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  1. I’m obsessed. Can’t stop. What are your recommended accessories or additions?
  2. @bushcraft_joe I bought the Spider and some 1/2 moons from Ceramic Grill Store, still waiting on those. But overall I'm very happy with the grill. Done tri tip, rib eyes, smoked burgers, and chicken for the wife. Shes pregnant so can't stand the smell of the smoke but she loves the flavor! I'll keep you posted on the Spider, comes tomorrow and I'm going to throw down some Tri Tips with a buddy. One of these days I'll have enough time to do a pork butt or a brisket. Which do you recommend as a first smoke? @John Setzler
  3. Does anyone have anything negative to say about the Vision Pro Series Ceramic grills? From all my research, they seem to be pretty high quality at half the price... I'm new to the smoker / Kamado game... but I can't stop cookin on my Vision. The only things I don't like are: 1. The cheap side tables. 2. All the branding 3. The colorful temp gauge. 4. the dual layer rack is a PITA to put in.
  4. Why the need for two stones?
  5. So I need a deflector and a stone? Any way to get around? maybe using a cast iron or something?
  6. New to Kamado world, just got a Vision Pro series. Can anyone recommend a basic Pizza set-up?
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