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  1. I use my Sloroller at 450 for wings. Works fantastic. John had a video about it too where he put the wood right on the sloroller and it gave up smoke.
  2. I picked up a Keter premier 150 gallon deck box from Costco for $100.00. I keep everything in that. We have a limited amount of room on our deck, so it sits around the corner, but easily accessible. Works great for me. Wish I had the space for a table, but man are the nice ones pricey!
  3. Just got a BJ3 and have no regrets or second thoughts on it versus the Classic 3. With the new basket, it’s easy to build smaller/limited fires for smaller meals. We like to have people over, so I really like the extra space. I am sure with all of the cooking level options out there, either could accommodate a crowd, but for me, I just like the BJ. Another benefit is that when I am standing next to BIg Joe has a slimming affect. As others mentioned, all accessories are available, for a few dollars more. I went with the standard cover, but Coverstore.com has options for the Classic 2 and BJ2, with their top of the line, slightly cheaper than KJ covers. Good luck and Happy Grilling!
  4. My BJ3 sits under an extended roof of sorts with no wind. I bought a KJ cover from Atlanta Grill Company. It works perfect for me. I take the top vent off and store it inside the unlocked dome. Hope this helps. Let me know if you still want measurements. The Cover Store said their cover wouldn’t fit based on the BJ3 dimensions I found online.
  5. Thank you! I did the exact same thing yesterday.
  6. Looks awesome! Great weekend for a new Joe! Cheers!!
  7. Has anyone purchased a BJ3 cover from Coverstore.com? I am trying to confirm that they still fit. When I gave them the BJ3 dimensions, they suggested it wound not. KJ says their cover fits all three BJ models. I am just trying to buy the best cover that will fit. Coverstore.com has a 7 Year version with a 15% discount for less than BJ version.
  8. Hello all, First off, this site has so much great information for a Kamado newbie like myself. I found AGC through this site and saved nicely on a KJ BJ that I ordered yesterday, which I cannot wait for it to arrive. BTW, AGC support is top notch! I have heard/read that rain/humid days can cause mold/moisture issues in a kamado. With that said, does it make sense to buy a cover or not? Does anyone leave it uncovered? I have watched John’s videos on how to care for and maintain your kamado, and I suspect, I will clean it like a nut to calm my OCD down. Thanks for reading and thanks such a cool
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