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  1. Super helpful thanks! Once last question. If I'm already doing a log with my FB2, will the Spark only work as a remote display or can I also use its probe and instant thermometer as well during the cook and it syncs the data with the other probe info from the FB2 in the same cook?
  2. That would be great. If you can, share the log so I can see what it looks like.
  3. One of my favorite things about the Fireboard app is that I can make notes and take pictures as I go along in the cook to review later. This is very handy for cooks I don't do often such as Thanksgiving turkey, so I can look to see if there's a need for improvements on anything. Logging those probe checks would allow me to look for trends such as maybe I'm checking too early or too late in the cook. It would also log probe tests with things like briskets where I'm really checking for insertion smoothness, but it would log the temps so I could compare that later as well. Also, having the instant-read logged would make me use the app more, as I could use the Fireboard for smaller cooks like steaks and pork chops. Right now I don't use it for those cooks, as it would be a hassle to put a meat probe in and leave it in a smaller cut of meat. If I could log the instant read probe, I would use the app more for those cooks as well.
  4. Found this review that answered my question.. So I can’t save instant-read temp checks to my cook log. Boo.
  5. If I already have a FB2, will using the instant read thermometer log that temp measurement to the ongoing session I'm logging from the main Fireboard 2?
  6. Thanks for that John. That answered a lot of my questions about it.
  7. Any reviews out of this yet? Looking at the pictures at AGC, it looks like the spit spike doesn't go all the way through the basket. I like that in flat basket mode you can adjust the thickness for when you're doing fish, veggies, etc. I can't tell if the bowl basket has flippers like my Napoleon basket to help tumble wings better.
  8. First time I used the Napoleon basket in the dishwasher, there was a huge mess of gunk in the bottom after I finished. Below is what I do now. Comes out pretty clean, and the wife doesn't get mad at a messy dishwasher. Soak the baskets overnight in soapy water. I use the Briner bucket since it's taller and it gives me a reason to use that thing more than twice a year Take a bristle brush and lightly brush off any large pieces of gunk that's loosened Run the baskets in the dishwasher by themselves
  9. It really looks like something designed to appeal to Weber lovers that want to more easily do low and slow. Had this been out for a while when I bought my Joe Classic, it would have been appealing since it has the 22” that my former Webber Kettle had.
  10. I've been wanting to make Barbacoa for a while, and finally got around to it last night. I got the inspiration for how to make it from this Youtube video. I'm in the Houston area, so it's pretty easy to get beef cheek. I got it from HEB. In the video, she used a crock pot and suggested either a 12 hr cook at low or 8 hour on high. Googling looked like Low was around 200 degrees, so that's what I went for. Cooked at 200 all night using a dutch oven on my Kamado Joe Classic II using the Fireboard Drive fan. I couldn't decide whether to keep the lid on or off. I started with the lid off to get some smoke, then was worried about the juices boiling away, so I put the lid on, but then noticed the internal meat temp rose faster, so I took it off, then put it back on when I was about to goto bed. I cooked it only 9 hours because my wife had to work early today, but it was plenty of time. Meat was so tender it fell apart easily. Next time I may cook two of them and do one uncovered the whole time and the other covered just to see if there's truly a difference. I'll also use a little more salt and trim some of the thicker fatty parts that don't render. Here's the Fireboard session with more photos and cooking details. https://share.fireboard.io/D80BDD
  11. I bought the same pan recently. Hope to try it out later this week.
  12. My replacement dome is finally in wooo!
  13. UPDATE on my saga: Got an email today from a shipping company that they have it ready to deliver. If all goes well I'll have the new dome tomorrow. (Now I have to figure out how to attach it)
  14. I’ll take it! (they didn’t reply to my suggestion btw)
  15. UPDATE: Heard back from KJ on Facebook, and they are telling me that they won't have it until early July. I responded that they have it for sale on their website and they should pull the dome from there.
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