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  1. Basically my goal above (outside of something portable for all day track meets or swim meets with the kids when I need to keep myself busy). I had a small BGE when I upgraded to the primo xl and I’ve always regretted letting it go. It’s not a need but it sure is nice to be smoking a brisket and throw sides on or another meat without having to make room. Will see how it goes but the thought is seafood/sides/poultry for the jr and all things hearty for the xl. I like the the thought of searing on the jr for reverse sears though. Good idea Ck. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  2. Thanks guys. I pulled the trigger on it. Looking forward to the XL/JR combo and figuring out the portable game. Appreciate the feedback and will send a message on the kick ash basket as well.
  3. I'm considering this same setup to compliment my primo xl and use for tailgates etc. My main question is cooling it down for transport. My xl will stay hot for hours after I shut it down. what do you do here to make this more portable if you're just doing a day cook?
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