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  1. Ok well I will let everyone know how it turns out....hopefully well.
  2. Awesome guys thanks for the input, prob just going to stick with ribs as it looks like I may be setting myself up for failure. Sorry the ribs are baby back by the way.
  3. Hoping to get some feedback. Have a big crew heading over Saturday and wanted to smoke two whole chickens(6lbs each) and 5-6 racks of ribs on the Kamado Big Joe. I did pick up the beer can chicken holders(2) and 2 rib racks in case space was an issue. We are eating at 6p and my day is clear so time is not an issue. The questions I have are the following: Is this a terrible idea? If it is not a terrible idea what temp would you think would work Should I do 225 for a longer period for the chicken and then put ribs on(assuming chicken will take 6 hours) Should I do 275 and do a 2-2-1 on the ribs or would this be too high Should I just order a pizza Any help will be greatly appreciated. Getting used to the Kamado now just did some shrimp and boneless chicken on it the other day and doing filets on Sunday but Saturday is a big one I dont want to screw up.
  4. Awesome thank you guys for the info. Appreciate the help!
  5. Thanks Golf do you get much rain where you live? I am in Indy and it can storm pretty bad and is super humid. Not sire if I should leave uncovered that much.
  6. Hey just got my Big Joe last weekend and have used it 3 times so far for chicken, pork shoulder with some roasted potatoes and stuffed jalapenos, and some NY Strips. Loved them all but I want to keep my grill nice and can't seem to find the best cover for it. What is the recommended cover for the Big Joe? I do not have a table but will build one hopefully this fall, just need something to cover the grill in the mean time. Any help is appreciated.
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