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    Jack. got a reaction from JeffieBoy in Banana Bread   
    Do you have permission to share the recipe?  The bread looks like it should be on the cover of a food magazine.  Really nice, and really nice photo.
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    Jack. got a reaction from lnarngr in Boneless skinless chicken breasts   
    Welcome lebodano.    Please stop by the Introductions section and say hello.   
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    Jack. got a reaction from lnarngr in Boneless skinless chicken breasts   
    I run a jacard over them to even them out, rub a little oil and seasoning on, and cook at about 350, direct.
    I brine when I have the sense to think ahead (not that often anymore).
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    Jack. reacted to KismetKamado in Rolled Omelette   
    Bought a new pan - mainly because it was unusual and interesting and cheap. Then did some googling and figured out what to do with it. Made my first rolled omelette today. Turned out not too bad.
    Sautéed some jalapeños, Fresno’s, onion and chopped up bacon and added to my egg mixture.  
    Put the first layer in and let it firm up enough to roll it. Added the next layer lifting up the first enough to let it run under a bit.  Cooked until almost fully set and rolled making room for the next pour.  Carried this on several times. 




    Ended up with a nice rolled omelette. 

    Fillings were spread evenly throughout.

    Now I just need to remember to add cheese next time!
    Cut a couple of slices and put on an English muffin with some cheese to make an omelette sandwich of sorts.  Tasty breakfast and still have half left to do the same thing with tomorrow. 
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    Jack. reacted to pesto3 in Upside-Down Pizza?!   
    This is something I’ve been playing around with for a little while and I’m finally happy with the results. This pizza is cooked, toppings down in a cast iron pan and then flipped out onto a board, then dressed with Parmesan and rocket. 



    of course you don’t know how it turned out until the flip. 

    video to come for those who are interested. 
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    Jack. got a reaction from Csesock0131 in Top Vent Failure   
    Welcome CsesockO131  
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    Jack. reacted to gotzero in Gyro Rotisserie Meatloaf   
    I had a totally unproven idea in the works, but we are abnormally busy from tomorrow to the end of the month, so this is likely it for me. For football we decided to do gyros for lunch. We made so much and enjoyed the meal so much we had the same the dinner and the remainder already packed for lunches tomorrow. Yum!
    I got my gyro making start from this site, specifically this recipe: 
    Most of the time, we roll our own very similar to the recipe provided by @Rak73 but today we were in a rush. By our standards, this was a pretty lazy recipe, but we used BJ's meatloaf mix, panko breadcrumbs (I could not find our normal one) and Lidl's absurdly good Gyro seasoning mix. Add some olive oil and we are off to the Cuisinart!

    After the disgusting process of emulsifying the mix and getting all of the air out, I was left with this, which went in the fridge while I made a griddle breakfast and we had a fantastic morning playing with the kids. 

    After a few hours of cooling, it went to the kamado sitting at 375.

    These cooks create an absurd amount of smoke. I am so glad it is outside.

    After about 75 minutes, I opened the cauldron to this delicious looking and smelling sight:

    Sliced, thrown on a naan slice (I know...) with lettuce, onion, feta, and "tzatziki", which at our house is greek yogurt and the astonishingly good Lidl tzatziki seasoning. When Lidl has "greek week" I just walk to the spices and pick up entire cardboard sales boards. Not as perfect as when we go all out from the basics, but it is fantastically delicious and easy to do. The game did not go the way we wanted, but there was no complaining about the food from toddlers to seniors. 

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    Jack. got a reaction from Struja in New Member - Classic III Owner   
    Welcome Struja.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from Brandon Store in Grill grate distance to charcoal question   
    If I want pronounced grill marks on protein, or anything else for that matter (vegetables, fruit), like keeperofdeflame says, start on a hot, well-oiled grate close to the fire, but with the flames controlled so as no to engulf and burn the surface of the food.
    If you want pronounced grill marks in a crosshatch pattern, try using the 10AM/2PM method; start with the presentation side of the food face down to the fire, with the food oriented to 10 AM vis a vis the grill bars.  Allow the food to acquire grill marks as deeply colored as you please in this position, but not so black as to be or taste burned, then, without flipping, lift with spatula (delicate items) or tongs and orient to 2 PM vis a vis the grill bars until you've got the coloring that you want.  Of course, monitor internal temp as you go--pretty grill marks do not make up for overcooked food.
    When satisfied, flip to finish to desired internal temp.  Grill marks on the second side are not important-moist, tender, juicy food is.  For me grill marks are eye candy; they can add to our overall enjoyment of the food, but are not overly important except aesthetically.
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    Jack. got a reaction from Blusmoke in Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes   
    Very nicely done.  

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    Jack. got a reaction from Bgosnell151 in Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes   
    Very nicely done.  

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    Jack. got a reaction from Lydia in Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes   
    Very nicely done.  

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    Jack. got a reaction from Ron5850 in Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes   
    Very nicely done.  

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    Jack. reacted to Ron5850 in Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes   
    This is the first time I had ever done meatloaf on any kind of grill.  I must say my family and I were pleasantly surprised on how much we enjoyed it.  I started out bringing the temperature of the Kamado Joe to about 350°.  I chopped all of the vegetables and added them to a cast iron skillet to soften. Removed and once cooled, I added it to my 80/20 ground beef (normally I use a beef, veal, and pork mixture for my meatloaf but decided to go with just ground beef).  I shaped the meatloaf, threw in a chunk of pecan wood to the fire, and then added the meatloaf to the grill.  In the meantime, I got my mashed potatoes ready.  Once the internal temperature of the meatloaf hit about 140°, I coated the meatloaf with the mashed potatoes.  I then raised the Kamado temperature to just over 400° in order to try to brown and firm up the potatoes.  Once the meatloaf hit a temperature of 165°, I pulled it off to rest for a total cooking time of about an hour and fifteen minutes.  I placed it on a serving dish with peas and carrots, and coated it with brown gravy.

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    Jack. got a reaction from Yeowie in Will the slo roller fit in the Classic Joe II   
    Welcome Yeowie.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from lnarngr in Brand new to BBQ   
    Actually, the kamados' origins are Japanese.
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    Jack. got a reaction from Misicm in Picanha   
    Welcome Misicm.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from Chainsaw Al in New Here - Kamado Big Joe III Owner   
    A belated  Tim.  Glad to have you with us.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from BURGER MEISTER in When is the first time you saw a ceramic egg grill?   
    The Graduate.  

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    Jack. got a reaction from RAM53 in Introduction   
    Welcome Roy.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from Rival in Camp Chef Explorer opinions   
    I've had a CampChef 3 burner as part of my outside kitchen for years, and simply would not be without one. As a cooktop it's hard to beat the high BTU and control.  If you want a griddle, you can buy the one or two burner attachment.  If you want a pizza oven, you can buy the attachment.  If you want a smoker/hotbox, you can buy the attachment.  Plus it's portable.
    The only cons I can think of are 1: With time and use the area below the burners can get pretty greasy and dirty.  Covering helps some.  Spraying with an oven cleaner and using a pressure nozzle works better but is a pretty messy job.  The good news is that the burners do not rust and burn themselves clean.  2: Even with the wind screen up, on a breezy day it's hard to keep lit or maintain consistent flame height.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from Chainsaw Al in HELP Choosing - Big Joe II vs. Big Joe III   
    Welcome Chainsaw Al.  
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    Jack. got a reaction from pesto3 in Ginger and Black Pepper Wings   
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    Jack. reacted to pesto3 in Ginger and Black Pepper Wings   
    The name pretty much sums it up. First you have to make a caramel and then add fish sauce, ginger, pepper, spring onions and....wings. Cook for around 25 min and then directly on the grill for some
    colour. Reduce the sauce down and stir it all through. Add some sesame seeds and chopped spring onions before serving. These are stick and sweet! 



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    Jack. reacted to John Setzler in The Kamado Book of Knowledge   
    Here's a little project i have been working on recently.  Feel free to download and share......
    I may update this periodically as inspired and I will post those updates here...
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