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  1. Hi all, I've been using the maverick gear for a couple of years now, both the ET-732 and the ET-735 they do the job well but are fairly awkward to use and maintain, 1-4 probes, wires, batteries etc. I'd heard about the first version of the Meater and the issues some ppl were having with connection strength and basically waited for a better version. So now the Meater+ is out and I've been testing out... its very very good. Pros; no need for a stop watch while searing steaks it has combined pit and internal temp readings, only one probe to clean no more cable management charges in between cooks the base station allows connection to phone no matter where I am in the house/garage time to finish feature is almost always spot on. the App is simple and intuitive Negatives; pricey no doubt I tried the direct connection to the probe without the base station and yeah forget about using it with the akorn. You need the + model The app also keeps the history of each cook and has a handy little graph showing the duration and temps. The dip at the 35min mark is when I lifted the lid to let the coals heat up for the sear and the second dip is when I took it off the BBQ to rest. This is when I ran slightly over my target temp, next time I'll start the sear a few minutes earlier. I really like having the history available to fine tune the next cook Anyway hope this assists someone out there, certainly made me a better BBQ'er Cheers
  2. Hi Rich, It's not an actual D&C, just inspired by it. The stone is a 16" Cucino cut in half and the grill expander is KJ. The rest is designed for the akorn, laser cut and welded together. Cheers
  3. Hi all, Thought I'd throw up some pictures of the setup for some inspiration. No more lifting the coals was worth the effort alone. Cheers
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