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  1. The site is working pretty well today, so I'll use this as an opportunity to say Goodbye to all of the members, Moderators and, of course, to John. I was one of the "2012 originals", and Kamado Guru has been my only social media connection for the 10 years of its existence. It's hard to say just how much it has meant to me, and just how much I will miss KG. I have learned so much from so many of you, have gotten a chance to prepare and eat some truly delicious food, to share my knowledge with you, and to be part of a community of which I was genuinely proud to be a member. So, a huge Thank You to all, and an even bigger Thank You to you, John. From a tiny Akorn, we grew a mighty oak. Down the Road, Jack
  2. Yes, we're still here. Just moving very, very slowly. Everything is taking much longer than usual. Hang in there, it will get worked out.
  3. Yep. The helpful folks at my local ACE have helped me match threads. bolt sizes on a number of weird items. Go to the aisle where the nuts and bolts are and ask for help.
  4. This Section seems fine to me. Have you searched this Forum on your topic? I seem to remember several threads regarding moving/disassembly/proper reassembly. Welcome, and good luck.
  5. I'm sure I speak for @keeperovdeflame as well as myself when I say we're happy to help. Good luck.
  6. I've been using HighQue Gold Standard Nomex on my Primo XL for over 10 years now and on my Joe Jr. for about 5 years. Both kamados live outdoors and get frequent use. I replace gaskets about every 2-3 years, even though it has not always been necessary; the bottom tends to dry out and flatten long before the top, especially on the Primo with its big, heavy dome, but never in so short a time as a year. I've seen mesh, furnace-type gaskets available, but always shied away because I believe their thickness would require adjusting the bands and springs, a task I do not want to get involved with. The High Que are kamado-specific as to thickness and width and have never required any band/spring adjustment to maintain a tight seal after replacement.
  7. Came across this while researching wood fired ovens. HPC Villa. It is duel fueled, glass lined, ceramic coated, big, and expensive--$7409 in black onyx ceramic tiles. Too dear for my budget but, hey, a guy can dream, right?
  8. Geri. Have you considered keeping it and learning to cook on it?
  9. stephanschop. If you read posts from some of our members who live in places with very cold winters, leaving your ceramic kamado outdoors, covered does not seem to be a problem.
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