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  1. Hi All, I'm in the process of cooking a Pork Butt and this time the weather here in the Chicago area is not cooperating! In the last 2 hours its only 40 degrees and raining. Winds our 10mph. Everything was going well up till then... My KJ was maintaining a temperature of 275 - 300 degrees. But about 90 minutes ago it started to drop and hit a low of 201 per my grill grate probe. I have been opening up the lower/top vents and it still dropped. Now I have them almost all the way open and I can't get it above 255. What should I do? Should I add more charcoal? Is this normal for these weather conditions? I have only had my KJ since late April. Thanks in advance for your help! SC
  2. Hi All, I made my first brisket yesterday and I have a good amount of leftovers. What is the best way to freeze it? Should we slice it into meal portions or do we keep in whole chunks? Thanks, Pablo
  3. Thank you for all your recommendations. Can you please give me an idea about how much cook time I should plan for if I use a 5-6 lb point?
  4. Hi All, I am planning to attempt my smoking my first brisket on my Kamado Joe Classic 2 this weekend and I am hoping you can answer or provide me some guidance on a few questions. We are fortunate to have a great butcher in our town and they are willing to sell us either the flat or the nose of the brisket vs. the whole. We would prefer to go with a smaller size since it may only be two of us enjoying this cook. Which part of the brisket is the best to smoke and will turn out the most tender and tasty? The butcher is willing trim the brisket, any recommendations on what to ask for with this service? Since this is my first attempt how much time should I expect it to take to smoke the flat or the nose? I realize I have to cook it to a specified temperature but would like to understand average length of time. What temperature should I target for this cook? Do most people use a Texas style rub? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance for your guidance and help! Pablo
  5. Thanks again for all your feedback... much appreciated! I have done 3 cooks so far and I'm getting better results each time. Mahalo, SC
  6. This item definitely does NOT have a clean label! A lot of unnatural ingredients... MSG, dextrose, colors, etc.
  7. That’s a bummer... I bought my KJ Classic 2 back in April in Chicago area. I bought demo model, no price discount but did get Wok, Dutch Oven, Cover & 2 bags of Big Block for free. I love cooking on it. The only problem I have had is the Latch mechanism failed and took 3 weeks to get replacement part from KJ. Very disappointed in their customer service!!!
  8. I’m planning to smoke my first pork shoulder and am looking for advice on good or high quality brands to buy. Does Smithfield produce good or high quality product? Does quality matter? I would think it would. What brands do you recommend? What retailers sell quality products, e.g. Would you buy from Costco? Thanks, SC
  9. Hi All, Thank you very much for all the feedback. Working on my second try at baby backs... hopefully all your tips work out. I'll post my results. SA
  10. Hi John, I’m trying to attach a video of my issue so you might be able to help me but it won’t let me upload. Is there another way I can send it to you? Regarding your questions 1. It is on level ground. 2. Please excuse my ignorance but what type of tools do I need to make these adjustments? Also I contacted KJ support and they are sending me a new latch mechanism but they won’t send someone to install it. To be honest I’m very disappointed in KJ customer support! Do you know of any videos that can help me with this issue? I am very mechanically challenged. I would really appreciate any help you can provide!!! Thanks, SA
  11. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. My new KJ Classic II is having issues with the lid. When raised it will not stay in place and I found a video on how to tighten the nut/bolt in the back to fix but everyday i go to use the same problem happens again. Also, I have a log of difficulty closing/locking the lid and it gotten worse. Last night I couldn't get it closed. I purchased my grill at a Costco Roadshow and it was a demo model. Are these issues common or is it because it was a demo model? I would appreciate any ideas on how to fix these two issues. Thanks. SC
  12. This past weekend I attempted my first cook of baby back ribs on my new Kamado Joe Classic II. I read on this forum that the 2-2-1 cooking method was the best option but my ribs came out dry. I would say that half of my 2 slabs were too dry. I used the EasyBBQ thermometer to monitor the temperature and the rib meat got to a temp of 212 and I was able to keep grill temp between 250 to 280 degrees. What did I do wrong? Is the rib temp of 212 too high? Were my grill temps too high? Also, I did use the deflector plates to produce indirect heat. I would appreciate any feedback or tips. Thanks. SA
  13. Hi Everyone, On 4/20 I became the new owner of a new Kamado Joe Classic ll. I have been wanting one for several years and finally convinced the wife to approve of this major purchase. I got a great deal at one of their Costco roadshows in the Chicago area. I have only done a few cooks on it and the most successful one was a Leg of Lamb on the Joetisserie, pic attached. My biggest challenge so far is lighting the charcoal and getting it to stay lit. I welcome any tips or recommendations. Thanks!
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