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  1. Check out my post from January 12, 2014-"Another Spiral Sliced Ham." There are several posts on the topic. Search Spiral Sliced Ham. It's been quite a while, but I remember mine was tasty; definitely smoky(you'll see from the photos that I added a few chunks of wood). Probably best to cut way back on, or eliminate, the wood chunks.
  2. Yes, it is the standard size. The shelves did not need to come off. I removed them and the soft close piston in front simply as a matter of preference.
  3. If I want pronounced grill marks on protein, or anything else for that matter (vegetables, fruit), like keeperofdeflame says, start on a hot, well-oiled grate close to the fire, but with the flames controlled so as no to engulf and burn the surface of the food. If you want pronounced grill marks in a crosshatch pattern, try using the 10AM/2PM method; start with the presentation side of the food face down to the fire, with the food oriented to 10 AM vis a vis the grill bars. Allow the food to acquire grill marks as deeply colored as you please in this position, but not so black as
  4. Jack.

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    Welcome Curtj. That is a beautiful kamado. If your replacement dome thermometer does not need to be OEM, I suggest you try Tel-Tru in the appropriate probe length, temperature range, and fastening method. Get the type that can be calibrated, if you can.
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