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  1. Thanks for the replies. I got a private msg saying it is about 250 lbs when the inside elements are removed. This at least gives me the option to lift it manually with some help. Still have to consider the price. About 3500 USD here in Norway and then comes shipping. Espen
  2. I'm considering buying the new Kamado Big Joe 3, but its total weight is 212 kg. I have to carry it around the house, over my lawn, down a little decline and up 5 steps to get to its final location. This is too much to carry for 2 people of my strength. But how much does the heaviest component weigh? Can I separate the lid from the complete grill with the new lid system? I have googled around, but have not found the answer. The best answer I've found is "Get some good friends over".
  3. Hi all! I'm from Norway and have been looking at Kamado-grills for some years now, but have not taken the step yet. Maybe this year. I have the Kamado Big Joe III in my sight. I have been lurking on the forums lately. Looks like a nice place to be.
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