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  1. So Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit walk into a bar.... Finally all those chemistry classes are put to use. As long as we're discussing Chemistry (well, scales really) Two Chemists walk into a bar. One says, “I’ll take an ‎H2O.” The other says, “I’ll have an ‎H2O, too.” The second chemist dies.
  2. Thank you John and Seabrisket for your good advice and info. A good discounted price on Thermapen Mk4, or one of it's peers, does seem to be an obvious well thought out choice. Fast, simple, easy. And maybe one day soon, a Thermoworks / Signals mashup, or similarly technologically capable device, as mentioned above, seems like a good option too. I do like the idea that Thermoworks blower product works in concert with Signals.
  3. My question to Thermoworks this morning: I’m sure I’m not the first to ask about a ThermaQ / Signals mashup. Fast and accurate (Type K), higher temp readings, and more probes, all on one device. Awesome. Any ETA? And the answer: Unfortunately, I can't share future product details or timelines. I can tell you, that you are not the first to ask for this specific request, and we are constantly working on improving our products. The end goal is to have similar product offerings in both our thermistor and thermocouple lines.
  4. Thermoworks does offer several wide temperature range thermometer kits with fast and accurate type k thermocouples (as are in the Thermapen Mk4 - and not the Signals or Smoke, which use a thermistor). A couple of them seem like reasonable choices for BBQ enthusiasts who want to measure a wider range of temps. In particular the ThermaQ® WiFi High Temp Kit and and armored cable version of the same. https://www.thermoworks.com/search?keywords=ThermaQ&comms_type=Wi~Fi&kits=BBQ-Kit Yes, hard to know about the impact of the probe itself. But at the point of meat entry, I'm sure the probe would have some impact if there is a temperature differential.
  5. I'm interested in knowing what types of temperature reading devices are reasonable purchases for cooking on the Kamado. Do those of you with both an Instant Read thermometer (Like a Thermapen) and a Multi-Probe "leave it in" thermometer with a wireless remote setup (Like a Smoke or Signals) use them both pretty regularly when cooking on your Kamados? If one purchased a Signals unit, do you simply not need a Thermapen, or vice versa? Are the two types mostly redundant, or are they each indispensable? Does the "hassle" of using / cleaning a Multi-Probe "leave it in" thermometer make it not a good choice? One of my perceptions about using an Instant Read device vs. a leave it in device, is that you'll open your Kamado and have a quick look occasionally? Is that a good thing, or is it more important to keep the lid closed?
  6. I watched the video and removed the temperature gauge from the KJ. Then I used boiling water as my known temperature. The KJ temperature gauge was way off, reading just over 300 degrees Fahrenheit when immersed in the boiling water. It was simple to adjust the little set screw, and adjust the gauge for an accurate 212 degrees Fahrenheit for boiling water. Reinstalled the gauge in the KJ, and I think I'm good to go. Thanks for the help.
  7. Thank you Burger Meister. I'll go through it.
  8. My new KJ Classic III was just delivered last evening. I'm putting things together today. The ambient weather temp outside is about 65 degrees The back side of the KJ is partially in the sun. The vent is not yet installed on the top, and the bottom vent is open. The temperature gauge on the dome is currently reading a whopping 185 degrees Fahrenheit. But the actual inner KJ temp is maybe 75 degrees. I haven't even started putting it together - though most of the parts are out of the box. The lid was closed, though I just opened it. Nothing else is inside. I'm assuming the temperature gauge on the dome is adjustable, or do I need to talk to KJ or the dealer about getting a replacement?
  9. After having read of a few problems that occasionally pop up, I will be on the lookout. Good ideas and thanks for the specific info.
  10. I think I've seen some YouTube videos, but I will definitely check again. Thanks for the reminder!
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