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  1. Hey! I didn't get the invite:P Looks yummy. What did you think of it?
  2. Phone mfg really need to come up with smell-o-vision or at the very least scratch and sniff.
  3. This was a great question as I keep reading about 8-12 hour cooking time on some meats.
  4. No probs here. Did the water boil test on the temp gauge and it was dead on. Perfect. So my Kamado is cooking perfect and more importantly holding temp be it 250 or 450. Vent slides easily too.
  5. Congrats! Just bought the exact same one and I was in the same situation as you with the gas grill. It's a beauty for sure. Enjoy! What are you going to cook on it first?
  6. Update. Was pleasantly surprised this morning as I went out to clean the grill of ash as I expected to see a lot gone as I've heard stories of this brand inability to shut down completely. Having dumped a whole can of Kingsford competition charcoal inside the Webber chimney fire starter I didn't know what to expect. Smack me down. There was about 25% Kingsford and 60% Lizzari lump left! Having only cooked the chicken two hours at a steady 300° with another 30 minutes for the initial burn off this was a nice surprise. Take the percentages with a grain of salt. Just an eyeball figure. I was expecting efficiency from a Kamado but not this much. After making 100% sure all the coals were cold I put it inside a paper grocery bad and filled it half way and stuffed it back in the grill for my next BBQ. Anyone experience this? I'm so used to our parents old Webber grills that turned everything to ash after a few hours.
  7. Well that was a hit. Lasted all of ten minutes and chicken was a gonner. Hmm..note to self. Cook a bigger chicken next time. Couple things I would change and that's the use of the Webber fire starter chimney can. I used Kingsford competition coal and dang that's a LOT of smoke in the beginning. I could have run my own commercial mosquito embankment service. About 20 minutes in it started to tapper off and I mixed Lazzari lump charcoal and wow what a fantastic lump. Once the heat got up to temp very little or almost zero smoke came out. Just nice steady heat could be seen escaping the top dome. Lesson here is for me to start the charcoal using another method besides a chimney starter. Awesome grill.
  8. Alright go easy here. Fired up the kamado using the Weber fire starter and in hindsight I think that's a great tool if you're going to be grilling. The temp quickly got to 400 degrees wish I was able to tamp down to 300 steadywith just two rows on the bottom open and maybe .75 on top. Threw the chicken on the porcelain butt holder and with some pineapple juice let it go for 2 hours. Not having any high temperature rubber gloves I wrapped the chicken in foil managed to get it off the BBQ. letting the chicken sit for about 30 minutes in the foil. Juices are running off it when I barely put any pressure on the chicken to get it off the grill. Have some corn on the cob with mixed veggies, jasmine rice on the side we're going to eat pretty good. Thanks for the read.
  9. Thanks all. This thing is a beast. Have to wait for my brother in law to come over and help me lift it as my wife just had stomach surgery. It's all together except the lifting part. He's a professional weight lifter and if I was couple decades younger I'd be game to lift it myself. Well, maybe that's why I'm creaking here and there from doing double dumb things like that in my younger years. Sure catches up with you. Anyway, enough bitching and moaning. Bought some cheap Kingsford competition charcoal to give it a break in for a few days on low temp then I'll step up to the lumps. The kids came over and are excited for next weekend cook out. Nothing like a little pressure!! My wife was a little annoyed with the extra goodies I ordered to go along with the grilling. Haha. $250. Oh well, once she tastes the food maybe I'll be forgiven. Pics tomorrow. Thanks for the welcome.
  10. Long time bbq'er first time Kamado. For a decades I've used gas and before those decades your run of the mill black Weber charcoal. Finally after ten years my trusty gas has gone kaput when the wife suggested I get a new BBQ. When an offer like that comes along I don't hesitate. Did the usual round of research with an emphasis on going back to charcoal - the flavor I dearly miss. Was set on BGE after seeing one in person did a little research and found a deal at Costco on a variation of the Pit boss/Vision/Louisiana grill for $599. Was set on the Big Joe but then found favorable reviews for the Costco brand and if I've learned over the years in BBQ it's rarely the equipment that makes a good meat but the operator. I know guys who can cook on a tennis racket over a 454 engine block and make a good roast. Being this my first time with a Kamado I'll give this brand a go and if it holds up to my expectations and can justify a Big Joe I'll spring for one in several years. In the meantime wishing you all great summer of smoke and grilling.
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