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  1. A lot of pros tell me that you should actually put the wood under the smoldering coals and not on top. That way you can smoke at higher temps without the wood catching fire. Anyone tried this in a kamado? I noticed that the fire is a lot smaller so maybe that won't work? Bonux
  2. heh... good point, I'm in Belgium where you pay 3,000 USD for a big joe. So I want to keep it as cheap as possible
  3. Hi, I have ordered a Big joe III. How many people should i get to assemble it?
  4. True, but helps to give you some hooks to make sure you don't have to open the grill constantly and that way you can do something else while cooking. I always aim for 1-2-1, works like a charm. But sometimes I take some time from the last stint.
  5. Bonux


    Hi, I'm Matt. I currently don't own a kamado but I have the budget to buy one. The problem is making up my mind. I have narrowed it down to two choices : summit charcoal grill center or big joe 3. I Already own a kettle and a WSM. I have been going back and forth for months and it's driving me nuts. I can only have one and it will have to last me many years. Hope to find the info here to finally make up my mind. Matt
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