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  1. I've been cooking on my Primo XL for 11 years now. It has performed beautifully, has tons of grill space, and many accessories available to make it even more versatile. Customer service has never let me down. From the list you provided, I recommend the Primo XL.
  2. Have you considered adding a layer of gasket between the chimney and the OEM cap? When I owned a Costco pit Boss 24", the top leaked until I added the gasket. Problem solved with leftover gasket from a replacement job on one of my other kamados.
  3. Speaking as one who has also fallen deeply down the Japanese knife rabbit hole, I think you made a wise choice. I love my Miyabi Birch chef's knife. It really is one of my favorite knives. The next "necessity" you'll find you just have to buy are expensive sharpening stones or a Wicked Edge sharpener.
  4. Forgot to add in my original reply, the firebox on the Vision never cracked, despite some pretty high temp pizza cooks. It still hasn't cracked after changing owners.
  5. Welcome from Tucson. My first kamado was a Vision Pro S. I had it for years and it saw regular use. I didn't like the electric starter door (it leaked) so I sealed it shut with Permatex. The Vision held temp beautifully after that. When the time came, I replaced the original gaskets with High Que Gold Standard nomex. I removed the soft close piston within the first month of use. I never had a problem with the temperature control dials. Like the sliders, once you learn them, it's pretty easy to hit and hold temperature. Even after I acquired a Primo XL, the Vision saw regular use
  6. Hey @daninpd, I just read that a 4.2 earthquake hit near Prunedale. You OK?
  7. Welcome to Kamado Guru, Axelgawn. I've owned a Primo XL for 8 years now and it's gotten lots of use. I always wrap the top side (facing the food drippings) of my deflector plates in HD aluminum foil. Although wrapping is not necessary, it does keep them clean. If by chance they get some burned on food, I simply reverse the plates and put the burned-on side down (toward the fire), uncovered. I've never noticed any damage or off flavors.
  8. Sounds like a good plan, John. Happy and Healthy 2021.
  9. Auld Lang Syne is a poem written in 1788 in English, Old Scottish and Gaelic by the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Soon thereafter it was set to music using an old Scottish folk song for melody. Over time, the original script was changed to contemporary English, the original melody was changed, and the poem became a New Year's Eve anthem for the Western world. Here is a beautiful rendition by Mari Campbell and Emily Smith in the original vernacular and faithful to the original melody. Enjoy. I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2021. Jack.
  10. If you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own, check out Nuts.com--2 bulbs for $4.99.
  11. Here in Tucson it was a "frigid" 65* today. The kids and grandkids back East can't travel so it's just the 2 of us. Christmas Eve dinner was fancy omelets (freshly cut pico de gallo, fire roasted Hatch green chiles, and chevre) with a side salad of field greens and grape tomatoes. Sorry no photos; the omelets get cold too fast to delay eating. Kamado turkey breast with traditional sides tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. Welcome SPD500. Many, many Akorn owners here, and lots of knowledge to share. Join in.
  13. Like philpom, my Primo XL firebox cracked about 6 years ago. I filed a claim, got a new firebox very quickly, and it's never been out of the box it was shipped in. I've just kept cooking on the cracked one until it got so bad that it would not hold lump anymore--which has yet to happen. No problems with the CI fire grate in mine, despite years of frequent low 'n slow as well as high heat cooks. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  14. Check out my post from January 12, 2014-"Another Spiral Sliced Ham." There are several posts on the topic. Search Spiral Sliced Ham. It's been quite a while, but I remember mine was tasty; definitely smoky(you'll see from the photos that I added a few chunks of wood). Probably best to cut way back on, or eliminate, the wood chunks.
  15. Yes, it is the standard size. The shelves did not need to come off. I removed them and the soft close piston in front simply as a matter of preference.
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