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  1. wow look at the bark on that! was that yours? If so can you go over what you used and how you cooked it? AWESOME!
  2. Has anyone tried just wrapping it in tinfoil? Is there anything wrong with doing this?
  3. Am I the only one who's nervous with the drill hanging off the edge like that?
  4. Indeed! I've got a nice chunk of prime rib in the freezer just waiting for a christening!
  5. So I did my first "cook" if you can call it that lol. Bacon Wrapped jalapeno poppers, I slow cooked them at about 275 for an hours and fifteen minutes. They turned out delicious! I'm glad I covered my lava stone in tinfoil though as they were getting messy with cream cheese drippings. Sorry I didn't take any photos of this one.
  6. Ok so I just did my first test cook on my brand new Classic M. Had it up to 200 and though ok I’ll close it down to get to to 225-250 where I want it for a test burn. No problems. It got to 250 an seemed to be holding. Then I left for about an put dinner and it was up to 400. Ok no biggie it’s only a test run. I went to shut the vents a bit and the top was stuck and of course hot. I ended up taking my ovegloses holding it and reefing on it to get it to where I wanted it to go. Is there anything I can to the smoothen this too vent up?
  7. I have done some searching on the site but can't seem to find any threads where people post their BBQ areas (setups) in the back yards. Do ya'll know of any good threads for this? If not I should really start my own lol.
  8. Well I bit to bullet and paid for the Vision deflector despite the Canadian exchange rate and $16US shipping! I aid the same for it as I would have for the larger one that stocked at my Home Depot!! ugh lol.
  9. That's awesome but what do I use to hold it up...? Any ideas?
  10. Has anyone gotten creative on a good heat deflector for the Vision Classic M. I have found a bunch of options for the larger models but nothing really for the M other than Visions lava stone.
  11. I just got and assembled my Vision Classic M. Am I the only one on here with and M? I am completely new to Kamado cooking and charcoal for the matter. Any tips on starting out...?
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