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  1. All the way to the right it rests on that spot
  2. Had some left over ribs and pulled the meat off, diced and put into a pizza. Cooked this guy at 650 for 5 min. Came out awesome.
  3. Never had that happen to me. Though i use my kamado daily.
  4. I had to do it again. And this one came out even better. Did it this time on the extender instead of dojoe. What made it better though was, i slid it off the pizza peel better this time and the temp was at 625. Yesterday i couldnt get it past 450 for some reason
  5. I started off by butterflying a chicken breast and pounding it out. As if I was gonna make regular chicken parm. I floured, egged, breaded with bread crum, parsley, basil, oregano, red pepper, garlic, salt, pepper. Deep fried until done. And then cubed to be topped on the pizza. Most pizzas I make with my homemade pizza sauce but this is chicken parm pizza so I opted for a tomato basil marina that I keep on hand for quick weeknight pasta dinners. Stretched out the dough and went sauce, chicken, cheese(mozzarella and provolone). I brushed the crust with olive oil and sprinkled parmesan and left over bread crumb. Popped it into the dojoe and this is easily one of the best pizzas ive made, poured extra marina on top of my slice. It was awesome!
  6. I didnt see the episode but i think i tried that same recipe from his book. Was it just a mixture of molasses and salt? Thats the recipe i tried and it was very awesome.
  7. Thanks. I like the cast iron grate one better (by a thin margin) love em both
  8. Once my dome was at 500 my soapstone was at 800 surface temp. Im guesstimating that it was about an hour from lighting the fire starter to cooking.
  9. Yes. There two half grates Kamado Joe brand same ones that come standard with the grill. The only downside is, you cant use the sloroller, when using the lowest position. But the food will still come out awesome, so go for it!
  10. if you have a 3 you could do what I did, order an additional set of grill grates, and you’ll be able to do what this product is doing. I think this is a great system for series 2 but with the series 3 divide and conquer you have alot of space between the low and highest position. I have a big joe 3 and was able to have brisket on one level and pork butt on another level. I also got very ambitious. And did the grill extender aswell to do 3 full layers.
  11. Absolutely. Do it. It worked out great for me. You dont need to use a lot. I just did a stripe around the whole gasket, i put the gasket on and locked the lid for 4 hours. Cooked on it same day. No problems.
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