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  1. Hey, man. Really appreciate this link! I'm doing this starting tomorrow for a Picnic on Sunday. I have trouble keeping my KJ at anything lower than 225 - any tips?
  2. Now the big question: butcher paper or aluminum foil? I have both.
  3. Hey Fellow Kamado Lovers! I need some advice on this one, please! My husband and I are attending a Shriners' picnic at the end of August and I want to smoke a brisket to bring with us. Here's the catch: Picnic starts at 11 AM on a Sunday and I refuse to stay up all night babysitting my brisket to assure an 11 AM go time. Please help with any suggestions, tips, tricks,etc... THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  4. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Fellow Smokers. My butcher hooked me up with some beef ribs which I’ll be smoking Monday. Looking for some great run recipes to try on these babies. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for this post; I'm smoking a turkey for the first time this year as well. I plan on doing 350 degrees; approx. how long per pound should I plan for? I have a 25 lb turkey so I know it's going to take a while. THANKS ALL!!!
  6. I fill the box w/my KJ lump and use 1 KJ fire starter in the middle. Didn't realize I could do a half. My first two cooks, I overshot the temp because I was rushing the fire but my last one I let come up slowly and reduced my vents when the temp hit 190. Not sure what caused the KJ to go up to 300; maybe I kept the lid open too long or played with the vents too much. I'm so concerned about closing the vents off too much and starving the fire.
  7. I have the same issue but in a different way. My kamado will hold a 225/250 temp for hours but once I open the lid to spritz my meat w/water, it'll climb to 300 and I can't get it back down. Do I reduce the top vent first, bottom vent first or both? How small of an opening can I go when I've already reduced the airflow to a 1/4" on the bottom and top? Thank you
  8. Let us know how it turns out. I’m smoking a pork butt on Memorial Day!
  9. Just salt and pepper; true Texas style. With that being said, I bought whole peppercorn and ground it to the size I wanted so it added that extra oomph. Highly recommend!
  10. Give a gal a little credit! I left that full fat cap on! Just trimmed some silver skin and extra fat out. I’m so glad you said that though; now I know I did it right!!!!
  11. Well, I did it!! 10 lb brisket which I trimmed up and put on the Kamado at 2 am. This baby went fast reaching an internal temp of 205 by 10 am. Wrapped the brisket in foil, put it in the cooler with towels to keep warm until dinner at 6 and was received with rave reviews. Here are some photos. Next: PORK BUTT!
  12. Glad you agree. I found tons of threads on timing and such but I have no idea where to begin. On the bright side, I freaking LOVE my Joe!!! Can’t wait to smoke it right!!!
  13. Thank you, Woody!!! Having mentors like you guys really helps!
  14. You’re amazing! Thank you. I love all the info you gave and really appreciate it. Looks like you start your fire in the center. So, you think one starter in the middle and let the coals catch as time passes? Really appreciate your insight! Thank you!!!
  15. Morning Everyone. First, this forum has been great for getting tips and learning how to cook on my Kamado Joe. So far I’ve successfully made pizza, beef ribs, and chicken which have all been amazing. I want to smoke a brisket for mother’s day and have learned the how’s and what to dos but what I don’t know is how much charcoal do I use? I haven’t bought the brisket yet but I’m assuming this will be a 8-10 hour smoke. I just want to make sure I have enough coal to keep the fire going. Also, do you wrap your brisket half way through or no? Thanks in advance!!!
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