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  1. Nice buy. My first kamado was a Vision Pro S. I still own it, and have been cooking on it 2/3x per week since early 2012. Hard to beat it for the price--stainless steel bands, cast iron top vent, a simple dependable hinge that locks back dependably, a pre-cut firebox that's hard to crack, and a full bundle right out of the box. Please post lots of photos of your cooks.
  2. Great looking cooks, Jose. My favorite is all of them. Gotta' love Goya Sazon Azafran--great flavor, great color. It's wonderful lightly sprinkled on chicken before grilling. It's a staple in my pantry. Good to see you back, buddy.
  3. abigrifev.
  4. Kamado Guru has a policy of discouraging using this Forum for airing or seeking resolution of customer service complaints. If the OP is having problems with the Customer Service Department of a particular brand, we suggest you deal directly with that Department, or use the brand's own forum or website. Consistent with our stated policy, I am locking this thread. No offense intended to the OP.
  5. Doug Gregory.
  6. As always, a beautiful cook and an instructional video professionally produced. One more for the library.
  7. puffy_sanchez
  8. from Tucson, K_sqrd. We'd love to see some photos of your RJ kamados and cooks.
  9. Well said, ck. All of my good knives are in a multi-slot block. I'm a lot more careful with the Shun, the Globals and even the Zwilling Pros than I am with the Dexter-Russels and the cleavers which I keep in a utility drawer. Different knives for differing purposes with differing techniques.
  10. Please do not misunderstand--my knife was not purchased to ""Look pretty in a display case". Far from it. I have been using it regularly. Yesterday I did cut carrots into julienne with it. On earlier usage, until I got used to it, I preferred to use it on softer foods like onion, cucumber, proteins, etc. Just because it was expensive, however, does not mean that I will use it to the exclusion of my other knives, including my other chef's knives, some German and some Japanese. Sometimes a particular one just feels right for a particular task.
  11. Thank you, Jose. In the next day or two I'll try to post a comparison between this knife, my Globals, and my Zwilling Pros (which have been ground down to 15* Asian angles). In the meantime, I've used it several times on tomatoes, scallions, purple onion, Romaine lettuce, radishes, celery stalk, and pitted Kalamata olives. Nothing too hard, dense or fibrous like carrots, parsnips, fennel, or turnips or hard shell squash. Given the fragility of the blade, I'll probably use one of the newly reground German knives for these type of tasks.