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  1. Has anyone purchased a BJ3 cover from Coverstore.com? I am trying to confirm that they still fit. When I gave them the BJ3 dimensions, they suggested it wound not. KJ says their cover fits all three BJ models. I am just trying to buy the best cover that will fit. Coverstore.com has a 7 Year version with a 15% discount for less than BJ version.
  2. Hello all, First off, this site has so much great information for a Kamado newbie like myself. I found AGC through this site and saved nicely on a KJ BJ that I ordered yesterday, which I cannot wait for it to arrive. BTW, AGC support is top notch! I have heard/read that rain/humid days can cause mold/moisture issues in a kamado. With that said, does it make sense to buy a cover or not? Does anyone leave it uncovered? I have watched John’s videos on how to care for and maintain your kamado, and I suspect, I will clean it like a nut to calm my OCD down. Thanks for reading and thanks such a cool
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