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  1. Thanks fbov and Chasdev! I'll try fewer lumps and closing the top vent next time. I also like the wet towel idea, but not ready to throw that in yet ;=}
  2. Thanks, Paul. Last cook I still had glowing coals. I usually top it off at cook start. Did some jowls for about 4 hours but the thing stayed hot for at least 3 hours.
  3. Much more than 60 minutes, sometime 2 hours or more, with ambient at 40 F.
  4. My Akorn has all gaskets sealed, including the bottom vent. It also has a Tip Top Temp. After grilling with lump the fire takes hours to die down. I make sure the TTT is shut as well as the bottom vent. There does not appear to be any smoke leaking and I can easily hold a 200-225 temp for hours. Any idea how to make the fire die quickly so I can save some lump and get the cover on this damp weather? Thanks!
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