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  1. Wheres the finished pics? I’m ashamed, but we got hammered with snow down here on the lake today, which has now turned to freezing rain and I just didn’t want to be out in it. I threw a chuck roast into the insta pot, done in an hour and half and it was more than edible. I buy 2 or 3 packers when on sale as well and cut them in half and vac seal too. Normally only the 4 of us so a full brisky at a time would go to waste. We (ahem, the wife) prefer the points so I’m getting stacked up with flat halves. I’m going to try and make pastrami with some of it I think will be a good use.
  2. So far between CT and a couple different Walmarts I'm stocked up to 160 pounds of RO now, seems to be a little trickle of stock coming in, or they've found bags somewhere and put them out. But I feel better having a supply to get me through winter now.
  3. Not much going on today, so I started googling the nutritional value of beef liver, and daily nutrients requirements for adults. Interestingly, 100 grams of liver contains more Vitamin A (5070 mcg) than the upper tolerable daily limit for an adult (3000 mcg). Who knew? So whoever told you to eat a pound a day I would stop asking for advice. You could probably make 50-70 grams a day pretty tolerable taste wise. Might be best to seek a nutitionists advice before embarking on this journey. I have heard that eating a polar bear liver is toxic because it is so highly concentrated.
  4. @JeffieBoySerious shortages continue I agree. My local CT got in a skid of the half bags (4kg) of RO and I bought up an amount that should keep me going for awhile - of course when you have to buy twice the # of bags it costs more but I have charcoal to get me through the winter now. Next day - completely out of stock again. I have used Xylo quite a bit, Rona had a sale on it in spring and I used to get it at Costco. Different looking bag but I assume it is likely the same thing, I did like the Xylo lump, good chunk size and burned well. I would buy it again but it's been out o
  5. I just did a smoked turkey for our thanksgiving. It was about 11 lbs. I brined it for a little over 12 hours in pickling salt, white sugar, brown sugar and fresh cut rosemary and oregano. Then spatched it, took out the wishbone and keel and smoked with a couple chunks of cherry at 375° for somewhere like an 1 hour 45 mins, until it read 150° in between the thigh and breast, that was the coolest spot I found. I let it rest for a half hour in the warming drawer in the oven and I would say by far one of the best birds I’ve cooked. So juicy and moist and that brine really flavoured the meat right
  6. Wow must have been beef ribs week at everyone’s house. I cut the ribs off prime rib roasts when I buy up in bulk for cutting ribeye steaks. on sale - usually around 5$/lb so I like to figure I get a couple free rib meals lol. These were done 3 hours unwrapped and 2 hours wrapped @ 250°. Like butter!
  7. I ate too much. Now to decide pumpkin or chocolate pie? Maybe pumpkin now and chocolate when the kids go to bed.
  8. Any fellow Canadians starting the prep for tomorrow? Yesterday we processed a 23 pound fairytale pumpkin from our patch into purée for pies. (Our cat also eats fairytale pumpkin in her food so we grow these for her as well, about 10 pounds of purée frozen for her enjoyment). The bird has been thawing and going into its brine bath tonight, going to spatchcock and roast it in the LG24 tomorrow. Fresh made spaetzle and garden squash for sides, a loaf of sourdough still to do oh and the kids have requested sourdough sticky buns for a breakfast treat. Going to be busy! What’s on every
  9. I pretty much exclusively cook point ends as you have there. Part briskets seem to be easier to get near me, the family likes the point better than flat, I normally only cook for 2 adults and 2 younger kids so half a brisket lasts us several leftover meals. A full packer would just be too much. I’ve always had great results I treat it just like a full one.
  10. Try one unwrapped for the whole cook then if you are truly after a hard and crispy bark. Seriously, don't look at it, don't peak, don't open the lid until it gets time to start probing for tenderness.
  11. As stated above opening your lid is doing more harm than good. I think you are letting your fire get too big before closing down the vents. Try lighting just 1 spot in the middle and don’t overshoot the target. What I do is 50-75° degrees to your target close the vents to half of your final setting. You should notice the temp stall or even fall a bit after this. Once temp stabilizes and starts creeping up again almost to target you can close down further, your vents will be barely open for that low temp. If I’m going for low temp I like to take about 45 mins to an hour to come up to temp, heat
  12. @len440 we did brisket poutine tonight with leftovers from yesterday’s smoke
  13. Go hotter and don’t wrap. I’ve started cooking butts @ 325-375° and no wrapping. (Except for the rest, the. I wrap it up.) Never had an issue with dryness. Don’t need to wrap to get through the stall at the higher temps. I started this awhile ago because I was pretty crunched for time and the results were great so I haven’t went back. The last one I did I fed to my sister in law and she doesn’t really like pork, but she said it was excellent. Rest is as important as the cook so if you aren’t putting it in a cooler for a couple hours to rest after finishing you will have dry meat,
  14. Beautiful words of wisdom. Sounds like how I do mine. Great looking pie well done.
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