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  1. I've looked for something too. I have no problem with getting high temps but more so with wind and rain. I may just make one with a chimney cap like others have done and keep the stock vent for temp control.
  2. I have been putting the fat cap down. Maybe I will try and use the upper grate this time. The design of the Louisiana grill deleflector, like the green egg has 3 large areas for heat to come up. I was considering cutting a pizza stone into 3 equal pie shaped sections to cover those open areas a bit and I think that will work well.
  3. I'm going to be doing another brisket and was wondering about grate height. I have a few kamados but will be using my new Louisiana grill 24" grey one. My last brisket I cooked was finished on the thin part of the flat way way before the thicker portion, or the point. I had it on the lower grate with the deflector in. The inner section was great when done. Before cooking, since my brisket previous to that was a bit dry I melted down the soft fat I trimmed off of it in a cast iron pan and injected it into the brisket. For this on I'm wondering if I shoukd use my upper grate to keep it even further from the deflector? If anyone is familiar with the Louisiana grill/pit boss units it's not that high up. Will the extra height even out the heat a bit more? I aim for 225 dome temp and the thermometer is pretty bang on.
  4. Well it's just a magnetic closure where the spring loaded shock absorber used to be. Won't see much heat being on the outside like that.
  5. Yeah this new grey one will have the magnetic latch and cover. I'm really hoping it comes with the heat deflector like my pitboss 22" did. It seems like most of the Costco ones come with cover and heat deflector.
  6. I just ordered a new 24" kamado Louisiana grill 24" from costco, its currently back ordered but should ship soon. Has anyone seen the new grey ones in person. It looks like it has a new style gasket from the pics. I read about a new hinge too but have never seen one. I have a couple of the older pit boss/Louisiana grill kamados and have no complaints. I did the extra sealing right away and also used loctite on all nuts. Looking forward to getting the new one. The grey looks nice.
  7. Going to be cooking some baby back ribs for a few people soon and I'm wondering how many full racks can fit on my 22" pit boss. I usually cook just 2 and they fit fine but even 4 seems to be a tight fit. There will also be a tight window on when all the food needs to be done by. Will 4 racks need a lot more time than 2? I never foil my ribs and cook at about 250. I was considering cutting a rack in half to fit better but not sure if that one would cook alot faster than the rest.
  8. I dont think there is any sugar in the coffee rub. I've never tried it before and was just hoping it goes well with prime rib. I may just do salt and pepper.
  9. I'm about to cook a 5 bone prime rib on Christmas eve. I have some trager coffee rub and never tried it before. Is a prime rib a good cut to use it on? I'm also still wondering about cook time and temp. It's almost 5KG and I was wondering about a high heat sear at the end and if this ruins the coffee rub.
  10. I have the Turkey on right now and really not sure what the actual temp is because my digital one held through the top vent reads 365 and the dial reads 300. Either way I have a probe in the breast and I give one in the thigh, just doesnt seem to be in any meat no matter where I put it in the thigh. Will the drumstick do as a measuring point? Right now it's been in for 1.5 hours and the breast is reading 79 degrees and the thigh is reading 88 degrees. Skin is already getting crispy.
  11. I will use the dome for the cook and use my probes in the breast and the leg. I just want to use the dome temp to judge how long the cook will take. i think ill plan to cook at 325 and then have the dome reading 275 and hope on approx 12 mins a pound.
  12. I just ran one of my grills up to 300 on the dome thermometer and had one probe of my digital at the grate and it read 350 and then I hung the other one inside the top about where the dome temp would be read and it read 400. So 50 off at the grate and 100 off at the dome? Not sure which one to go by. At 225 it was pretty much bang on and that's where I do most of my cooking so I never realized how much it's actually off.
  13. I'll be using either my 21" Louisiana grill kamado or my pit boss k22. I have some ceramic pieces I can use as a spacer.
  14. That turkey looks great. I may just up the temp of the cook to 325 or so. I do want that crispy skin but also want the drippings in the pan to stay good for a nice gravy. I just picked up my turkey and its 17lbs.
  15. I will be cooking indirect with a heat deflector. I do have some ceramic pieces to set the drip pan on. I will place them on the deflector and then the pan and the bird directly on the grates.
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