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  1. Hey D , like you I would love to own the best looking grill too but I will keep cooking on what I have grilldome greenegg and a free 22 kettle.Hope you get one though William nelson
  2. Hey guys check out fire and flavor lump at publix,its large and heavy. Buy one get one last week.
  3. Hey grillers its time to calibrate your thermometers in dome .
  4. Hey guys how close does everone grill a steak to the flame ?
  5. Yes when grilling 18 inch grill is really just 16 inches over flames,24 is a big, difference some grill companies make a 21 inch.
  6. Hey picked up a new rub today called Grub Rub, has anyone tried it ?
  7. just replace it with a 6 dalla grill grate very cheap and better air flow 19 years and still works william
  8. Hey can anyone tell the difference using the sloroller while smoking on your komoda grill and not using it just thinking of buying one. thx
  9. thx for the comments ,now if I could just catch 30 smallies on the new
  10. Hey Im going camping w the wife and kids .She said I could take one of my grills.Ihave a sm komoda aweber sm and a 22 blackstone.Which one would you campers take thx
  11. Yes I was down there last week ,saw TK and his domes.They are really nice.
  12. Hey ,just like to ask if anyone here has made a removable top for their komoda joe or minimax when building their table?
  13. Hey scott thx for the reply. The grill I was talking about is a minimax, just looking for a good set up. the woo or what any of the major co sells thx
  14. Hey people Just like to know the best heat deflector set up for my new 12 inch ceramic grill. thx
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