I quickly used up the product and repurposed it as my spritzer.

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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Scott Roberts in Rib spritz bottle recommendations   
    @bushcraft_joe I got these two for $8.57 and the name of the product/Amazon-Empty Plastic Spray Bottles 16 oz, BPA-Free Food Grade, Crystal Clear PETE1, Red/White N8 Fully Adjustable Sprayer, Pack of 2

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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Polar Bear in Rib spritz bottle recommendations   
    Your market will vary compared to mine but the one thing i can say is dont cheap out on a bottle
    While paying $15-$15 for a spritz bottle seems silly when you can pick one up for 99c, there is nothing more annoying than setting up a cook and finding your spritz bottle has packed it in
    I went through half a dozen 99c bottles in the space of a couple of months before i figured that out
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    bushcraft_joe got a reaction from Chris Topher in First time pizza with Kamado   
    I ended up doing two pizzas tonight, which was a lot of fun, and I learned a great deal in the process; plus it cleaned my kamado. Lol. 
    This is the only one I was able to get a picture of, all cheese. 

    Definitely in need of getting a pizza spatula, it wasn’t easy moving it from the cooking sheet to the hot stone, that’s for sure!!
    I appreciate all of the help. 
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to keeperovdeflame in First time pizza with Kamado   
    No, just lump alone will give you a nice brick oven kind of flavor. 
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to keeperovdeflame in First time pizza with Kamado   
    Ok, I can do that. This dough recipe from Ken Forkish will let you mix your dough as late at 11:30 am, shape into dough balls at 1:pm, and then  make pizza any time this evening between 5 and 7 pm.
    Water.                                           350 grams.         or 1 1/2 cups
    fine sea salt                                 10 grams             or scant 2 tsp
    instant dried yeast                        .5 grams.           or1/2 or 1/4th tsp
    White AP flour                                500 grams.        or scant 4 cups
    Measure 350 grams of warm water (100degrees F). Add salt to the water and swish it around. Add the yeast and let is sit for a minute to hydrate then swish it around until dissolved. Add 500 grams of flour. (using floured hands)  Mix by hand,  stir your hand around and use the pincer method,  mixing and folding the dough into a unified mass. Once you have the mass of dough, let it rest for 20 min. Then working on a floured surface knead the dough lightly for about 30 sec to 1 minute, and work it into one large ball. Put the big dough ball in a clean slightly oiled large  bowl, with a tight fitting lid and hold the dough at room temp for 1 and 1/2 hours. Then divide and shape the dough into 3 equal size dough balls. repeatedly tuck the outer edges of the dough balls under and press them up, as this will tighten, stretch and round the dough balls. Then place the dough balls on a lightly floured baking sheet or dinner plate  cover and make airtight with cling plastic wrap and let sit at room temp for 4 to 6 hours. This recipe is designed to be cooked at a stone temperature of 550 to 600 degrees, and will make 3 12" pizzas. . Use a laser temp probe to measure the temp of your pizza stone. Pizzas take usually about 4 to 6 minutes to cook depending on your stone temp. Have Fun. 
    I use one of those cheap throw away zip lock left over boxes that come with a nice tight fitting lid to store and proof my dough balls. Just the right size and it really makes the process easy.

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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Golf Griller in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    Nice looking knife collection.
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    bushcraft_joe got a reaction from Brick Pig in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    I am big on camping/ Bushcraft, but the window of opportunity that I get to go out into the woods is minimal these days. Anymore, I am enjoying cooking so much more then ever. I grew up around home cooked meals, nothing from a box. And while I was never taught, I learned by merely watching and just progressed. 
    My other hobby includes being a Case XX Knife Collector. 

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    bushcraft_joe reacted to grill seeker in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    I play guitar - mainly acoustic flatpicking/bluegrass now, but have been in plenty of bands in the past (and yes a grateful dead cover band in the 90's  if my avatar didn't give that away). 
    I also am an avid fisherman.  I used to fish tournaments on a regional/state level.  Had twins and stopped all together.  Sold my 22' ranger and now have an awesome fishing kayak that doesn't get used enough.
    I also coached swimming for years and I am a national level USA swim official - I will return to coaching very soon as I am nearing retirement from my "real" job. 

    I also enjoy camping with my family.  We have a seasonal site in a nice campground in land between the lakes, with a plethora of cooking devices (weber 22" kettle, weber 22" smoker, camper gas grill (for hot dogs), and a 36" blackstone.  We have fun and eat well there. 
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to philpom in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    I've done a number of things over the years.  Once upon a time I was a serious computer hobbyist.  I built computers, wrote software and operated a BBS.  All of this before the internet was a thing.  Everything was dial up.  A message board or BBS would dial other systems late at night and share files/data/messages with others.  That's how I met Mrs philpom, we might be the first ever couple to meet "online".  Now I manage computer technology and delivery professionally so the fun is gone.  I have over the years designed and built some Home Theater PC's, built out some Linux servers for personal use but that's really faded.  Maybe again when I retire.
    I was really in to Nitro RC for a long while, mostly 1:8 and 1:10 scale 4x4 monster trucks.  Talk about expensive!  A grand or more in a custom struck, one 40 mph wreck and spend night after night doing a complete rebuild.  Always some upgrade to do (titanium suspension, new wishbones, EZ-flow exhaust etc etc.  After about 10 years I gifted all of my trucks and "stuff" to my nephew.
    The two things that have remained steady through the years, gardening and cooking.  We have kept a vegetable garden every year we have been married - almost 23 years.  We also despise eating out and prefer to cook all of our meals.  This has lead to great growth in our culinary skills.  Cooking is like science to me, fun fun!
    Beyond that I work a full time job, I serve on the board of a non-profit as President and Chairman of the board.  I spend every spare moment doing improvements at our mountain top cabin and enjoy watching the grass grow at our city home.  No time for much more.  I also have young children so there is cello and ballet every week.  
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to UK Kamado Convert in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    What a fantastic array of interests you all have
    I'm a semi-retired logistics manager with several interests that included squash, mountain biking, angling, photography, and cinematography to name few.
    My main hobbies are Human History (archaeology) and Natural History of which I'm actively involved.
    With regards to the archaeology interest, I work within a small team of 3 people and we have both a website and a Flickr account.
    The website gives a little detail about what we do and the Flickr site depicts some of the fruits of our labour.
    Our website can be found at  https://www.recoveryofhistory.com/
    For anyone who would like to see some Iron Age, Roman, and Medieval artefacts, high definition images can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/80501866@N00/sets/
    3D images of some of the above finds can be seen here: https://sketchfab.com/paulking/models
    This is a new aspect of my photographic interest called photogrammetry. It took me a while before I could say that too!
    You may find this bit quite interesting?
    Thank you for letting me part of your superb forum.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Ben S in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    Drug discovery chemist turned stay at home dad to two young ones.   When everyone else is asleep I make some sawdust.  
    Thanks to @ckreef I started rehandleing japanese kitchen knives for fun and profit.  You can find my Instagram @Bensbites.  If you dig into it, you can find my KJ.  
    Here are a few recent examples  of sawdust that went right. 

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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Tioga in Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?   
    Masonry for me and I like to combine that with my BBQ hobby here on my little acre in the Sierra foothills.

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    bushcraft_joe reacted to TexasBlues in Drip pan   
    I use a great big stainless dog bowl... has never let me down and is plenty deep... i used to just use the disposable foil ones from the corner market
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to K_sqrd in Drip pan   
    I use a commercial deep dish pizza pan and it works great. They come in several sizes to fit your Kamado
    and they don't cost much.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Bgosnell151 in Drip pan   
    when I run low and slow on my KJ, I put te deflector in the bottom position, the I put the accessory rack in the middle position and put my drip pan in (typically adding some potatoes, carrots, onions... in it), the my grates in the top position.  This will give you less smoke from drippings hitting your deflector.  If you have your drip pan right on the deflector, your pan will do the same thing when the drippings hit it.  The space between the deflector and pan are key.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to SeaBrisket in Drip pan   
    I have a ceramics shop by me so I went in and bought these kiln posts that work great. I imagine art supply places will carry these.
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to JaxxQ in Drip pan   
    I set mine directly on the stones but Im not trying to save drippings like some do and It may not be the best thing for the planet but I use disposable aluminum foil lids as my drip pan 
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    bushcraft_joe reacted to Chasdev in Drip pan   
    I know most Kamado don't get hot enough to cause aluminum foil to outgas, I prefer stainless steel.

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