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  1. I want to share a link to a pizza peel I just bought and it fits perfectly inside the big joe dojoe. Like a glove. Its 18 by 18 inches, ive stretched out some really good 16 inch pizzas, and have been able to safely transfer them into the dojoe with just using a good sprinkle of flour on the board. Before i had a 16 inch pizza peel and i still wanted to make 16 inch pizzas but the problem with stretching the dough to the exact size of the peel is you CANT shake the pie loose before going to the oven. And that has been a game changer for me to get that perfect circle from the peel to oven. I st
  2. The fat that drips off the meat, hits the coals, creates a smoke from the fat that goes up and hits the meat.
  3. Ive had great customer care service. It can take a lil while during the pandemic but they do take care of the customer on manufacturer defects.
  4. Get the II. Kamado grills can last forever taken care of properly. The price difference is insignificant over the long term. If you own the grill for 6 years the price difference is 50 a year. Youll have it for atleast that probably much longer.
  5. I do 60% whether i am using the roccbox at 900 or my dojoe at 550. Great results either way
  6. I have a big joe 3 and was considering getting a kettle as a side kick..... probably buying this.
  7. Yeah go for 250. Also another newbie mistake to avoid is being obsessed with the temperature staying at the exact temp. If it gets to 270 its not the end of the world close the top vent a little and itll work its way back down. If it gets to 230 open it up a little more. If its at 240 or 260 leave it alone. I used to be the guy that would be playing with the vents if it was 5 degrees off. Temp will fluctuate a little.
  8. I’ll tell you my mistake. I was nervous with how fast it cooks from raw to 160 I thought it was going to be done way ahead of schedule. 160 to past 200 degrees takes a long time. Plan alot of time. The brisket needs a minimum 1 hour rest after its done. Please make sure you rest it, itll be so much better that way.
  9. No higher then 700. And I only operate in the 600-700 area for pizza. Everything els is at lower temp. Direct grilling dome temp is usually 500ish. Baking/Roasting 350-450 range. Smoking 225-300.
  10. Awesome cooking area. I wouldnt recommend it either. If Neapolitan is important to you, a pizza oven would be a good thing to get. On the kamado joe you can get pizzeria quality pizza though. Ive made great pizzas at 550(7 minutes) and 650(5 minutes). And if your feeding some friends and want to cut down on time, make bigger size pizzas that you can share instead of personal sizes. I do 16 inches on my big joe. The pizza stone for it (20 inches round) is a whole lot of real estate
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