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  1. Authentic Jerk Chicken is hard do replicate. Easto is pretty darn close.I wonder if pimento wood charcoal could be found. I know importing wood into the U.S. can be difficult unless treated or heat dried to kill beatles and such. I have made jerk. It smells really wonderful. It will burn quickly. I shake the jerk marinade off after a night in the fridge..Well done Easto! Ben in N.C.
  2. Boston butt bone in 225 to 250 fat up It will stall at 160 after 4 to 5 hours. turn it over if you want or wrap. Just keep at it until the bone will pull out clean. internal temp may be 195 to 210. I have cooked a butt with nothing to see what it would taste like. I missed nothing. YMMV. I like good slaw any kind, I like a plane bun. I like a little Piedmont N.C. Vinegar sauce if the slaw has a little mayonnaise. If the slaw has a little sauce mixed in I,m good.
  3. I saw 800 F on the third cook. Mine smelled a little funny at that temp. I think it was the gaskets seasoning? Brought it down to 500 and did some thick porterhouse lamb chops. They would stand up on the bone. I have to figure out how to post pics.My KJ is stock
  4. PK has been around a long time and changed little in appearance. New venting options very solid construction make it a must have if you have the coin. Ben in N.C.
  5. Wrap the Potato in tin foil. Cook to internal temp 210 . Drop on solid surface from about 18 inches. You potato will be fluffy inside. Next time you do baked potatoes try just one. YMMV....................... I rub my potatoes lard from free acorn, grass,worms and root eating pigs. I save the Olive oil for a classic Julia vinaigrette. Ben in N.C.
  6. Big Joe envy! Enjoy.............
  7. Dragon

    Want a Joe?

    I would not bet against your post. I told them I did not want delivery or assembly. I would say never have anything delivered or set up unless you need a permit or a professional. I am thinking about a Hot Tub for 10 with all the bells and whistles. Sometimes I think the drivers and set up teams don't have their hearts in their work. I am hoping they do not drop mine off the cargo dock getting to my local Store. Wish me luck. Thank you for replying to my post with good wisdom. Ben in N.C. ~~~~~~
  8. Dragon

    Want a Joe?

    Yea for that! Thank you!
  9. Dragon

    Want a Joe?

    Much Obliged Teajunkie!
  10. Dragon

    Want a Joe?

    I am in N.C. Lowes has the 18 inch classic for $749.00 + tax. If you go to the store you can ask for 10% off.It will have to be shipped to your Lowes. or they will deliver and put it together for you. My bill was $692.81. They said it will be at the store in 5 days. Model # KJ23RH. I hope this works out for me. I hope I can help someone else.Lowes Item #703153
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