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  1. I agree with Buttburner. Call them and work it out - get someone in authority on the phone. Tell them you need their plan, in writing, because time is short because they billed you on 7/18. I'd let them know, nicely (they're probably nice people), that they have to get back to you right away. Otherwise you won't have any choice but to reverse the charges to protect your interests. Lollygagging around will not be tolerated. If they tell you they're waiting for KJ to get back to them, I'd remind them that your deal was with them, and not KJ, and they BBQGuys, need to commit righ
  2. That looks awesome Slade. It the recipe on the forum? I'd like to make one of those.
  3. Loaded, I'm confident the average out the door purchase price will be north of $500. Expect that many of the "why you purchased this premium priced KJ BBQ" features will be options, definitely including the Slo-Roller.
  4. The flow of oxygen and source of heat will predict the burn pattern. I often start my burns off a bit away from the centerpoint, maybe 2/3rds to 3/4th across the charcoal area, directly away from the lower vent. This is because the burn pattern will skew back towards the vent (oxygen source). The goal is to get the charcoal to burn in a predictable and usable pattern. Assuming you clamp off the vents when the cook is over, you can see the results by looking at the left over charcoal.
  5. The nice people at https://thewoodshedoc.com/ (no affiliation) just called to tell me that the 35 lb bags of JD Lump have finally arrived (I've been on their wait list since May), and they are available for an even better price per lb than their amazing price for JD 20 lb bags I bought a couple of months ago. The Woodshed is in Orange, CA near Disneyland. If you are anywhere in SoCal, go get some. It's a truly great deal. Call them to check the price. My Previous Post about JD from them.
  6. I'm sure you contacted the dealer who sold it to you. What did they say?
  7. Yep. When my box showed up, the upper box in particular, and the lower crate too, looked a bit abused. But inside, everything was fine. I did take and send several photos to the store that sold me mine just in case there later turns out to be an issue, but so far I'm good.
  8. Hi 540: Any thoughts about why you liked the Rockwood better than the Fogo? Also which Fogo did you use - Premium (Black bag) or Super Premium (sort of Yellow bag)?
  9. I just checked the Fireboard website https://www.fireboard.com/ and Fireboard appears to have postponed delivery of the "Fireboard 2 Pro" model until sometime this Fall (2020). Of course that means I'm thinking they've got until Sept 22 (first day of fall) while some poor production person at Fireboard is unfortunately now thinking they have a breather until Dec 21 (last day of fall). Regardless of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), I guess I'll now be saving my COVID pennies for a while longer, unless some other company swoops in and saves us.
  10. John, I'm wondering if you would choose to add the new Fireboard 2 controller on your list of "really right stuff"?
  11. Dogstar


    Jay, is your Kamado covered? Do you leave the vents open or closed? I haven't had that issue here in SoCal, but I do have a cover on my KJ Classic III, and I leave the vents open. I also leave the lid open enough that the gaskets are not compressed when not in use.
  12. I have a Honda. It's 16 years old now. bought it in 2004. Still going strong. Mine is self propelled, but they sell versions that aren't. Outside of tune-ups and sharpening., I've had to replace the pull string twice and the. Pull string housing once. I also replaced the throttle cable. And maybe one wheel. They're expensive, but they just work.
  13. No, they haven't ever sold the KJ III's at Costco. But you can order one from Atlanta Grill Company. They have it on sale, and may still have free shipping. That's the best deal going.
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