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  1. So I smoked a couple of spatched chickens Yesterday for dinner. They turned out great. The wife and kids loved them. I did smoke them a bit longer. I forgot to let the Kamado rise to temp before I threw the chickens on so I thought I should let them cook a little longer. the temp was about 250 when I put them on. But I could have still just let them smoke for the 1 or 1 1/2hr normal time. MY temp ranged from 350 to 400. Once it got up to temp. But like I said they still turned out great. I do like the spatchcock method. it's easy and the chicken was moist and delicious. The wife said she liked it this way as well. So I think I will smoke chicken this way in the future. next time i will try it with a brine. Thanks again for all the tips and help.
  2. Thanks everyone for the great tips. Spatchcock it is. I plan on Smoking two chickens ( on an Akorn Kamado Kooker) this weekend so the tips will are appreciated. I have Apple and cherry wood to smoke with (the wife will let me know which she wants. lol) I have not done any brines yet. but I can appreciate the benefits. Hopefully I will remember to take pics before we dig in to them. this has Been a great forum to get some great tips and advise and education. Thanks again.
  3. So I have smoked. pork butts, seared Pork steaks and smoked some St, Louis style pork ribs. on my Akorn Kamado Kooker. Now I want to smoke some chickens. two questions. can I smoke a chicken whole and stuff the cavity with veggies and apples or is Spatchcock chicken the way I should go? And can I do multiple chickens in either method? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  4. Sorry to respond so late. the ribs turned our good. they did get a little dry. But I let the temp get a little too high. still learning how to vent for the right temp. but the wife Kids and a couple of friends loved them. i guess i'm my own worst critic. lol. Thanks for asking.I do plan on smoking more ribs. one of our favorite foods. So i guess I will get plenty of practice. just grilled/smoked some Pork Steaks last weekend. They turned out great. The second time I made them.
  5. Hello all. I was glad to find kamado Guru. I have had my Akorn King Griller for awhile now. But this in my first attempt at ribs I started smoking about a year and a half ago( chicken, pork steak, burgers and one long night with two pork butts) but due to an injury I was not able to do any smoking for awhile. back at it now. I have some St. Louis Style ribs smoking now.(meatheads rub recipe.) My target temp is 225. When I put the ribs on temp hit 310. after a couple adjustments It was holding at 210/212. ( for about 30 mins) I opened the bottom vent to 1 1/2 and top to less than half temp now around 220/225 keep your fingers crossed. lol they are smelling AWESOME. Any and All suggestion Are Always welcomed. See ya around the Smoker.
  6. I am currently smoking ST. Louis ribs using meathead dry rub recipe. Right now trying to get my Akorn down around 225. How did your ribs turn out?
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