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  1. Hi all, I recently got myself a Kamado Joe Classic II and have had a blast cooking on it. I also have a set of temperature probes that I use to gauge grill grate temperature (a Thermopro with two probes) and I noticed something while cooking; if I lift the lid to take the ribs/butt/etc. out to wrap or even lift the lid in general for any amount of time, the grate (probe) temperature will raise ~75 Degrees Fahrenheit when it resettles out at equilibrium. Gauge temperature on the grill remains relatively unchanged (i.e. much lower than probe temp). At this point, I will have to completely choke out the fire (lower and top vents almost completely closed) to lower grill temp and the grill becomes very sensitive to air vent adjustments. Any ideas what is going on here? Should I choke out the bottom vent when I'm opening the grill? Could it be a charcoal selection/distribution problem? Thanks in advance!
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