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  1. Hey guys I know the thread is pretty inactive but just wanted to give everyone a heads up there is a “30% off” Memorial Day sale going on. That’s from the current price of 499. That puts the sale price at 349. That of course beats the original 429 it was then it went up to 529 then down to 499. It also beats the launch sale of 10% off 429 (386) or the 50$ of butcherbox meat deal. Ie this is the cheapest I have seen it since launch including all deals. Pulled the trigger on one myself and hoping it isn’t a one trick steak pony.
  2. Same here Scrap, pretty interested but the price going up isn’t favorable. I am pretty cautious with Kickstarter/Indiegogo as just like happened with the Cinder because of bankruptcy it can end up becoming vaporware. Which then later Desora bought them and filled the orders. I have read reviews the app side was still getting worked out (like anywhere near accurate cook time predictions and disconnects.) Those may have been worked out or not as it hasn’t had an update in over a year (iOS). That is the other thing you see often is that a piece of tech that gets a lot if it’s added fe
  3. The price just went up 100$ from 429 to 529. Of course there have been previous deals for 43$ off(10%) at retail launch April 1st-2nd and fir 50$ dollars of butcherbox.com meat April 10-13th. So right now buying equals paying extra 143-150$.
  4. I have considered getting a “smart grill.” I have looked at the Tfal Optigrill GC722D53, Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe and Breville BGR820XL. Most tout that have some sort of thickness detection, specific food type program and “precise” temperature control. I have been following the Cinder from its crowd funding launch, through the bankruptcy and being bought by Desora. There isn’t a lot of reviews out there for the Cinder and most were back during alpha/beta stage as best I can surmise. It sounds like a big thumbs up for steak given you said it was as good as any
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