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  1. How about remove the slats across the inside edge on the 4 x 4's on the back. Remount them on the outside edge of the 4 by's (assuming that gives you enough room? Or is the problem where the back of the kamado comes down on the countertop / deck?
  2. Yes. Air is flowing out your lower vent drawing some smoke with it. It won't "hurt" anything. But I find it harder to control this way. I deal with it this way. Restrict the airflow on your lower vent to maybe 1/4". The upper vent should be open enough to allow all the lower vent source air, plus thermal expansion through air heating, to escape. That will help to lower the temperature, and the available heat and smoke should then flow up and out the upper vent. Note you also want to not allow the upper vent to become a second source of oxygen, particularly when your fire is t
  3. Not to say that they're not out there, but I'm not sure if I've ever come across any posts where the owner of a KJ Classic size Kamodo says they should have spent the extra money and bought a KJ Big Joe, or similar. Starting with the obvious, compared to the KJ Classic III in my back yard, I'm guessing that change could easily have been worth another $750 so far, for the Big Joe, the accessories, the fuel, etc. Yes, there are definitely those who want to regularly, and simultaneously, cook lots more on the grill. And there are those who (legitimately) worry that they won't have e
  4. My 2 cents. I have a KJ Classic III. 1 Brisket - Haven't tried yet, but I will one of these days. Doesn't look like a problem. and reading the forums, some people have definitely done it on a classic with no issues. 3 Rack of ribs - 2 on the grill, or 3 using a rib rack. No problem. I've used my rib rack for 3 full racks several times. Works out great. I could definitely do 4 on the rack - but Costco sells pork ribs in packs of 3. So I just haven't tried or needed to. 2 full chickens - on the rotisserie or spatchcocked. No problem 3 steaks
  5. Hi Seth. Welcome to the Guru. There is a huge quantity of "research" to browse through, and a great many learned and knowledgeable participants who regularly jump in with valuable insight. And while there are many really good BBQ sites on the internet, kamadoguru.com is definitely the leading kamado centric site. Nice to have you here.
  6. That's a monster. Please take photos and post. Love to see that big bird in prep and how it fits on the grill. Click here for what the US Gov't says The government doesn't cover 26 lb birds, but they get close. 325 degrees is about the right temp for a traditional whole cooked bird without stuffing. Spatchcocked, at the same temp, might take only half the time. Regardless, for a tasty, moist bird, cook your bird until you get to the temp you need, and not to an amount of time. Lot's of good info here and around the internet on smoking a turkey. Google smoking
  7. If you look at the Royal Oak website, and the "dancing around it" terminology they use, they clearly use some labor and wood product that are not in / from the USA. Though for a large business, they are probably as USA based as you'll find. I do agree with your thought that a smaller company is your best bet in that regard, and Rockwood might be one. I see you're in VA. You can't be that far from some kind of somewhat local supply.
  8. JTemple and SmallBBQr, I've been thinking about adding some adjustable led flood lights to some fascia or similarboard my house. But I would be creating a shadow across the grill, and thus I'd have to install even more lights to compensate. Your great ideas avoid that problem entirely.
  9. Also check Inkbird (click here). Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth models are on sale at Amazon for various price points well under $100.
  10. I've been coveting and waiting on the arrival of the new "Fireboard 2 Pro", the new controller in Fireboard's model 2 lineup. As opposed to most other controllers in the marketplace, Fireboard's new model 2 Pro version will natively use heavy duty Type K thermocouples, to allow temperature readings well above and beyond the ability of most existing BBQ controllers. Though the new model 2 versions were announced earlier in the year, the Pro variant was ultimately postponed to an ominous sounding "Fall 2020" delivery date. Oh no. Unfortunately that reminded me so much of the tortu
  11. Once you've used your kamado for a while, you'll get used to the heat on both the dome and the body of the kamado - when it's ready. I typically lightly put my hand on both the dome and body, each for just a moment. If there is a significant difference, or when the body is way cooler than the dome, the kamado is not heat soaked through and through. Or put another way, it's still coming up to temperature. When it's heat soaked, the dome and the upper part of the body will feel similar with regard to temperature. That said, if you're cooking something that needs super hot temps, like pizza,
  12. I read so many reviews, on so many sites, where people really liked their Thermapen Mk4. So, I waited for a sale, and bought one. I've had it for 10 months or so now. No problems whatsoever. Regardless of whose thermometer you want to buy, I would expect to find some decent sales on Black Friday, if not sooner. So keep checking around.
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