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  1. Thanks everyone for the good words. Doing up some baby backs with smoked mac n cheese this Friday to get a feel for low and slow and then on Saturday put it to work on a half brisket (point end) for my brother and sister-in-law coming for a visit over Easter. Should be good. Been looking at pizza recipes on here, kind of like the looks of the no-knead King Albert recipe I found on here, we don't have that flour up here specifically but I think I'll give it a try, or if there's any good suggestions I'm open to them. Thanks!
  2. @BBQKevin I contacted customer service regarding a similar small crack/defect I found in the platesetter of the new K24 I also purchased at Costco. I was advised the grill carries only a 5 year warranty as it was purchased after September 2018. A little disappointed tbh as I had assumed it carried a lifetime on ceramics. My manual as well stated lifetime warranty but I double checked with them it is only 5 years for new grills. This is was the response from Dansons customer service: The new warranty for grills after September 3rd of 2018 would be 5 years, however, that means the steel parts and thermometer would be covered for 5 as well.
  3. Hi everyone. I’m very new to Kamado cooking. Just picked up a Louisiana Grills K24 from Costco about a week ago. So far cooked a spatchcock chicken and some pork chops. Chicken cake out better than the chops. The learning curve is very steep. I sealed the vents as suggested here after the first cook and it made a huge difference especially with shutdown. I’ve smoked on a modded out 30” masterbuilt electric for close to 10 years and finally decided to make the jump to the next level. Im learning a lot and can’t wait to get some more cooks under my belt. Happy cooking everyone!
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