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  1. Hello all, I hate to say this but I never cooked cooked with charcoal. It was either a pain to get started, food was half cooked or burnt, and always tasted like starter fluid. Then, one day at a auction, I stumbled upon a Weber Smokie Mountain. I got it crazy cheap. It was missing some parts but it started my journey. I enjoyed the refurbish project. Plus, my first rack of ribs were amazing!!! Now, it’s charcoal only for me. Fast forward five years....I recently found a Kamado at a tag sale. I’ve been searching the web for answers. I found this site. Holy Cow! Lots of good info! I thought perhaps someone might be able to help me identify it. I figured I could open another thread just not sure what Topic it should fall under... Other Kamados??? Maybe? Thanks again for having a great, informative site. Z
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