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  1. Flat basket is now flaking too. After second use
  2. If you have flaking issues I would immediately do what I did and fill out a warranty claim. Kamado Joe got back to me and there currently working to improve the durability of the basket. They added me to a list of customers that they will be sending a new basket too once it’s available.
  3. Dojoe isnt meant for those temps. Max is 700F. If you want the 930F pizza Roccbox is an excellent choice. I have one and enjoy it alot. I do prefer Dojoe for when I want American pizzeria style. In my opinion it does that very well. (Especially if you have a big joe and stretch out a 16 inch pie)
  4. it does add more depth. 3 levels of cooking. And if you wanted you could smoke 8 pork butts/picnics or 4 briskets if you use the heat deflectors and another set of standard grates.
  5. Some things to think about. 1. Fish is hard to keep together and the more you do it the better the meals will be. 2. Oil your grates before you light your fire. Its easy to forget but this is a must for every session. 3. To prevent flare ups, try using the grate in a higher position. I have found I like the mid position on the series 3 grills the best (if using series 1 or 2 this would be top position). If you got a very nice hot fire this position will still give you an excellent sear while not submerging the meat in a fire explosion (ofcourse if this is desired
  6. My control tower flakes and that I dont care. Functionality over looks for me. However, This I care because my second batch of wings were coated in the flaking. I threw em out. Maybe Ill get it sand blasted and strip the coating completely
  7. And this is a pic of the first cook. Wings came out excellent. So good i wanted to do it again the very next day. Unfortunately it didnt work out on round two. I dont think I did anything different between today and yesterday either.
  8. After my second use with my tumbler it unfortunately started peeling and it spilled the contents in the cook twice. I reloaded it with the wings that didnt fall into the charcoal and at the end of the cook I had the black finish peeling onto my food. This is not to dog pile onto the product or the company. Just something I wanted to make potential buyers aware of. I am hoping I just got the one defective unit and that this isnt going to happen to everyone. I already filed a warranty claim and I know they will replace it.
  9. Next week im gonna order one. Ill post info about it if there isnt a review by then.
  10. I have a big joe 3 and a joe jr. and i kinda wanna get one
  11. I would definitely knock out the burnt ends first and hold em. You could probly hold em in a crock pot on the “warm” setting. Something also to consider, you can use your indoor oven to finish bbq. Ofcourse its always more fun to do 100% of the cook on the smoker BUT once the food has the smoke profile on it, a regular oven can finish them off. so if you wanted you could smoke your ribs first until you get to the stage for the foil wrap, wrap em and continue in your oven. And start the burnt ends. but i would just do the burnt ends first and hold em in a crockpot. Thatll be
  12. If you have a deep dryer or dutch oven that you can fry in, smoke them for one hour at 225-250. Then deep fry em until there crispy.
  13. I like the sloroller but I dont use it for smoking, i prefer the heat deflectors for that. I do use it for roasting chicken, and baking. I feel like its a better convection oven then it is smoker accessory. It definitely makes a difference (from my experience it has) for baking and chicken/turkey roasts
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