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  1. Ah, good work, for future use, what I did which is fairly easy is take some fairly heavy gauge wire and put a loop through the curl of the spring, and then wrap several times around a screwdriver, you can then easily pull the spring off the hinge, or reverse order and put the springs back on.
  2. This cook has been on the list for quite awhile but it was going to take some time and effort to make a trompo and gather the ingredients. I finally got my stuff together and the results were fabulous. I put my trompo together with a pizza pan and made the skewer out of 3/16 stainless rod - threading the rod was my least favourite part of the process. After putting the pastor marinade together I sliced a 5 pound pork shoulder on 1/4” slices and let it do it’s thing for all most 24 hours in the fridge. I stacked it with a slice of pineapple on the bottom, middle and top. Cooked indirect at 450° it took about 2 hours or so, and I pulled it out and sliced off the cooked and charred parts 3 times before it was cooked all the way through. I reheated it all back up in a frying pan at dinner and pressed out fresh tortillas. With a couple fresh mojitos this made the absolute best tacos al pastor I’ve had.
  3. @AGoodin Unhook the springs before trying to reinstall the hinge otherwise it will keep try to spring open on you and bend the bands out of alignment.
  4. 3 hours or more cool down from a hot cook is very normal. I use a corderite kiln shelf I purchased at a pottery supply store, it is 3/4" x 16" diameter and it works very well. You don't want anything much bigger than your bottom heat deflector otherwise you will have hot edges on the cook stone and pizza will burn around the outside edge. There are lots of different ideas and designs on here for pizza cooking setups.
  5. Season some cast iron when you're done? I wonder if you've choked off all air if you might get some funky flavours from incomplete combustion, unless what you're cooking is wrapped in foil?
  6. Forgot to provide an update but I emailed customer service a pic and I had a new grate the next week. I know it doesn't make an air flow difference except I was worried it would fail at some point mid cook and my coals would fall into the bottom.
  7. FYI the warranty is only 5 years on ceramics now, its actually 5 years coverage on ceramic and metal parts. When I purchased I had also assumed lifetime but found out from Danson's that it was changed even though the manual stated otherwise, I guess they still haven't updated the wording. They tried to spin it like it was an upgrade because they cover metal parts longer now. So far I have warrantied a charcoal grate and dome thermometer. My heat deflector looks like its developing a new crack so that may come soon as well. I have some rust starting around the band around the bolts, so before warranty runs out I will likely make a claim on that. I've had mine just over a year now. Oh and I burned through the stock felt gasket in 3 months but replaced with nomex and its lasted much better. Still really enjoy the grill it works well but I sealed it up pretty well.
  8. 6 pizzas was a stretching my heat a bit. By the last pizza I was nearly out of lump and temp had dropped to about 475. Not ideal, but for that one I did pre-bake the crust for about 2 minutes, then spread on the nutella and put the rest of toppings on, and then put back in for about another 4 or 5 mins until everything had melted. Due to the low heat my crust on that one didn't brown up but it was still good. Pre-baking worked well though I would do it again. It's pizza for dinner tonight, only doing 3 pies so I will have lots of heat so may try the smores again. Kids definitely loved that one.
  9. That sounds pretty good but I literally had none of those ingredients lol!
  10. Well it was a great success. I did a cinnamon streusel and a half and half Nutella-peanut butter-banana / s’mores. The streusel was ok but the s’mores and the banana one were awesome.
  11. It’s my sons 8th birthday today and we were going to have company from out of town, but we decided everyone should avoid travel for the time being. So now I have 6 pizza dough balls proofing and only half the people to eat them tonight. I started thinking about trying a a couple dessert pizzas. Wondering if anyone has any good easy toppings they have had success with? Was thinking about cinnamon streusel, maybe a s’mores style? Or am I just looking to burn the sugars? Normally cook 600-650°. Any ideas appreciated on short notice!
  12. I gave my fire bowl a good cleaning on the weekend and found my coal grate cracked 50% the width. Sent an email with a picture and Dansons is sending me out a new grate, easy as that. Can’t say anything bad about customer service there. Anyone have something like this happen before? Grill will be a year old in April. I’m not sure if it will continue to crack with use? I still used it all weekend.
  13. I just cleaned out my kamado and dumped in a fresh load of Xylo. Venison burgers for dinner tonight! This was from about the 3rd quarter out of the bag.
  14. How much lump are you lighting? And what is actually your target temp? 175* is far too low even for "low and slow" if that is what you were aiming for and would be difficult to maintain for sure. You want to try to avoid getting a fire too big in the beginning, try lighting a single spot in the center and closing down the vents in half setting increments until you get to your target, you want to start early and make very small adjustments as you go. Try for a target of 250-275. I've found it very common that it can be rolling along and all of a sudden it can jump 20 or 30 degrees as new fuel catches, but within 20 minutes or so it will level back out, try to resist the urge to constantly fiddle with vents if you can. You are really just looking to smoke in a range of temps. 325* is really not too high for something like a pork shoulder it will still turn out very good.
  15. Just for instance, Costco Ancaster carried Nature's Own last year, and Costco Stoney Creek carried Xylo. They are only 20 mins away from each other, so it could vary widely.
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