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  1. I didn't actually. I did swap it out to the XL metal rolling cart they sell though. No more table.
  2. I tried to edit it but I guess I can't, I'd do $700 for members here. I've been on BBQ Brethren for a couple years but just started here.
  3. Thats a really good idea. If anyone on this board comes across it I would let it all go at $800.
  4. yeah I may try posting it to others for $850 or something, I just want to reclaim my patio if spring has actually arrived
  5. Yeah I'm in Albany and the smoking community isn't super high here. I have the divider, the plates, extended rack, smokewave cap, etc etc, even a cover. I'd be ecstatic with anything around $1000
  6. Pictures attached. Looks like a 2014. I purchased it second hand as well but it was a part of another deal so I got a very good price. I have the Weber Summit Charcoal and some others so really, this is me running out of space and the misses asking why I need so many grills.
  7. Good morning, trying to get a hand on this. I have a Primo Oval XL with just about every accessory and the curved table. The table needs some TLC but overall in good condition. I'm in Upstate NY and trying to determine what I should list it at? I have no bites on Craigslist but I am trying to clear some space out here.
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