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  1. Jack 101

    Hi from the Windy City

    Welcome, Larry.
  2. Jack 101

    First Post from Tennessee

    Welcome, T love.
  3. Jack 101

    Obligatory first post

    Welcome, Ogopogo.
  4. Jack 101

    Smash N Sear Burger Tool

    If you sear one side the burger ball about to be smashed and then roll the seared side to the top and smash the seared side with the tool, you don't need parchment paper.
  5. Jack 101

    Greetings from Calgary

    Welcome, Jeremy.
  6. Jack 101

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Just read the sad news. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61. RIP.
  7. Jack 101


    OK. It's all good. Really nice looking cook, BTW.
  8. Jack 101


    I don't see the problem; the post appears to be in Kamado Cooking and Discussion, which the wok seems to have been heated on. How can I help?
  9. All of us other old goats wish you a Happy Birthday, Amigo. Many happy returns.
  10. Jack 101

    Vision Kamado Firebox Options

    Welcome, bbqfanboy1021. Check out Ceramic Grill Store and their SS systems for Vision. A little pricey, but very high quality and very versatile.
  11. Jack 101

    Young Baconstein

    Great cook. Great post.
  12. Looks delicious, KK.
  13. Jack 101

    Hi! Looking at a Vision Pro-S

    Welcome, Tacodude.
  14. Jack 101

    Hi from the West

    Welcome, Rule O Wrist.