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  1. Have you tried just smoking a boneless leg of lamb low & slow?
  2. How long did it take & how much did your leg of lamb weigh? Thanks
  3. Hi John, I ordered the Grease Monkey gloves that you recommended. I just received them on Monday and was concerned by the strong chemical smell that was coming from them. Do you wash them in a washing machine before using? Also, I washed them under running water when I was done with food & grill prep and the red fabric of the gloves got stained from the black portion of the gloves. Have you experienced any of these problems? Thanks, Pablo
  4. I got an iKamand at the end of March for a significant discount due to KJ making things right on my Classic 2 purchase. Unfortunately, I have had several issues with the unit and the probes. Fortunately, they have provided replacements but I have to say even factoring in the discount I am starting to regret the purchase. In retrospect, I probably should have gone with the Flame Boss 500, assuming I wouldn't have encountered all of these problems. :(
  5. Hi All, I am smoking a chuck roast for the first time and now I want to roast some carrots and onions for the latter part of the cook. I am using the KJ Grill Expander for the first time to roast the veggies. 8 minutes after I put on the veggies I received a text from the iKamand saying, "Grill temperature is dropping. Please adjust your vents or add more charcoal." When using the GE do I need to open the Kontrol Tower vents even more? I have the iKamand set at 275F. Thanks for the help & I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Mahalo, Pablo
  6. I have had issues with the probes and the same error message. I was able to get KJ to replace them.
  7. What was the weight & did you wrap it in butcher paper or foil?
  8. Hi Everyone, I’m looking for any tips on how to cook a full packer brisket on my KJ Classic 2. To date I have only smoked brisket twice; one time each of the Point & the Flat. After seeing them in person at Costco it doesn’t look like it will fit on my KJ. How do you make it work? I am not sure if I posted this question in the correct thread. Take Care, Pablo
  9. Thanks for confirming that’s the version I have.
  10. Hi All, I would like to start using butcher paper instead of foil in the hope that I will achieve better bark on my brisket and pork shoulder cooks. I own the KJ Classic 2 and have been wrapping the meat once it gets to 170 which produces very tender meat but ruins the bark. I don’t know what type of butcher paper I’m supposed to use. Should I purchase waxed or non-waxed paper? Does the color matter, I’ve seen white or pink? Is there food grade? Where do you buy it from? Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
  11. The pit & meat probe vary by 20 - 25 degrees. I used the boiling water method to calibrate and the Thermoworks was spot on and iKamand probes were off. I tried to calibrate them per the iKamand support notice but it hasn't worked. When I'm cooking the probes are still off compared to the Thermoworks. Therefore, the iKamand is reporting the meat has hit the target temp but in fact it hasn't per the Thermoworks. In my opinion the probes should not be that far off. Regarding the lid issue I didn't notice any temp drops that didn't actually happen. I attached a screen shot fr
  12. Hi John, Sorry about posting this message in wrong section. Do you have any recommendations on how I can solve these issues?
  13. I am hoping one of you may be able to help me solve the problems I am having with my new iKamand or recommend the best way to get support from Kamado Joe because they are NOT responding to my requests for support. I purchased the iKamand v2 one month ago and I am having two problems. First, the temp probes are not accurate compared to my Thermoworks instant read thermometer. I have attempted to calibrate them per the iKamand support site but that hasn’t fixed the issue. Have any of you had issues with the probes? Any recommendations on how calibrate them? The second pr
  14. Did you ever get it to work and what is the name of the current version? Thanks
  15. Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me how I determine if I received version 2 of the iKamand. I just received it in 3/30/20 directly from KJ and used it for the first time today. I updated the software to V 1.0.54. I experienced several problems during my attempt to smoke a pork shoulder. First, three times it over shot the temp I set in the app by an average of 11%. Then the app notified me that the pork was at my target temp of 203. I then used my Therma-Pop thermometer to confirm and found that the roast was only 185 - 187 in four different areas. Obviously way off my ta
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