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  1. Wow. I'll say you nailed it! Happy Father's Day.
  2. Very excited to be joining. I got a call from KJ in Atlanta today and I’ll be a proud new smoker next week. They threw in a soapstone for the delay. Very nice folks. Keeperofdeflame: you beat me, as I am only at 5,500’. And great advice about the remote probe. I’ll do it. Looking forward to the journey. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello All - You have a great forum and read tons of great advice. I've use my Weber gasser, kettle, and WSM for years and am excited to learn and experiment with the KJ, especially at altitude. I bought mine at a CostCo roadshow, but they had to special deliver because they didn't have Big Joes in stock. Almost 2 weeks ago and not a word or a return phone call from CostCo's special order phone numbers. Getting a little anxious. Thanks again for all of your great advice and videos!
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