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  1. Hi All, I ended up keeping it in the cooler for 4.5 hours wrapped in butcher paper. Then I wrapped it in plastic wrap and refrigerated it. I took the fat drippings and boiled it to remove any bacteria. I added a small amount of the fat to the brisket and reheated it in the oven at 225F. It came juicy & tender with a nice bark. I think the bark would have been better if I hadn’t had to jump thru all these hoops. Just used some of the leftovers to make brisket chili. Thanks again for the help! Take Care, Pablo
  2. Hi, I just did an overnight cook of a 12.2 pound prime grade, Whole Packer Brisket. Unfortunately, it cooked in just 10 hours compared to the last two that I have cooked that took 15 or more hours. The brisket has already been resting for three hours and obviously I can’t let it rest until dinner time. What is the best way to reheat a whole brisket without drying it out? We would appreciate any tips you have. Thanks, Pablo
  3. Have any of you purchased any non-Kamado Joe brand deflectors? Any recommendations? I don’t like the idea of not being able to do low & slow cooks for a month or more. Thanks
  4. How long do they warranty the deflector plates? One of mine cracked this past Saturday after an overnight Brisket cook.
  5. Have you tried just smoking a boneless leg of lamb low & slow?
  6. How long did it take & how much did your leg of lamb weigh? Thanks
  7. Hi John, I ordered the Grease Monkey gloves that you recommended. I just received them on Monday and was concerned by the strong chemical smell that was coming from them. Do you wash them in a washing machine before using? Also, I washed them under running water when I was done with food & grill prep and the red fabric of the gloves got stained from the black portion of the gloves. Have you experienced any of these problems? Thanks, Pablo
  8. I got an iKamand at the end of March for a significant discount due to KJ making things right on my Classic 2 purchase. Unfortunately, I have had several issues with the unit and the probes. Fortunately, they have provided replacements but I have to say even factoring in the discount I am starting to regret the purchase. In retrospect, I probably should have gone with the Flame Boss 500, assuming I wouldn't have encountered all of these problems. :(
  9. Hi All, I am smoking a chuck roast for the first time and now I want to roast some carrots and onions for the latter part of the cook. I am using the KJ Grill Expander for the first time to roast the veggies. 8 minutes after I put on the veggies I received a text from the iKamand saying, "Grill temperature is dropping. Please adjust your vents or add more charcoal." When using the GE do I need to open the Kontrol Tower vents even more? I have the iKamand set at 275F. Thanks for the help & I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Mahalo, Pablo
  10. I have had issues with the probes and the same error message. I was able to get KJ to replace them.
  11. What was the weight & did you wrap it in butcher paper or foil?
  12. Hi Everyone, I’m looking for any tips on how to cook a full packer brisket on my KJ Classic 2. To date I have only smoked brisket twice; one time each of the Point & the Flat. After seeing them in person at Costco it doesn’t look like it will fit on my KJ. How do you make it work? I am not sure if I posted this question in the correct thread. Take Care, Pablo
  13. Thanks for confirming that’s the version I have.
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