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  1. I have one but I was trying to shoot through the vent which I now know is too much interference. After the first one I opened the lid and measured and stone was only about 450. But they got better as the cook went on and stone heated more.
  2. It’s the blue Canadian bag. (Blue because we’re colder up here?) It does say product of USA on the bag.
  3. More pizza for dinner tonight. I’m kind of addicted to this now. Making mistakes and learning a lot is half the fun! The cook before this one my pizza stone broke. So I got a new cordierite kiln shelf this week. This one is about 2X as thick as my old stone so I underestimated the time it would take to heat soak. I should have let it run for another half hour after getting the dome temp up to +650°. Didn’t quite get the colour on the bottom I was after but still a great tasting experiment. Experimenting a bit with hydration and dough ball size. Had been dividing in 3 but my last cook I formed the crust out too big and too thin and and was a bit of disaster. Divided in 4 this time and kept them smaller and results were much better. Went 2% less water as well (68%) as dough was very sticky and hard to launch off the peel.
  4. This is likely it, but also was it sparking at all? I find RO to throw a lot of sparks after using it for the first time this last week.
  5. You could try loosening the top and bottoms bands, get someone to apply pressure/hold it down on the high side and tighten the bands back down. Might even try to overcompensate a bit on the low side as it seems like it wants to settle a certain way. Honestly I tried for an hour different things to be able to get mine perfectly level, and just couldn’t. With the paper test at the rear and sides I cannot pull the paper out, at the front it slides out easily. it bothered me at first but since I’ve broken in the felt now it has formed a pretty airtight seal, you can see the felt is much more crushed down at the back than at the front so it has pretty much levelled itself out. Get a low fire going in there and throw on a piece or two of wood and get it good and smoking then close all vents and see where smoke leaks out. Mine won’t leak around the felt but a little bit around through the top vent holes.
  6. Great point, didn’t really think about it but you are right. My deflector circle is 14.5”, plus the three legs. Pit Boss/LG branded size is 15”. I’ll go with the 15.5” one they have at the pottery place. Thank you!
  7. It was bread and pasta for dinner tonight, lasagna and ciabatta bread. The lasagna is my wife’s usual recipe, and the ciabatta was something I’ve never tried to bake before but it turned out wonderful on the kamado. The timing was the the most stressful part as I wanted to cook the lasagna first at 375 and while it was done and resting bump up the temp to 450 and get the bread in to bake and have it all finished at the right time. That meant getting the proofing and forming of the loaves finished at just the right time. I made myself a cheat sheet with what time each step had to be done by and it worked like a charm. Things bake up so nicely in a kamado our oven is feeling neglected I think.
  8. My old clay pizza stone broke in three last night. It was 16”. I’m looking at a local pottery supply place that has 21” round or 18x18” square corderite kiln shelves. The inside diameter of my grill is right about 21”. I’m guessing the round one is too big and would have almost no air gap. The 18” square I would have to cut the corners off, which can be done on my wet tile saw I gather? They also have a 15 1/2” square, but my old one already seemed a bit small. Any other suggestions or recommended sizes I should keep looking for?
  9. Have been using Nature’s own for awhile now and no complaints with burn time or getting it hot. Smells great too I like the smell better than KJ Big Block. With the current sale at Lowe’s 15% off and guaranteed at least another 15% off at the register it’s cheaper than Costco right now. Need to buy at least 7 bags to get you over the 100$ though for the extra savings.
  10. Heads up Royal Oak is on sale at Lowe’s this week 15% off. $15.29 sale price now until June 6. This weekend is also scratch and save when you spend over 100$. We went in and loaded up and my 4 year old picked out a 50% coupon our bags ended up being $7.64! Wish I had picked up a few more now!
  11. Looks great. Can I ask what the baking powder does? Never heard of it?
  12. I bought three bags of KJ Big Block on sale when I got my kamado, and recently I picked up a bag of Basques Nature's Own from Costco to try, which I thought was pretty good especially considering the price. Not that I have a ton of experience with different lumps but the smell of the Basques is very nice, smells exactly to me of that nice mellow smokey smell you get in a house heated with a wood stove. The KJ has a bit more of a harsher note to it I find. Some decent size chunks in there, and no more dust and fines than the KJ had. Last high heat cook I did it got nice and hot and I was shocked how much I had left over after the pizza cook.
  13. Looks great, have to keep the Mrs. happy! Normally I keep the olives off my side and onto my wife's side.
  14. I hear you, I feel like I need to be checking every 20 minutes even though I know it pretty much takes care of itself. Maybe try a smaller cut first to practice on and don't be afraid to bump up the temp ~275, should help you get through the stall without wrapping. Good luck!
  15. Post some photos would like to see your cook!
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