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  1. That would be a great test. Please let us know what your findings are.
  2. Thank you folks. I will try the reverse sear. I definitely am wanting to keep my steaks rare all the way around.
  3. Awesome! Thanks SCDAF! I don't know if I can stay at 180, but I can definitely do 200. Smells good already!
  4. I'm just starting to learn how to do this on my KJ, so I appreciate any advice. So to cook a fresh or completely thawed over 1" steak to rare, with a sear, should one forward sear on a grate or platter close to the coals first, and then move it up to the top grill and cook to rare, or ?
  5. True! I cooked the steaks using the grate with the "wide" side grates up, on the middle level of KJ's D&C. Next time I will try the narrow side up, and on a different level of the D&C. These were too done around the edges for rare. Though part of that was probably because "I wrongly" heard my wife say the potatoes would be done in 30, when 60 was more like it, so the steaks had to sit for a while when done.
  6. I bought the KJ 3 pack bundle to go with my Classic III, and want to use one tonight for cooking some rare steaks. The G&S plate is a circle, but smaller diameter, so it would go pretty near near the coals. the Grate is a half moon, and should fit on any level of the KJ Divide and Conquer rack and take the place of one of the half moon steel grates. Any thoughts on which to use G&S Plate vs. Grate? Both have a nice searing side. One Note: The G&S Plate says it's coated, and noted to be "easy clean up", but also comes with the California warning about chemicals on board that can cause cancer.. The Grate says nothing about anything, but mentions cleaning, drying and seasoning.
  7. If you're interested in a bundle of these 3 KJ Iron items for your KJ Classic, the threesome is currently available on https://www.kamadojoe.com at just over 41% off list for the combo. 1. Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle 2. Half Moon Cast Iron Grate 3. Cast Iron Sear Plate This is not an amazing price as I think I've seen this offering before. But it's not bad for the KJ branded items. Similar aftermarket versions are available for a similar price, though some of those aftermarket pieces are occasionally said to have quality issues. No matter where you purchase, to avoid rust spots you should keep your iron pieces dry, and oil and season them periodically.
  8. RWolf10 and John - We'll see what they send me, and I'll report back. Thanks Guys!
  9. Yes. Thanks, Cheers, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all the good people on the KamadoGuru.com forum. And especially to you John for nurturing this forum along. Know that your dedication here is much appreciated, and you've really provided a tremendous service and resource to all of us Kamado owners. Five stars for you!
  10. Thanks for the feedback John. Fireboard hasn't even made the version 2 Pro available for purchase yet (as of 12/23/2020). Once I have a 2 Pro in hand, I'll have better idea of what, if anything, I'll do about the mounting. I expect I'll end up using it exactly as you do at first. Later, if I end up fabricating a mounting, I'll post about it. Happy Holidays and thanks for the help and insight!
  11. I communicated with Fireboard customer service this morning. They're working on a new plates for fitment with KJ's, but they're not ready yet and no ETA because they're working on other projects at the moment. But based on your comments, I'll take it the way it comes, and go from there. I can make one if I'm not satisfied with the way it fits without it.
  12. Hi John: I do hope to use the Fireboard Drive Blower Fan. Is the Fireboard fan that you have the one that Ted Conrad, CEO of Fireboard, describes as their "New Drive Blower", or their older version? The New Drive Blower Here is an example video attaching the New Fireboard Fan Blower to a BBQ. Attaching the New Fan Blower If the above items do not help, do you think that getting this FlameBoss Kamado Adapter Set might work with the Fireboard Drive Blower? The Flame Boss Kamado Adapter Set Alternatively, I've got some tin snips and a drill, and I can probably find a small piece of aluminum.
  13. Planning to order a Fireboard controller, but I'm not sure about vent sizing for mounting their blower. Fireboard has a compatibility list of BBQ brands and models the blower shield should fit, but the unfortunately no Kamado Joe's are on that list. I don't know if that's because most Kamado's share the same size lower vents or what? So my question is, should the stock shields that come with the Fireboard blower work with the KJ Classic III (or any of the KJ's for that matter? Are all the lower KJ vents the same size, or the same within product lines (Classic vs Big Joe)? And are KJ vents the same size as other Kamado brands (with the same type of "slide over" lower vent)?
  14. Hi John: Here you go! 1. The probes will read much higher temperatures. Not sure how helpful that will be for cooking, say, a neopolitian pizza - though it can provide valuable logging. But the probes shouldn't melt or break if one uses them hot - intentionally or accidentally - as some have spoken about. 2. Many thermocouple probes are quite well built and generally not as susceptible to breaking. They are also often more accurate, particularly at some temps, than cheaper thermistor models. 3. I plan to ultimately purchase one or two other outdoor ovens. The crossover functionality of the thermocouples is not lost on me. 4. The probes are industry standard and widely available from different manufacturers in different ratings, sizes, shapes. And, of course, the economic effect of multiple players in the thermocouple probe marketplace is welcome. Particularly in light of some of the, at least "semi-proprietary" probes used by some controllers out there. 5. Quality tools, that you can rely on day in and day out, are always good to have. 6. The delta in price between Fireboard's lesser models and the new Fireboard 2 Pro model isn't all that much. 7. John, I've dropped at least $2500 on my Classic III and goodies that go with it. I probably don't "need" all of it. I keep thinking that maybe I should have bought a Komodo Kamado. 8. Because I can. And I'm generally fond of overkill. I really hate when A.) something I've worked on / paid good money for, doesn't last and B.) even worse - worrying that something I've worked on / paid good money for, might not last. 9. Who needs any whammerdyne product? Yes, a whammerdyne is a "Class A" tube amp for all you audiophiles out there. And as my business partner says, "Whammerdyne is also a cool word." FYI: One other thing. I will tell you that based on conversations I've had with other well known controller providers, I believe other producers will come out with thermocouple based controllers as well.
  15. I had another conversation with the Fireboard folks today, as we're running out of time for the "Fall 2020" delivery listed on their website. Sounds like it's still coming. Below is the response I received: "We are expecting to release the FireBoard 2 Pro close to the Christmas Holiday of this year hopefully within the next week or so. The cost will be about $299 and it will come with the FireBoard 2 Pro Thermometer that includes drive capabilities + 3 Thermo Couple probes. "At this time we are not taking pre-orders for it, but it may be something we consider as we move closer to the release date. We will definitely send out emails and social media posts when that option becomes available."
  16. Nothing wrong with taking the time to think things through and make the best decision, all things considered. Now that you have the KJ Jr., you'll learn about smoking, and probably make a few more decisions with a bit more haste.
  17. For those interested in getting the soon to be released Fireboard 2 Pro version, the model that will come with high temperature capable thermocouples. I sent a note to their customer service last week, and received this response yesterday (12/7/2020): Hi [Dogstar], Thanks for your message back and for checking in on the pro status! Supply chain issues have been brutal but we should have everything here next week and starting to ship! We are considering offering a pre-order option so everyone can plan their holiday purchases accordingly. I think the thermocouple version will be very nice for those wanting the flexibility of the Type K probes. Much more robust and can go super high on temps. Thanks again for checking back in! Ted [Conrad] [CEO]
  18. How about remove the slats across the inside edge on the 4 x 4's on the back. Remount them on the outside edge of the 4 by's (assuming that gives you enough room? Or is the problem where the back of the kamado comes down on the countertop / deck?
  19. Yes. Air is flowing out your lower vent drawing some smoke with it. It won't "hurt" anything. But I find it harder to control this way. I deal with it this way. Restrict the airflow on your lower vent to maybe 1/4". The upper vent should be open enough to allow all the lower vent source air, plus thermal expansion through air heating, to escape. That will help to lower the temperature, and the available heat and smoke should then flow up and out the upper vent. Note you also want to not allow the upper vent to become a second source of oxygen, particularly when your fire is too hot. So don't open the top vent too much. The underlying issue here is that, at 500 degrees, most of your charcoal is now lit at one time. Typically, you'll light 1 or 2 locations, and if you monitor the temperature rise (keep the fire growth manageable), you'll limit the growth of the fire across your charcoal. But, this time, it got away, and ended up at 500 degrees. So most, if not all, of your charcoal is now lit. Therefore you need to restrict the flow of inbound oxygen. That will damper the fire and thus lower the temperature. But because most of the charcoal is now lit, it's a larger surface area fire that you now need to manage. It can definitely be done, but the changes you make to your vents should be done carefully and in small increments. Like 1/32 each adjustment.
  20. Not to say that they're not out there, but I'm not sure if I've ever come across any posts where the owner of a KJ Classic size Kamodo says they should have spent the extra money and bought a KJ Big Joe, or similar. Starting with the obvious, compared to the KJ Classic III in my back yard, I'm guessing that change could easily have been worth another $750 so far, for the Big Joe, the accessories, the fuel, etc. Yes, there are definitely those who want to regularly, and simultaneously, cook lots more on the grill. And there are those who (legitimately) worry that they won't have enough grill space (Do they remember the Divide and Conquer can double their grill surface area? Oh well). Either way, they know what they want, and they buy a Big Joe or similar. It works for them. But remorse (or perhaps, envy?). Come on.
  21. My 2 cents. I have a KJ Classic III. 1 Brisket - Haven't tried yet, but I will one of these days. Doesn't look like a problem. and reading the forums, some people have definitely done it on a classic with no issues. 3 Rack of ribs - 2 on the grill, or 3 using a rib rack. No problem. I've used my rib rack for 3 full racks several times. Works out great. I could definitely do 4 on the rack - but Costco sells pork ribs in packs of 3. So I just haven't tried or needed to. 2 full chickens - on the rotisserie or spatchcocked. No problem 3 steaks - I've done up to 10 steaks. Fillets, not tomahawks. Multiple times. I've only done 2 tomahawks at a time, but there is lots more room for more. No prob. Also burgers, dogs, sausage, full (traditional) turkey, salmon fillets, pork shoulder, etc. Not that you shouldn't get the Big Joe, because it's great for what it is. But every "sized to fit" option you purchase for a Big Joe will be more costly, and you'll also go through more charcoal (more ceramic and metal and volume to heat soak), etc. So with the 3 people you mention, I don't see you needing the larger grill. But, if you will cook for several more people regularly and will need the grill space, consider the BJ. One other reason you might want the space. If you cook everything on the grill, and don't cook anything elsewhere. BTW, both model III's (Classic and BJ) come with some nice enhancements. Also to your question, with the 3 tier divide and conquer grill rack you can have even more grilling room available, should it be needed. Now, if I was going to have 8 people over once a month, I'd buy the BJ. But once or twice a year, for the difference in money, I wouldn't.
  22. Hi Seth. Welcome to the Guru. There is a huge quantity of "research" to browse through, and a great many learned and knowledgeable participants who regularly jump in with valuable insight. And while there are many really good BBQ sites on the internet, kamadoguru.com is definitely the leading kamado centric site. Nice to have you here.
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