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  1. What are you guys using? I have the 2019 Louisiana Grill kamado. I don’t really need WiFi control, but I guess it would be a perk i don’t know what these pictures are that are being added. This isn’t even my grill
  2. They honored the price match in the store for me and gave me $100 back. I purchased it 6 days ago it was marked down to $499.99 in store
  3. Can anyone confirm if this has dropped in store? I just bought mine a few days ago and Costco will credit if purchased within 30 days. I may run up there tomorrow to check
  4. What's the lowest temp you are able to cook at without the bottom vent with holes in there? I have been considering this too, but afraid that it might be too much airflow
  5. First smoke completed and everything went great and tasted great at that, but I didn't expect to spend so much time on cleaning the stainless grates. Any tips or tricks? My grill brush wouldn't take most of it off.
  6. I just put on a second layer of felt and will be doing a brisket here on Wednesday, so I'm hoping for the best.
  7. Did you end up picking this up? I've been thinking about giving it a shot too. Most of the reviews say the stainless steel is a little thinner on the Onlyfire basket, but it has good welds and appears to be good quality.
  8. Building process was pretty simple, took about an hour. I managed to do it myself, but I don't recommend this for everyone. I was able to lift it in place after taking out the heat deflector, otherwise it was too big and too heavy. I just finished up my first smoke. I did 1 rack of St Louis cut spare ribs and 1 7 lb pork butt. I did the felt mod on the bottom vent, but haven't got around to the top yet. I didn't notice any leaking, but it does feel loose and slides around when I try to adjust the top. Initially I was happy with the temperature control, but as time went on I felt like there wasn't enough oxygen getting to the coals and I had to open the bottom vent about 2" to get things going again. I felt like adjusting the bottom vent with the slider grate with little holes had very little impact on the temperature control. The ash mod and woo ring will for sure be my next purchase. The food is still in foil, so I haven't done the taste test, but it sure smells delicious
  9. Just picked mine up today and got it all set up. Did the break in for a few hours and going to put some ribs on tomorrow. I do see where people are having a lot of air leakage on the bottom and the top plate needs some more felt, so I plan on addressing this tomorrow and will see how things go
  10. Thank you for this. After some consideration and your recommendations I am going to go with this. Sounds like for $700 I could have an amazing cooking machine
  11. I’ve been eyeing this for a few months and looking around and comparing. I’m on a budget, but I don’t want to cheap out and make the wrong choice. It seems like with some modifications like the felt on the top and sealing the ash vent on the bottom solves most of the issues with this kamado. What are your thoughts on charcoal usage? I have been considering a smaller one because sometimes I’d like to just cook a few steaks or burgers rather than throwing on a full packer brisket. Anything I should know before jumping on this?
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