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  1. Sure but I'm a total klutz and I'd probably crack the C2 firebox trying it... LOL
  2. I bought and rehabbed a used Classic 1 KJ last year and it's a great secondary grill to my Classic 2 and KJ Jr. However, the KJ Classic 1 firebox (upper and lower) has started to crack (I've filled in the hairline cracks with fire caulking) and I'd like to know if a Classic 2 firebox would fit into it. I know that it's not under warranty and the KJ website doesn't have pricing for the C2 firebox... any guidance? I tried asking at Atlanta Grill Company the other day at the big show and got no answers (they were slammed, however). Thanks for any help...
  3. I just bought a used KJ C1 and I've several questions: 1. I already own a KJ Classic 2 so can I share accessories with the Classic 1 (sorry if that's a stupid question but I'm looking for potential issues)? 2. I already replaced the Classic 2's Kontrol Tower vent and can I add it to the Classic 1? 3. How do I remove the Classic 1's top vent? The durn thing seems like it's glued on.
  4. once again... Yep, took one Classic one home last night.
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