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  1. Want to purchase one of these accessories. My question is can the soap stone do everything the cast iron can do plus more? I imagine the soapstone wouldnt get as hot as the cast iron? I imagine the cast iron cooking, more food would possibly stick and more maintenance or are they too very different tools for different type cooks/food.
  2. Hey all, I can’t believe I can’t figure it out, but I got my expander today and tried to plop it on top of my existing rack but, the single front leg seems to be falling through the cooking grate? What am I doing wrong? The 2 back legs are shaped in a different direction so they sit on top of my grate perfect but the front one is shaped in the other direction so the leg just rest on top of the grate and if you move it at all it just falls through the grate?
  3. So I assume some lump is more smokier than others? And some give off a lighter smoke?
  4. Any Kamado. Ima Newbie didnt know if people had preference depending on their Kamado manufacturer.
  5. I have seen royal oak in my area. Maybe I should start with that and see how that goes.
  6. Hello all, I’m a Kamado Newbie and want to know what everyone’s favorite brand of fuel for your Kamado. Specifically Kamado Joe and why please.
  7. Thanks everyone I ordered the feet from Atlanta grill company there having a huge sale on a lot of accessories right now. Picked up a joetisserie as well!
  8. Hey guys just got a Kamado Joe Big Joe. It came with the nest, ( they did not have stand alone at the road show) I have placed the kamado in my bbq island. Eventually it will rest on top of concrete pad that will fit into my island. Is that good enough? Are the feet for more than stability? Do do I need it if it will rest on top of concicrete? Thanks!
  9. No feet came with it because it’s not a stand alone. They didn’t have any at the road show I went to.
  10. Hello everyone, I finally joined the Kamado Joe team. Pulled the trigger and bought a big Joe at a local Costco Road show. I also have a weber 26incher which I love. And a camp chef flat top. After approx 5 years of day dreamin’ and planning i finally have my bbq island. It just needs counters now. cant wait to enjoy my first cook on my big joe. Any ideas on what I should kick first while learning the intricacies of the big joe. lastly where can I buy some kamado joe feet? I didn’t see any on the kamado joe website. Any other credible sites to buy from at decent price? Thanks everyone.
  11. Im in Ca. I am actually meeting with someone who wants to buy it from me this weekend.
  12. Sorry for the caps, its a habit. unfortunately in on the west coast.
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