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  1. Kamado Joe big block is expensive but you wont be disappointed in the sizes. Ive used Kamado Joe Big Block, Atlanta Grill Company Charcoal and Royal Oak. To be honest I main Atlanta Grill Company the chunks arent as giant as Kamado Joe but there light years better then Royal Oak. I only use Royal Oak when I need charcoal right now and didnt plan ahead and order Atlanta Grill Company coal. 

  2. I like smash burgers and they are on the menu at my restaurant (my home lol). It seems like the past 10 years its really gotten more popular like its a hot new thing when in reality its just an old fashioned way of cooking a hamburger.

    this book is worth getting. Covers burger history, has great recipes based on different regions in America. And has an excellent framework recipe on a basic Smash, Grilled Charcoal, and Pub Burgers. 


    I do enjoy smash burgers but my all time favorite is charcoal grilled. 

  3. The lid on my big joe 3 pulls to the right. To lock the grill lid down, I need to pull it to the left by the handle so it lines up correctly with the lock. Would anyone here know what fastener on the lid of the big joe 3 would I need to adjust to make it center? Thanks

  4. On 5/10/2021 at 9:26 PM, Polar Bear said:


    Because that would require you to remove a hot DoJoe and Pizza Stone and them place it somewhere to cool off 

    If you're not blessed with an abundance of space, putting a 600f attachement on the ground/deck to cool while you shut the grill down is not safe nor practical 

    Agreed. I use to care alot about saving charcoal. I dont now. And charcoal that was already lit, doesnt burn as good a second time. I try to use just enough charcoal for each cook. (I also used to care alot about hitting 600+ degrees, but as long as im in 500-550 range im good) i have a big joe I fill it about 3/4 full for pizza, light 3 fire starters in a triangle pattern. 


  5. Yeah they told me the same. A buddy of mine has a blast cabinet and blasted my tumbler. Washed it a few times before use and it’s been working good.  Spray it with some pam grilling spray and continue tumbling. I understand most people wouldn’t want to do this and we shouldn’t have to do this..... but I did and it now works. 


  6. If you have flaking issues I would immediately do what I did and fill out a warranty claim. Kamado Joe got back to me and there currently working to improve the durability of the basket. They added me to a list of customers that they will be sending a new basket too once it’s available. 

  7. 4 hours ago, kurwaslobo said:

    Does DoJoe works in high temperatures or does it take some damage, i mean temperatures like 450c-500/ 840F to 930F?

    Dojoe isnt meant for those temps. Max is 700F. If you want the 930F pizza Roccbox is an excellent choice. I have one and enjoy it alot. I do prefer Dojoe for when I want American pizzeria style. In my opinion it does that very well. (Especially if you have a big joe and stretch out a 16 inch pie)

  8. On 4/4/2021 at 8:13 AM, TKOBBQ said:

    If I were deciding between the 1 and 2 I'd definitely get the 2, air lift hinge and upgraded gasket.  If I could afford it I'd swing for the fences and go with the 3 which also adds the slow roller, I also believe it adds more depth but not sure.

    it does add more depth. 3 levels of cooking. And if you wanted you could smoke 8 pork butts/picnics or 4 briskets if you use the heat deflectors and another set of standard grates. 

  9. Some things to think about. 

    1. Fish is hard to keep together and the more you do it the better the meals will be. 

    2. Oil your grates before you light your fire. Its easy to forget but this is a must for every session. 

    3. To prevent flare ups, try using the grate in a higher position. I have found I like the mid position on the series 3 grills the best (if using series 1 or 2 this would be top position). If you got a very nice hot fire this position will still give you an excellent sear while not submerging the meat in a fire explosion (ofcourse if this is desired use lowest postion) 


    4. Preheat. Give the grill time to come up to temp. When reverse searing you will need to take the meat off and tent it with aluminum foil while you let the grill come up. If you just went from indirect to direct immediately thatll probably be most of your problem. If you have a second grill you could save yourself some time by letting that come up to searing hot temps while your cooking indirect on the main grill. 


    I have the soapstone and absolutely love it. It is easier to sear fish on it and keep it in one piece then regular grill grates. But it is possible to sear fish on the standard grates, and the sear line marks are very pretty. And again, always use a fat/oil every time for every cook regardless if its soapstone, standard grill grates or cast iron. 

  10. After my second use with my tumbler it unfortunately started peeling and it spilled the contents in the cook twice. I reloaded it with the wings that didnt fall into the charcoal and at the end of the cook I had the black finish peeling onto my food. This is not to dog pile onto the product or the company. Just something I wanted to make potential buyers aware of. I am hoping I just got the one defective unit and that this isnt going to happen to everyone.  I already filed a warranty claim and I know they will replace it. 


  11. I would definitely knock out the burnt ends first and hold em. You could probly hold em in a crock pot on the “warm” setting. Something also to consider, you can use your indoor oven to finish bbq. Ofcourse its always more fun to do 100% of the cook on the smoker BUT once the food has the smoke profile on it, a regular oven can finish them off. 

    so if you wanted you could smoke your ribs first until you get to the stage for the foil wrap, wrap em and continue in your oven. And start the burnt ends. 

    but i would just do the burnt ends first and hold em in a crockpot. Thatll be easiest option. 


  12. I like the sloroller but I dont use it for smoking, i prefer the heat deflectors for that. I do use it for roasting chicken, and baking. I feel like its a better convection oven then it is smoker accessory.  It definitely makes a difference (from my experience it has) for baking and chicken/turkey roasts

  13. I want to share a link to a pizza peel I just bought and it fits perfectly inside the big joe dojoe. Like a glove. Its 18 by 18 inches, ive stretched out some really good 16 inch pizzas, and have been able to safely transfer them into the dojoe with just using a good sprinkle of flour on the board. Before i had a 16 inch pizza peel and i still wanted to make 16 inch pizzas but the problem with stretching the dough to the exact size of the peel is you CANT shake the pie loose before going to the oven. And that has been a game changer for me to get that perfect circle from the peel to oven. I stretch out my pie, put it on the peel, build pizza and since i have an extra two inches of real estate on the peel I can shake the pie loose and skate it around a little bit on the peel before going to the oven. Also prior to lighting the kamado, I put my peel in the dojoe with about 2-3 inches to spare from the very back of the pizza stone and marked a line on my handle at the top opening of the dojoe which I use as a guide so I know how far back I am and when to start shaking it off. 

    heres the link to what I bought and I think the amazon picture is wrong cause the one I have has a much longer handle. 

    Winco 42-Inch Wooden Pizza Peel... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UBBFUI?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


    Btw buffalo chicken pizza with Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo sauce, Chopped Tyson Buffalo Strips and blue cheese crumbles is just awesome. 



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