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  1. You actually answered my question. I was worried about the soap stone getting too hot and making a sear that isnt good. I was also afraid of the soapstone getting damaged if it was too close to the fire. But since you mentioned youve done it in the low position, I went for it. I probly shoulda let the stone get hotter then I did, i seared em at 800. Tasted really good though, the smoke really made the steak taste awesome.
  2. Just got a soapstone and have been loving it. Im going to do a reverse sear later but before i do it, id like to know what your recommended position would be for the soap stone. Ive used the soap stone only in the high position on my KJ3 and ive been able to get it to 700 degrees surface temp. I have the 3 tier divide and conquer so I can go low, mid, or high on the levels, i was originally thinking put it as low as possible, but since it has gotten to 700 degrees surface temp in the high position, is it possible it would be too hot in the low position and ruin the steak (over sear... is that a thing?)also could the soap stone get ruined from being too close to a fire? The box didn't really give any guidance on this.
  3. I decided to start trying to make desserts. Heres my first attempt at a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing on the outside and peanut butter buttercream on the inside. Came out pretty good.
  4. This is the first time I roasted a chicken. Watching John Setzler’s video made me wanna try it. I can’t believe how juicy this came out. The breast meat had a great amount of moisture in it. The dark meat was excellent. Im a fan, will make again.
  5. Got to 650 on the dojoe today! 4 fire starters and a full load of coal. The pizza crust was awesome had a light airy pillowy inside. Made it for football today with my brother, did some smoked then fried wings, and a cheese, broccoli and sausage, buffalo chicken pizza.
  6. Thanks a lot. I hope you get one. Its fun to use and has really improved my pizza
  7. Im looking forward to seeing how this comes out. Please take pics
  8. I love that the big joe pizza stone is 20 inches, easily houses a traditional pizzeria 16 inch large no problem. Have been debating getting a bigger peel and using some more of that real estate.
  9. Another pizza cook in the books. Still havent cracked 600 again. Partially because i dont think im adding enough. Ive added alot of coal used royal oak but I think I just need to really top off the fire box and let it rip. My fire box had 10lbs of coal in it, i should invite some people over, make 6 or 8 crusts and dump a full bag in it lol. Both pizzas ran at 550
  10. Yes! I do that. And it works great. Wood is easier to slide off then metal. When im really jamming. Ill walk out to my kamado with the wooden that has the next one on it, and the metal for taking off whats already on it. Duel Wield them peels
  11. Thanks for the tips. I fired up the kamado. Put the grill grate in the low position, waited for dome to go north of 450. And boom! Got the criss cross pattern. Made a beautiful medium rare filet for my wife. And a rare for me.
  12. I do have good news about your stretching. I make 16 inch pizzas and the dough weighs 575 grams when I do it. 270 grams stretching to 8 inches is pretty good, your weight on the dough is less then half my weight and is half the diameter of what I make.
  13. This is a good lookin pizza. Congrats on the new KJ!
  14. I like www.sevensons.net beef is good, chicken is good, pork is good. The ground breakfast sausage is a home run. where do you get your beef? I live in jersey and might wanna check that out
  15. Today I cooked sword fish on my big joe 3. And it came out pretty good but im curious what other users wouldve done as far as distance between grill grate and charcoal. I set my grill grate in the middle position because i was afraid of the fire coming up and burning the fish. I waited til dome temp as at 450 before starting to grill, The stainless grill grate temp (i shot it with a laser thermometer) was 1100. I didnt have any flames come up but the grill marks are pretty weak. I did 2 minutes per side and a turn each minute, then put it on the in direct side where it baked til 145 degrees internal temp. So my question is, was the middle on the 3 tier divide and conquer the right choice or when grilling should we always shoot for as close to the coal as possible? P.s. finished with a lemon butter sauce, it was quite good.
  16. I use Bread Flour. Most of the time King Arthur but sometimes I get Gold Medal. Overall I love the Dojoe. Usually when im making pizza im doing 4 pizzas, being able to slide in and out with no heat loss is a game changer. When Im cooking now its very easy to get into a groove, stretch, sauce, toppings, into the oven. Immediately stretch, sauce, top the next, by the time the next one is ready to go in the oven, the previous is ready to come out. Without the heat loss of lifting the lid the pies cook fast since the oven doesnt need to catch up the 50-100 degree loss of lifting the dome lid. In 20-30 minutes I can produce 4 pizzas with it. Ive been making homemade pizzas for 5 years, started with pizza pans, then pizza stone, then baking steel in my regular oven (all of which can make a great homemade pizza). But by far the dojoe pizza is the absolute closest to making a restaurant level pizza at home, that ive tried.
  17. Yeah 575 is a good temp and it came out great. Anytime your cooking between 550-600 itll come out as good as most pizzerias. Reason im trying to go to 650 is because that first pizza got a bigger rise at the crust and it had a soft airy pillowy texture, the leopard char spots also gave it some added flavor. Im just constantly looking for improvement.
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