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  1. @Sanensafe May I ask how much you picked up the Classic Joe for? I'm still on the lookout for a Kamado.
  2. Welcome! I've heard good things about them. There's a Facebook group for them and a chap on there makes steel deflectors (half moon too), along with pizza steels for them. I've got a pizza steel, they are great quality if your ceramic ones break.
  3. @ndg_2000 Interesting, it's £599 on the site, that does include delivery though. Yeah, both La Hacienda and Aldi must know something has gone wrong somewhere, it's good that they are both being helpful in the situation rather than fobbing everyone off, Aldi in particular being very flexible.
  4. Little update... I've pushed them to £75 off. Covering the crack with ceramic paint will not affect warranty. They said it's all in my notes so it's all in writing. I can also use it for 60 days with a no-quibble refund if I have a change of mind, that's standard apparently, so anyone with damaged ones can test it out. I said I'll let them know next week if I'll keep it. @ndg_2000 The Louisiana is £599, plus a membership fee (£15 i think), so it's pretty much double.
  5. Yeah I've read that saying on here too! Buy once, cry once. That's why I went cheap first to see if I even like Kamado cooking, but that hasn't paid off so well. It's just a big jump to go from £350 to £869 to then not like it (I'm doubtful that is the case, though). I'd like to think I'd be using it in the winters too when possible so not just a summer toy. Regarding the Aldi damage, I'd probably look to cover it up with some high heat ceramic coating if I kept it, but I'd first need to ask Aldi if that would avoid warranty, because that would be an easy way to void the warranty for them.
  6. @&roid Absolutely, I'd be buying once that can come ASAP, both the ones I mention say they can come the next day of ordering! Just had this from Aldi: They just told me I can test the Kamado, and if there are no issues, I can continue using it with a partial refund of £50. If there is an issue because of it within those 3 years, they will refund the rest to the full amount. Just to add another curve ball!
  7. @&roid Yeah I think so, unless they can offer me substantially more than £50 cash back. Aldi have sold out so that is a no go. The Goose looks great, £555 delivered. I've also just seen a KJ classic I with the D&C system and updated Firebox for £869 delivered, so for ~£300 more you get the lifetime KJ warranty, over the 1 year with the Goose. Now I don't know!
  8. Here's a close up of the damage to mine. Red flags screaming at me here so it's going back. Be curious to know anyone's experienced opinion this kind of damage. Looks like a bodged job that was attempted to be covered up.
  9. And here is my new Kamado, damaged. Sigh!
  10. @TheMerlin486 Does that sway you back to it or are you sticking with Aldi? Mines due in a couple hours. That was a pic I posted in from someone in the Wild Goose FB group Was from last year the post if I remember right!
  11. Following up, it was indeed just a sales tactic, price didn't change!
  12. @TheMerlin486 I am a little concerned. Mine is coming tomorrow, had the call from the courier today. However, the Goose's price saving ends today so I'm tempted to order it and just cancel it if the Aldi one is fine. The Goose is £555 delivered today (£25 for delivery but you get £20 off by signing up to the newsletter). Not sure if it'll go back up to its £599 price or £999 price, or if it's just a sales tactic to encourage buying. At £999 it's a no-brainier to go KJ, so I can't see that happening.
  13. @TheMerlin486 Thanks for posting those links. I ordered mine on the 3rd, no news on delivery yet. I’m quite surprised how many issue people are having, if mine has anything I’d consider sending it back and getting the Goose instead, rather than a replacement.
  14. MarkG

    New from the UK

    @Berty look forward to it! My Aldi one has been dispatched just now, no delivery times yet though. Hoping I don’t come to regret not going WG!
  15. MarkG

    New from the UK

    Yeah I did think that to be honest. It was just the 1 year warranty that put me off a little, perhaps I shouldn’t have worried too much about it (I’m quite clumsy, mix that with ceramic and something is going to break!), but was just thinking spending that much more I’d go the extra for the KJ and it’s warranty. When do you get it? I’d be curious of your thoughts! You have me re-thinking.
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