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  1. Welcome! For me the point is never getting there. The journey is more important and all :-) John has indeed excellent videos and I recommend watching them all no matter what kind of kamado you've bought.
  2. Welcome from another new member! I have had a long, hard thinking process before purchasing my kamado recently, but boy, is this fun and good cooking. Can't recommend it enough if you're already into grilling/barbecuing/smoking!
  3. Ingredients: - Your barbecue sauce - Your pork rub - 6,5 KG Pork Shoulder - 4 big chunks of apple wood Extra item needed: - Injector The day before the cook I've trimmed of excess fat. I injected the meat with my favourite barbecue sauce (injector turned out to be malfunctioning so I injected the whole kitchen while I was at it). Then I've rubbed it with my favourite pork rub and let it rest in cling foil in the fridge overnight. Lit grill at 7.15, put meat on at 7.30 at 120 C (250 F). About 4,5 - 5 hrs later I basted it with apple juice and wrapped it. Turned it up a bit to 150 C (300 F) and let it go for another 6 hours. Of the grill at 18.30 and rest for 30 mins/45 mins. Pull! Unfortunately my injector broke and my wrap turned out to be punctured. Still I am amazed by the moist retention of kamados. It was really good pulled pork and -as always- there is plenty of room for improvement/lessons learned. Only used the kamado a couple of times so still bit reluctant to leave it on overnight, but I'll probably try that in the near future. I would do a longer cook at 120 C/250 F for 12 - 15 hours and make sure my injector works & my wrap is airtight. Especially with such a big piece of meat. Had to saw off 1 or 2 inches to make it fit. All these butchering Google searches probably put me on a lot of black lists :-)
  4. My first cook on the kamado! Ingredients: - Salmon 600 grams/21 oz - Handful of beech chips - Salt - Pepper Season salmon bit on both sides. Fire up kamado to 175 C and cook salmon for 30 minutes @ 175 C (350 F) with wood chips on coal indirect/plate setter in there. First try so I wanted to taste kamado over salmon Got plenty of other ideas to try but this was sooo good already (and yes, it was too hot). Did some cooks after this, will post them later at some point.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'll post some pictures of my endeavors!
  6. Thank you! This is their website, I have the medium: https://thebastard.com/
  7. Hello everybody, I am a new user who recently purchased a Bastard kamado grill (Dutch brand) and have read a couple of topics here so thought I'd better join. Reasonably experienced with barbecueing, but this is my first kamado. The more you know, the less you know so hoping to learn from you guys & girls!
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