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  1. Estoril4. You might check out ceramicgrillstore.com. Many members, myself included, have equipped their kamados with CGS products.
  2. That looks to be in really excellent condition. There are members here who know a great deal more than I about these old "clay" kamados. I do know that if and when you decide to put it to use, you should keep the temperatures relatively low, i.e. below 400*. I'm sure others will have more to add. Good luck.
  3. NaniHonu. I think you've come to the right place to learn about your recent find. Some photos would be helpful.
  4. Pukabbd. Looks like an old Imperial model to me. There are a few threads here regarding restoration and use. Try a search and ask members in the know. Good luck.
  5. David Godden. I have a Primo XL and a KJ Jr. The Jr. gets more use, especially since I am most often cooking for only 2.
  6. Here in Southern Arizona, outside temperatures often reach 110*-115* in Summer. The thermometer on my Primo will reflect that outside temp. But when I want to cook at 250*, or any other temp, I disregard the existing outside temperature reading and go only by the reading on the inside dome of the Primo. That is to say I do not subtract 100* from the target dome temperature reading.
  7. Check Vision's website. They may have a replacement made of wood or an alternative material.
  8. I'd say it's a Vision or one of the Auplex manufactured kamados sold under various names. Looks like a Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer grate system has been substituted for the OEM rack.
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