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  1. I finally hit 200 at 9:20.It turned out excellent. This cook was just a test for the two 3.5 pound butts, I only cooked one. I'll be cooking 2 on Sunday. I really liked the Carolina rub I made and I think one will feature that on Sunday but since it was pretty spicy I'll just use the weber BBQ rub on the second for the kids and grandmas. I will probably try the Sunday cook overnight since we are supposed to eat by noon, hopefully that goes smoothly.
  2. Well, my time was significantly off. I'm currently on hour 7 at 155* internal temp. I'm patiently waiting it out but I guess I'm filling up on beer tonight.
  3. Hi guys, I'm ready for my first low and slow smoke on my new akorn. I'm cooking 2 3.5 pound pork butts. I plan on having them about 2-3 inches apart above a ceramic diffuser at 225. In thinking 6 hours should be about the right amount of time to get to 200. It's this in line with what you are seeing?
  4. I just purchased my first kamado grill and finished seasoning the cast iron grate. My question is should I be looking for a secondary grate for high temp cooking so I don't ruin the seasoning on the cast iron?
  5. jakegsxr11


    Hi guys, I'm glad to have found this forum. I recently purchased an Akorn Kamado grill and have found several helpful topics and threads on this forum. I look forward to learning many tips and trick from you all here and improving my grilling and smoking skills.
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