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  1. I saw a Vision grill today at Academy and the top vent looked about the same size as the Pit Boss vent. Has anybody tried using a Vision Grill top vent on a Pit Boss Grill?
  2. Ok, so I tried adding felt to my vents on my LG 24 but the ceramics on the bottom vent was falling away and some of it had already crumbled off. Have any of you have this issue and if so what is the best way of handling it?
  3. I emailed them also. They told me that they only have 2 models and they are 5.5 inch and 5.875 inch. Say they dont know anything about the LA Grill model. I dont know what the measurement is on the top vent but just looking at it I can imagine that our top vent is larger than that.
  4. HAs anybody tried Smokeware products for the chimey cap? Neighbor has one on his Green Egg and loves it but I dont know if they make one for the Pit Boss/ Louisiana Grills.
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