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  1. Hey John, I am curious to know why you prefer to use the general purpose Grease Monkey Gloves over something tailored to BBQ, like this pair of Rappica gloves on Amazon?
  2. If you live outside of Georgia then you don't pay tax. That means you get the grill for 898 delivered to your door. Even if you buy the cover on sale for 68 and the firestarters you still will pay less than Costco since you have to factor the tax that Costco will be charging.
  3. I just picked up the KJ Classic II and JOEtisserie Classic for 1055.24 shipped to my door.
  4. The internet sale was supposed to start at 6PM today and run until the 15th but it seems like the sale is up right now. These are better than the Costco Roadshow prices. Rates are as follows: Classic II - 799.00 Classic III - 1369.00 Big Joe II - 1299.00 Big Joe III - 1999.00 $99 Flat rate drop shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. Plus 15% off all KJ branded accessories.
  5. :shrugs: I'm trying to figure out how to get a KJ Classic II from a Costco in CT to NY. These damn things are heavy.
  6. For what it is worth that Grill no longer has a lifetime warranty on the ceramic. Forget what it says in the manual, they changed the policy late last year. Now it is a 5 year warranty on ceramic parts.
  7. Lowes here in the US is selling the Classic Joe I for $750 plus tax.
  8. I turned mine off at 6pm and went outside after 10pm to find that it was sitting around 170 degrees and still had some faint glowing coals when I opened it up. I'm wondering if I could extinguish the coals faster if I threw a small saucepan full of baking soda right on top of the coals (not to throw the baking soda directly on the coals, I want it to heat up and release CO2 to choke it out while still being easy to remove later when I'm ready to grill again.)
  9. I'm using Cowboy "Southern Style" and I am not that impressed. I guess it is good for direct heat grilling but it burns too quick for smoking and the flavor is pretty overpowering. I am finding lots of rock and partially charred chunks in the bags. Beyond that most of the lumps are tiny too. I need to get multiple charcoal containers so I can sort them out but I think once I'm done with these bags I'm going to try RO.
  10. I wonder if my local Costco has them for sale for 499 and if so, if they would credit me the difference since I just bought my Kamado last month. I mean theoretically I could lug it back over there and return it for a refund according to their return policy and just repurchase but that would be a royal pain in the ###.
  11. I added the extra felt around the top damper but that doesn't seem to help much for me. When I fully close it I still get smoke leaking out of the top vents (but not from the sides) I tried to play with tightening the center inside screw or even throwing some washers in there but nothing seems to tighten that vent. When I'm done grilling I close the top and bottom dampers and it takes a few hours for the coals to die out. I have not noticed any issues with the hinges or the bolts that secure them at this point. For those with a properly modded kamado, how long does it take for the coals to die out after you close the vents?
  12. Thanks all. I've been enjoying the Kamado these past few weeks. I find myself getting annoyed being stuck at work during a beautiful afternoon all the while thinking that I can't wait to fire it up when I get home. Finally I walk out of the building at 5pm to find that the beautiful afternoon has turned to rain. But its Spring so I guess that is to be expected.
  13. Actually I went with the KAB and I am a little disappointed. The gap between the wall of the basket and the inner wall of my firebox is large enough that charcoal tends to fall down and build up there. I was expecting that the top ring of the KAB would be big enough that it would fit snug to the wall of my firebox, thereby suspending the basket across the bottom of the firebox. Instead it seems that the bottom of the basket sits on the firebox which creates that gap. The other thing I realize about the KAB is that I can't really use it to shake off the ash when the firebox is mostly full, it is just too small to hold that much charcoal. If I paid 30-40 bucks for the KAB I wouldn't mind this but at 90 dollars I feel like I paid the premium for a custom fit solution which doesn't fit all too well.
  14. Thank you, but you can call me KamadoNut.
  15. Thank you. I hope it serves me well. I was torn between this model and the Char-Griller Akorn. Ultimately I hope the extra money spent to go ceramic will pay for itself over the years.
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