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  1. Welcome, Colrob43. Please stop by the Introductions section and say hello.
  2. Back in 2012 a Vision Pro S was my first kamado. I still own it and cook on it regularly. I sealed the electric starter door within the first month of ownership. I did away with the "soft close" piston. I took off the side tables because I've got plenty of prep space in my outdoor cooking area. I've replaced gaskets with High Que Gold Standard a couple of times, and purchased a CGS expandable rack within the first year. That's it. No cracked fireboxes, no leaks, no problems holding 225* for hours on end. The bands are stainless. The lid and base are grooved, so no band slipping/lid falling off issues, the firebox is pre-cut so no heat stress/cracking issues (my Primo XL and my Joe Jr. both have cracked fireboxes) my top cap is cast iron, so no rust issues. Customer Service, should you need it, is great. For the money, IMO, the Vision is a remarkable value.
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  7. Per the OP, this item is SOLD.
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