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  1. Well things just did not work out as planned. Kamado Big Joe was delivered with some very crooked parts and some minor chips. Sorry but for that kind of money it should done right. Was told "They are all that way". My response "Lets see how it looks back on the truck" Needless to say I was very disappointed. I have been very happy with the Akorn Jr. So up to Lowe's on Memorial Day and picked up a Akorn Sr W/smoke stone and cover for just over $350 incl tax. Did a burn in then a mess of chicken drumsticks. Last night it was a rolled rack of babybacks with stuffing. The thing holds temp like a champ. Maybe some day I'll move up but for now, consider me happy. George
  2. Thanks for the welcome, we are in the far south east. Hey, it's all the same city.
  3. This is the same story you all have seen before. Been grilling since I was about 10 , I'm 75 now. Started with smokers 15 years ago. Never had a Kamado until I got a Akorn Jr a few months ago and fell in love with the concept. Fast forward to this morning, took my wife to see the Kamado Joe Classic I have been lusting after. They had the Classic and the Big Joe, she took one look at the Big Joe and said "that's the one you want". Who am I to say no. It will be delivered tomorrow.
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