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  1. I bought the same pan recently. Hope to try it out later this week.
  2. My replacement dome is finally in wooo!
  3. UPDATE on my saga: Got an email today from a shipping company that they have it ready to deliver. If all goes well I'll have the new dome tomorrow. (Now I have to figure out how to attach it)
  4. I’ll take it! (they didn’t reply to my suggestion btw)
  5. UPDATE: Heard back from KJ on Facebook, and they are telling me that they won't have it until early July. I responded that they have it for sale on their website and they should pull the dome from there.
  6. Interesting idea! Next time you do that can you post a picture?
  7. Really? I hadn't noticed. When I contacted KJ, they initially replied very quickly and validated my dome crack issue and created an order number for it. They also said it would take 3-5 days to ship. This was in March. I have had zero response since then even after I replied several times to their emails. The real burn with it all is that I separately bought after my warranty claim some items from KJ, and those items were shipped and received quickly. That's when I came here to see if others had issues, and obviously several are. I reached out to them on Facebook Messen
  8. I'm having the same issue. I created a support ticket and got an email for a replacement dome back on March 24, but haven't gotten it yet, and nobody is replying to the support email thread I had with them anymore. Phone support is suspended, and when I try filling in the form again I keep getting an error on the date purchased field.
  9. I got a Classic Joe II last year, and after a while, I noticed that the top vent was gunking up, making it harder to adjust. I just figured it needed cleaning, but when I did, it seems that the paint is coming off because now the inside looks like bare aluminum. Is this normal? I've attached a pic of it.
  10. Do Thermoworks probes from the Signals or Smoke work with this?
  11. I bought the same cover as well. I like it so far and it's easy enough to get off and on. I don't even bother to cinch it down.
  12. Had my son's baptism yesterday, and wanted to do fajitas for about 20 people since I just didn't have the time to barbecue. I happened to be at Costco and bought what I thought was marinated skirt steak for fajitas. Turned out it was tri-tip. Oops. It was a longer cook, but I got it done, and it tasted great! I'll pay more attention next time I buy.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try out the chuck roast idea.
  14. Yeah next time I'm going to give myself lots more time and start it at night so there's no rush.
  15. Did my first brisket ever on my KJC2 today. 8 pound flat. Used a simple salt and pepper rub, wrapped in butcher paper at 165º, took it off around 195º. It was delicious, but I feel like it could have been a little more tender. I just got impatient as my wife and I were hungry and I couldn't wait any longer.
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