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  1. That's a monster. Please take photos and post. Love to see that big bird in prep and how it fits on the grill. Click here for what the US Gov't says The government doesn't cover 26 lb birds, but they get close. 325 degrees is about the right temp for a traditional whole cooked bird without stuffing. Spatchcocked, at the same temp, might take only half the time. Regardless, for a tasty, moist bird, cook your bird until you get to the temp you need, and not to an amount of time. Lot's of good info here and around the internet on smoking a turkey. Google smoking a Turkey and and you'll find some good info.
  2. If you look at the Royal Oak website, and the "dancing around it" terminology they use, they clearly use some labor and wood product that are not in / from the USA. Though for a large business, they are probably as USA based as you'll find. I do agree with your thought that a smaller company is your best bet in that regard, and Rockwood might be one. I see you're in VA. You can't be that far from some kind of somewhat local supply.
  3. JTemple and SmallBBQr, I've been thinking about adding some adjustable led flood lights to some fascia or similarboard my house. But I would be creating a shadow across the grill, and thus I'd have to install even more lights to compensate. Your great ideas avoid that problem entirely.
  4. Also check Inkbird (click here). Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth models are on sale at Amazon for various price points well under $100.
  5. I've been coveting and waiting on the arrival of the new "Fireboard 2 Pro", the new controller in Fireboard's model 2 lineup. As opposed to most other controllers in the marketplace, Fireboard's new model 2 Pro version will natively use heavy duty Type K thermocouples, to allow temperature readings well above and beyond the ability of most existing BBQ controllers. Though the new model 2 versions were announced earlier in the year, the Pro variant was ultimately postponed to an ominous sounding "Fall 2020" delivery date. Oh no. Unfortunately that reminded me so much of the torturous new product delays we're all used to experiencing with computers and other electronics. But wait! Unlike so many other delays (particulary this year of the COVID), it seems that Fireboard is actually going to deliver. And on time while it's still Fall 2020. Unbelieveable. An attaboy to Ted Conrad and whole Fireboard crew! That must be what can happen when you move your electronics production line in house. Hey. Smart thinking! What a concept! Anyway, Ted Conrad, the CEO of Fireboard, was interviewed on the Greg Rempe's The BBQ Central Show this past week (on 11/10/2020). Ted said the new Fireboard 2 Pro model would be available in late November or early December. He stated that they had placed the last of the PO's to produce the new model a few weeks earlier, and that he expected they'd be ready to ship in late November or early December, for $299. Awesome! Here's a link to the Podcast. The Podcast from BBQ Central is here! The interview with Ted Conrad starts at about 37:30 into the show if you want to hear some more details. I didn't see anything about the imminent arrival on the Fireboard website. Hopefully that will change soon.
  6. Once you've used your kamado for a while, you'll get used to the heat on both the dome and the body of the kamado - when it's ready. I typically lightly put my hand on both the dome and body, each for just a moment. If there is a significant difference, or when the body is way cooler than the dome, the kamado is not heat soaked through and through. Or put another way, it's still coming up to temperature. When it's heat soaked, the dome and the upper part of the body will feel similar with regard to temperature. That said, if you're cooking something that needs super hot temps, like pizza, use some discretion.
  7. I read so many reviews, on so many sites, where people really liked their Thermapen Mk4. So, I waited for a sale, and bought one. I've had it for 10 months or so now. No problems whatsoever. Regardless of whose thermometer you want to buy, I would expect to find some decent sales on Black Friday, if not sooner. So keep checking around.
  8. It was the Atlanta Grill Company. They don't seem to have the same deal now. You might call them and check. Also Black Friday is coming.
  9. However Model III's are not sold at Costco. So find a good deal at a local store, or online.
  10. I have a KJ Classic III. 4-6 eaters are no problem with a Classic III. I easily cook 2 rib racks on the grill, or 3 rib racks with a rib rack holder. I also have the JoeTisserie. I cook 2 chickens there on the rotissserie, or spatchcocked (on the grill), with no problem. Every thing I just mentioned is single grill level food. But for many cooks, you can use multiple grill levels at the same time - nearly double the rack space. And cooking some things earlier and letting them sit for a bit is often the better technique anyway. None of this is to say that the Big Joe III isn't also a great option. But it is larger, requires more fuel, more heat soak, etc., and all the accessories are a bit more money. If you need it, it's wonderful.
  11. Any thoughts about using the same process, but cooking the Turkey low and slow? Or since the bird was already brined, is that not a good choice?
  12. Awesome John. Thanks so much for making this video. It is exactly what I need.
  13. Hi Tom. Welcome to the forum. If you can swing it pricewise, I think either the KJ Classic III or Big Joe III would the model to purchase. But regardless, if you're accustomed only to a traditional gas BBQ, I'm sure you'll be very happy with your decision to purchase a Kamado.
  14. Fogo, Jealous Devil and Kamado Joe are often listed as top brands here on the KamadoGuru forum, at least for the USA.
  15. That deal is as good as I've seen, and I shopped around a lot before purchasing mine early this year. The KJ III Classic is an outstanding choice. You will not be disappointed.
  16. I agree with Buttburner. Call them and work it out - get someone in authority on the phone. Tell them you need their plan, in writing, because time is short because they billed you on 7/18. I'd let them know, nicely (they're probably nice people), that they have to get back to you right away. Otherwise you won't have any choice but to reverse the charges to protect your interests. Lollygagging around will not be tolerated. If they tell you they're waiting for KJ to get back to them, I'd remind them that your deal was with them, and not KJ, and they BBQGuys, need to commit right now to doing the right thing.
  17. That looks awesome Slade. It the recipe on the forum? I'd like to make one of those.
  18. Loaded, I'm confident the average out the door purchase price will be north of $500. Expect that many of the "why you purchased this premium priced KJ BBQ" features will be options, definitely including the Slo-Roller.
  19. The flow of oxygen and source of heat will predict the burn pattern. I often start my burns off a bit away from the centerpoint, maybe 2/3rds to 3/4th across the charcoal area, directly away from the lower vent. This is because the burn pattern will skew back towards the vent (oxygen source). The goal is to get the charcoal to burn in a predictable and usable pattern. Assuming you clamp off the vents when the cook is over, you can see the results by looking at the left over charcoal.
  20. The nice people at https://thewoodshedoc.com/ (no affiliation) just called to tell me that the 35 lb bags of JD Lump have finally arrived (I've been on their wait list since May), and they are available for an even better price per lb than their amazing price for JD 20 lb bags I bought a couple of months ago. The Woodshed is in Orange, CA near Disneyland. If you are anywhere in SoCal, go get some. It's a truly great deal. Call them to check the price. My Previous Post about JD from them.
  21. I'm sure you contacted the dealer who sold it to you. What did they say?
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