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  1. nobius

    iKamand v2

    Do Thermoworks probes from the Signals or Smoke work with this?
  2. I bought the same cover as well. I like it so far and it's easy enough to get off and on. I don't even bother to cinch it down.
  3. Had my son's baptism yesterday, and wanted to do fajitas for about 20 people since I just didn't have the time to barbecue. I happened to be at Costco and bought what I thought was marinated skirt steak for fajitas. Turned out it was tri-tip. Oops. It was a longer cook, but I got it done, and it tasted great! I'll pay more attention next time I buy.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try out the chuck roast idea.
  5. Yeah next time I'm going to give myself lots more time and start it at night so there's no rush.
  6. Did my first brisket ever on my KJC2 today. 8 pound flat. Used a simple salt and pepper rub, wrapped in butcher paper at 165º, took it off around 195º. It was delicious, but I feel like it could have been a little more tender. I just got impatient as my wife and I were hungry and I couldn't wait any longer.
  7. If you goto that page for the Bellows and read some of the questions asked, someone asked about the BGE. Here was the response: "BEST ANSWER: Yes, it will. We have a large Big Green Egg at our offices and it has been used a great deal during testing. We have an adapter that will make it even easier to attach Billows to your Big Green Egg. It is on the way from the manufacturer and will be available soon." Does the BGE have a similar vent at the bottom to the Kamado Joe?
  8. I just registered and used the number inside the back cover of the manual. Was that correct?
  9. Kept it simple with chicken. Came out great! Can’t wait to do beef ribs on the Fourth.
  10. I watched the video and it looks like it's used when removing the hinge. So I guess I'll just throw it in a drawer and hope to never need it.
  11. Got a Kamado Joe Classic II and set it up today. Did a simple cook of some chicken quarters for my first cook and they came out great. When assembling, I came across this bag with a washer, nut, and collar of some kind. What’s it for?
  12. Picked up three bags of XL today at the Galleria Costco in Houston. Saw several KJ's being picked up while I was there.
  13. Just got this email: Due to the extreme demand for inventory we have experienced over the last few days, we will be ending our online Father's Day Sale tonight, June 11, at Midnight PT. Thank you SO MUCH for your support, we are truly blown away by the response we've had this week, but in order to best serve our customers we will be closing the sale tonight. Our Father's Day Fire Show Event + Deals Event will still be held this Saturday, June 15, from 11AM-3PM. Online discounts will be honored IN-STORE at the event. Online today you can still save up to $600 on KJ, 15% off ALL rub, sauces and accessories and free shipping on orders over $80 (excludes grills) Don't miss your opportunity to get these prices while you still can!
  14. Did the classic come with a cover and charcoal too?
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