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  1. After fathers day report: cook went great! I cooked a 7 pound whole chicken spatchcock style on the bottom grate and two baby back ribs above. My cook temp was around 280 and I started at 1pm. The chicken hit 160 at the breast in two hours (with heat deflector). I took it out and mopped with sauce, then put in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. Came out great! After 3 hours on the grill I wrapped the ribs in foil and cooked for another hour. After the one hour mark they came out perfect. I put the sauce on while I got my grill temp up to 400 and then cooked for about 10 minutes. Everyone loved the food including me. Next time I'll start the ribs first and then add chicken as another person suggested. I just didnt want to chance it not being done. Thanks for everyone's advice!
  2. I would go about it in this order: loosen top and bottom bands so lid seal isnt affected by bands. Check for any gaps. Retighten bands checking seal and alignment as you go. If the lid shifts alot than it needs adjustment and it could be bent. I seriously doubt that piston affects the seal on a proper aligned lid. The top band or hinge could be bent a little though and that would affect seal. With the heavy weight of the lid and gravity, it should seal pretty easy assuming it's a good flat and square casting.
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys. I plan on getting my oven to 450 to crisp the skin after internal temp is achieved on the grill. Baby backs take longer than spare ribs? I would think the opposite since spares typically have more meat.
  4. I did forget to mention it will be spatchcock chicken. I love that method but I've only cooked them at 350. Dont know if it's safe to cook lower and slower with a big piece of poultry.
  5. I want to cook 2 babyback ribs and 1 5-7 pound chicken on fathers day weekend. I figure my ribs will take around 4 hours to cook at 275 degrees or so. Would sliding in a whole chicken be doable or would this seriously complicate things? I need a calculator on cook time for that pound bird. What do you guys think?
  6. I peaked at the ribs maybe once every other hour, keeping the lid low and open time short. One of the first things I did when I put my k24 together was to check my thermometer in boiling water and I was within 5 degrees. I do have a probe thermometer as well I use for chicken and turkey etc. I dont know how the best way to attach it to my grill though to measure heat where Iam cooking.
  7. If anyone is curious, I did baby back ribs today cooking at 270-300, 2 hours uncovered and 1 hour wrapped in foil and they turned out great! This was a different cut of pork ribs than what I did last time so Iam not sure how that affected the result. They were tasty though!
  8. Looks tasty! Where did you get fogo at? I've heard homedepot has it?
  9. I fixed my leaky chimney and am overall pleased with it except for the fact that if a pop up shower comes, rain can get down into my grill while Iam cooking.
  10. That's probably what it was then and I just got my geography crossed lol.
  11. Thanks guys. I'll shoot for 275 next and try some foil. I think I may add some apple wood too. Is it ok if theres some bark on the apple wood or should I try to knock it off?
  12. In one of John Setzlers videos on ribs, he describes Louisiana style as simply the way the rack is cut and prepared for mostly esthetic reasons. So basically any meat hanging over the rib bones are cut square along with the ends so you have a rectangle basically. At least that was my interpretation.
  13. So I bought some Louisiana style pork ribs this weekend. I put the rub on and put back into the fridge for a day. Fired up the kamado till temp was about 250 and regulated it down to 225. The temp held at 225 extremely well but I didnt get any meat pullback until about the 5 hour mark. At 6 hours the meat wasnt bending like I've seen in many videos so I adjusted temp to just shy of 300 and cooked for another hour covering the meat with a beer/sauce mix. The meat started to bend more so I added my barbecue sauce and cooked for another 15-20 minutes and by this time it was almost 9pm. So my cook lasted about 7 hours and the ribs were not as tender as I had hoped. Iam not sure if I should have cooked at 250-275 maybe, or if I should have wrapped in foil at some point? The meat was pretty decent and juicy but I was looking for more tender, almost fall of the bone consistency. My ribs were cheap(from Walmart) but weren't stiff or anything when raw. What do you guys do to ensure a great rack of ribs?
  14. Its definitely much larger than 5.875". Before I put a second layer of felt on my top vent I looked at making a sleeve that would press fit into the inside of the top vent to make a more snug fit with the top of the lid without using more felt. So I measured the inside diameter of my vent cap and it was around 8"s. So youd need to make an adapter that stepped down to use the aftermarket vent.
  15. Such an awesome price. Even the 699 I paid is an awesome price. I feel guilty not buying a primo because its US made but I just couldnt get the coin.
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