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  1. I dont think there is any sugar in the coffee rub. I've never tried it before and was just hoping it goes well with prime rib. I may just do salt and pepper.
  2. I'm about to cook a 5 bone prime rib on Christmas eve. I have some trager coffee rub and never tried it before. Is a prime rib a good cut to use it on? I'm also still wondering about cook time and temp. It's almost 5KG and I was wondering about a high heat sear at the end and if this ruins the coffee rub.
  3. I have the Turkey on right now and really not sure what the actual temp is because my digital one held through the top vent reads 365 and the dial reads 300. Either way I have a probe in the breast and I give one in the thigh, just doesnt seem to be in any meat no matter where I put it in the thigh. Will the drumstick do as a measuring point? Right now it's been in for 1.5 hours and the breast is reading 79 degrees and the thigh is reading 88 degrees. Skin is already getting crispy.
  4. I will use the dome for the cook and use my probes in the breast and the leg. I just want to use the dome temp to judge how long the cook will take. i think ill plan to cook at 325 and then have the dome reading 275 and hope on approx 12 mins a pound.
  5. I just ran one of my grills up to 300 on the dome thermometer and had one probe of my digital at the grate and it read 350 and then I hung the other one inside the top about where the dome temp would be read and it read 400. So 50 off at the grate and 100 off at the dome? Not sure which one to go by. At 225 it was pretty much bang on and that's where I do most of my cooking so I never realized how much it's actually off.
  6. I'll be using either my 21" Louisiana grill kamado or my pit boss k22. I have some ceramic pieces I can use as a spacer.
  7. That turkey looks great. I may just up the temp of the cook to 325 or so. I do want that crispy skin but also want the drippings in the pan to stay good for a nice gravy. I just picked up my turkey and its 17lbs.
  8. I will be cooking indirect with a heat deflector. I do have some ceramic pieces to set the drip pan on. I will place them on the deflector and then the pan and the bird directly on the grates.
  9. I was looking at 275 to keep it more juicy and then turning up the temp at the end to crisp the skin. Maybe its not nessasary to cook at that low of a temp. Just really dont want it dried out on the surface. I decided not to bribe but to inject instead before cooking. I will add a drip pan for gravy and hope it doesnt burn to the pan and char, another reason I was looking at 275.
  10. Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend (In Canada) and im going to smoke a turkey. Ive been reading and it seems like alot of people make it very confusing. Im looking to inject a creole butter before cooking but not sure if i need to brine the bird or not. Im also looking to cook at a lower temp like 275 other than some videos at 350. If injecting do i need to brine and what kind of time am i looking at per pound at 275? Ive done spatchcock chickens before injected and were really good. Ive read before that no wood for smoke should be used, Will a mild wood like maple hurt?
  11. I do have wood moisture meters, a few of them I use for my firewood business. I guess I need to do a few different cooks and try different placement. It just seems like no matter the stage of the cook when the coals hit the wood I get heavy smoke. For a low and slow cook like I have going on right now, you wouldnt want a raging fire.
  12. So I tried again and got the small fire going and placed some chunks away from the fire. Instead of smoldering they started smoking white and heavy again. The moisture content is about 9%inside and 5% outside. Not sure why they are smoking so much. I can see putting them on and letting them smoke out then put the food on but placing them throughout and letting them catch as the coals burn seems like they would smoke white each time one caught.
  13. Well split one of the larger pieces and its reading 10% inside. I set the bag outside and I can hear them cracking, must be taking on moisture. I'll let them settle overnight in the rain and see what happened. The oven was at 275 when shut off. I'll probably do a test run with some other pieces that were not in the oven and see how they act.
  14. I've been using some store bought chunks and they were good but then u started cutting up some sugar maple from my property to dry, it's been cut and split for 9 month to a year and stored outside. It is now in fist sized chunks and after the girlfriend had the inside oven up to temp after she was done I put the wood chunks in to give them a final dry. They were not inside long and are now testing 0% moisture on a meter and after I had my grill up to temp I put a couple in for some ribs. Well it smoked heavy white until I opened it and grabbed one with the tongs to cut back and it crumbled like charcoal. Are they to dry and just burning up right away? I've never seen that happen so fast.
  15. I guess I'll just try and see what happens. Rotating isnt a big deal if it has to be done.
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