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  1. thank you this is the recipe I use https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/the-last-pizza-dough-ill-ever-need-8132795 its great for 500-600 range. if you wanna cook extremely hot, dont use sugar or oil in the recipe.
  2. this looks fantastic, ive smoked italian sausage before and loved it. never tried this, but i will.
  3. Let us know how good it is. Beef and coffee pair very well. Im sure that wood will make an awesome brisket.
  4. I am going to be getting a wood fire pizza oven soon to do neapolitan style. And started practicing a recipe out on the Dojoe. I took Alton Brown’s last pizza dough ill ever need recipe and took out the sugar and the oil. And dropped it to a 60% hydration dough (original recipe is 66%) and switched out bread flour for 00 flour i got from amazon. if you wanna try this heres what i did 690 grams 00 flour 414 grams water 9 grams yeast 20 grams salt In the mixer on medium-low until dough ball formed then on high for 5 minutes to knead it. Into fridge for an over night rise. Took it out of the fridge and let it sit for 2 hours, then split the dough into two balls weighing 550 each(that size made a 16 inch pie). Let em rest for an hour while the big joe preheated. Got the dojoe to 675 and they baked for 4 minutes each.
  5. a very hot sear on the outside while still being rare/raw on the inside. Had the burner on high heat with oil on a metal skillet waited until the oil was well passed its smoke point and then he dropped a thick cut sirloin, 2 minutes each side. Had a very nice outer crust/sear. And a very rare inside. Usually topped it with buttery garlic shiitake mushrooms.
  6. I understand that theres a thread of some disappointed customer service. Im not making this post to rub anyones nose in it, and I hope everyone who is experiencing a problem gets there warranty claims solved. BUT i gotta give credit when credit is due! I bought an iKamand a few months back and the meat probe wasn’t working properly, it would give readings all over the place (for example it would say 78 degrees when the meat is 150). I emailed Kamado Joe my receipt and I explained the issue. They were gonna send me a replacement probe (bout a month ago) I followed up a few days ago asking on status, and the individual meat probe is on back order til April. But a 2 meat probe and 1 ambient probe pack was instock so they sent me that immediately. That was mighty cool of them.
  7. That paper towel trick earned you a sub. Cool video. Your backyard is awesome too.
  8. Ive used my inlaws classic 2 and I have a big joe 3. Love em both. 3 series is a step up not a giant leap up though. If you want to have two classics then making the second the 3 series is a smart choice. Would I get rid of a 2 so I could get a 3? probly not. If I had a 2 and wanted another Kamado Joe, would I make the second a 3? Absolutely. And in my case, I had a generic kamado I got thru work, so I didnt have a series 2 to begin with so I just opted for the 3 from the start.
  9. I think for searing going past the smoke point isnt a big deal. I used to work for a chef who would do Pittsburgh Rare steaks, and he would only put the steak on after the skillet was severely smoking. And I've seared like that and the steak always comes out great. How did your delmonico turn out?
  10. Congratulations! Dont wait til the weekend. Light it now! Plenty of things to cook on a week day after work. Steak, burgers, chicken breast, fish, etc
  11. Very nice! Look really big, 16 inch or 18?
  12. If you attach your pit probe to the grate The difference is because the probe is closer to the fire then the dome thermometer. I have an ikamand and I took a metal clip and clipped my probe to the thermometer and theyll display the same temp.
  13. Meat Church and John Setzler have done videos on doing a long slow cook for a week day and I gave it a try with my kamado joe and ikamand. It turned out great. I put the brisket on at 6:30pm last night and ran it at 190 degrees. 7:30am i wrapped in butcher paper. At noon I turned it up to 250, at 5 it was close but not quite where i wanted it so I went to 300 and by 6 it was ready. Rested on my counter for 30 minutes. Came out really good. I think the meat probe for my ikamand is broken though you’ll see in the graph its readings had to been way off, went to bed with it saying 77 degrees, wake up it says 58 degrees. Poked with my instant read thermometer and that said 120. link to the videos
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