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  1. Jack 101

    New to the forum, new to Kamados

    Welcome, EDLaw.
  2. Jack 101

    Why do Recipes Call For Kosher Salt?

    If you haven't watched the Netflix series, I enthusiastically recommend it.
  3. Jack 101

    First Cook on the Soapstone.

    Welcome, Waynegro. . Those scallops look delicious.
  4. Jack 101

    Greetings from Mexico

    Welcome, Canada_Mike.
  5. I've been using the same Magnum Unicorn Plus pepper mill for more than 10 years now. Huge capacity, really high yield. About $45.00 on Amazon. 887 reviews--4.8 stars. Amazon's Choice item.
  6. Jack 101

    Bottom band loose after base replacement

    Welcome, jasonb2018. Please stop by the Introductions sections and say hello.
  7. Jack 101

    New from Southwest Florida

    Welcome, Control Freak.
  8. Jack 101

    The Man Cave UDS - Walkaround Video

    Very good job, John. I love my PBC drum smoker. I look forward to seeing your cooks on this one.
  9. Jack 101

    I'm baaaaack.

    Welcome back, shuley.
  10. Jack 101

    Hello friends

    A second Matt. We're happy you found us.
  11. Jack 101

    Lump Charcoal

    Welcome, theothermatt. Please stop by the Introductions section and introduce yourself.
  12. Jack 101

    Man Cave Ugly Drum Smoker Part 3

    I've owned a PBC for 5 years now and cook on it regularly. It is the second generation enameled one, not the 1st generation powdercoated version. It has no nicks in the surface. The inside is well coated with cooking residue from top to bottom. I cover the bottom with several layers of HD aluminum foil below the charcoal basket. I keep it covered with the PBC cover which I purchased when I bought the grill. There is zero rust anywhere.