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  1. Not a perfect pizza, but pretty good first attempt I think! I cooked 4 pizzas at 525-550. That was a little to hot. I’d probably go down to 450 next time to avoid the gum line and get more top bake. This was a New York style dough (fwiw, I owned an independent pizzeria for nearly a decade so I have some experience) made with All Trumps High Gluten flour, yeast, water, Salt and olive oil. It was cold fermented for 24 hours and proofed for another 2 hours at room temp. problem #1 was my failure to clean the deflector plate after the past 10 smokes. The high temperature fire I made for pizza caused a 30 minute burn off that stunk up my porch and overshot my temperature by a lot. Once it settled down, It worked out great. problem #2 was the size of my dough ball. I used enough for an 18” pizza and stretched it to only 16”. So it was to thick to begin with. When i dropped my first pie on the grill I realized my steel was only 14.5” ....ugh. So the pizza is substantially thicker than it should have been. This caused a gum line. On a positive side, the crust was nice and crispy and the smoke was just subtle enough. I’lol be doing this more often as I was really pleased with the first effort. thanks as usual to all the advice on this forum! Patrick C
  2. I’m completely new to Kamado cooking, but I’m ready to take the plunge and the Kamado Classic ii seems perfect. We, essentially, have no yard. We mow with a weed walker in about 5 minutes. So the most logical place for it is on side of the front porch where this little railing is. My thought was to remove the railing and have a custom counter installed with a drop down for the egg. But, as I look at it, is that just a waste of money? Should I just buy the cart and be done with it? Just looking for opinions! Also, the wood porch ceiling is only 7.5’. Should I plan some kind of spark arrestor above ? I’m not terribly concerned about smoke on the porch, just safety. TIA for the help!
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