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  1. You're probably having a combo of fresh wood and charcoal igniting at the same time would be my guess. I'm wondering if you bury the wood at the bottom of the coal? I lay mine on the fire grate then pile charcoal on top, so the smoke particles are combusting as it moves upwards through the hot bed of coals. Also next time just give the smoke a whiff if it smells ok to you I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Hello @Malone have you sorted out the lid issue? There really is no hinge adjustment. I’m thinking maybe some bolts have loosened over time I would try just snugging everything back up. But you don’t want them too tight or it will bind up and cause closing issues. There is a cover on the hinge you can take off with 5 large Phillips screws that makes access to the nuts inside easier.
  3. Someday I will have a second, smaller kamado for sure, likely it will be a KJ. I can think of numerous times it would have been nice to run two different temps at once. But I recently got a kettle for those small, fast cooks like you mentioned. It can pre-heat and cook a meal of burgers or steaks in just about the time it takes me to pre-heat my kamado and get it up to temp. Also weighs maybe 30 pounds, very portable if that's what you need. Flavour and quality of food is right up there with anything I can do on the ceramic. Just a relatively inexpensive option to think about until you g
  4. @Alekto Brisket poutine the next day always goes over well here.
  5. Anyone use this dome thermometer or similar? I got this one because you can supposedly calibrate it. https://www.amazon.ca/Temperature-Waterproof-Stainless-Thermometer-Accessories/dp/B08544YXM5/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=kamaster+thermometer&qid=1610566611&sr=8-1 I got it today and it was reading 205 in boiling water. I tried turning the little nut on the back and managed to get it to come up to 210, close enough for me but that’s really all the adjustment it seemed to have. Maybe I was expecting more adjustment, is that all this style has +/- 5°?
  6. My standard recipe that I pretty much use in everything for seasoning and as a straight rub on beef, is equal parts Kosher Salt, Coarse Black Pepper, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder. When I make a batch I use a 1/3 cup of each since it fills a jar I have. I'll give it a good shake each time just to make sure the contents are mixed around. If you were to use table salt or fine black pepper the ratios would be off, at least for my tastes. I think it would be similar to granulated garlic vs. powdered, you would have more or less depending on which you use, depends what you like I gu
  7. If I’m using my deflector I make a sacrificial drip pan from a square of foil. I make a shallow boat by folding up the edges about an inch and just lay it directly on the deflector under the meat on the grate. Grease and sugar and whatever drippings collect and char on the foil. The next day when it’s cooled the grease is hardened and I just fold up the foil and toss it. Deflector stays perfectly clean.
  8. Much better results tonight. @len440Cheese stuffed deer burgers on fresh baked brioche buns.
  9. Yes sorry I actually haven’t taken any food pics it seems it always ends of really dark by the time I finish up and I haven’t really made anything picture worthy tbh - had a third attempt tonight at chicken legs. I’m not used to how quickly briquettes burn down and I let the chimney burn too long waiting for the top to ash over which was a learning mistake. Once the smoke clears up I’m dumping them in next time. So by the time I got the chicken on temps dropped pretty quickly. Had to finish up on the gasser :( Tasted good in the end but took awhile. Oh and I hear ya with the 3 legge
  10. @Vanolethank you for the recommendation. I did see the Napoleon coconut shell on the Home Depot website, but it wasn’t available at my local store. I’ll look around for some to try, supply of charcoal locally has been spotty this last year, but stock seems to be getting better as of late.
  11. I had no idea about that Strodes place, I'm like 35 minutes from there so whenever we get out from lockdown I'll be making a visit. Thanks for the recommendation!
  12. Cooked up a nice venison backstrap from one of this year's deer last night, got the coals going better last night with a blow torch and heat gun but underestimated how much charcoal I needed in there, but still managed to cook a tasty steak, didn't quite get the colour on the meat I was looking for but no matter I hit it on high heat in a cast iron reverse sear after and it was delicious, flavour was outstanding. My charcoal chimney arrived this morning so should be off to the races for the next cook. Surprised with how much ash compared to my kamado this generates, but definitely faster sta
  13. I purchased a round cordierite pottery kiln shelf from a local pottery supply store. It is about 3/4" thick. It was about a 1/4 of the price of a pizza stone because it isn't called a "pizza stone."
  14. Thanks @1MoreFord. What's a good recommendation for briquettes? I'm fairly limited in variety up here that I can get locally but I'll take a look around.
  15. I've never been left with anything other than a pan full of grease in my drip trays, which is why I use drip trays. Although I have not filled them with water or other liquid, it seems whatever water comes out of the meat is evaporated pretty quickly. If I want gravy, I collect whatever resting juices I can and use that instead to flavour your gravy, and it's not over smoked and greasy . As far as basting a turkey, no I never have, if you're looking you aren't cooking so they say. I like to brine mine and it keeps them moist and juicy inside, and the skin gets nice an
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