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  1. Cheese: 70-30 mozzarella to provolone blend, sprinkle of cheddar and parmesan. Cooked at 525-550
  2. Short review: I LOVE IT! Detailed review: So this is my first accessory Ive bought for my BigJoe and it certainly won’t be the last. You can really feel the quality of this piece it lives up to Kamado Joe’s standards. I have used it twice and have made 5 pizzas on it so far. I love the massive 20inch pizza stone that comes with it. I really like making large 16 inch pizzas. Prior to this I used a 16inch baking steel and with my pizzas being the same size as the steel it was very easy to over shoot and have some of the pizza hanging off the side. I also love that it leaves the grill open in a clam shell position, I was able to make 3 pizzas in a row last night without losing temp and waiting for the recover. In fact the last pizza cooked had the highest oven temp. The dojoe last night cooked between 500-600 with the bottom vent fully wide open pizzas 1 and 2 cooked between 500-550 and the third pizza cooked at 550-600. And I cant stress enough how awesome it was to load a pizza into it, stretch the next one by the time the next one was ready for the oven the previous was ready to come out, slide out, slide in, no loss in oven temp. All pizzas cooked about 7 minutes each. The only bad thing I can say about the dojoe is the amount of fuel it requires and you can’t shut it down. The instructions that came with it said 4lbs of Kamado Joe charcoal however Im sure that was intended for the classic model. I had a 30lb bag of royal oak and I wanna say I used 1/3 the bag (10lbs). After the 3rd pizza I closed the bottom vent and walked away from the unit, I should probly do a test and see how long this thing can operate on a full load, Im sure I couldve gotten a 4th pizza (probly a 5th and 6th) before the temp starts to drop. Considering you can’t turn it off and save coal, I dont think I would use this for just one pizza but I will most definitely be using this anytime I want to cook multiple pizzas. The DoJoe really shines for home pizza parties. And who knows, maybe ill play around with it and see if I can use less coal if I’m not gonna cook too long. If I find I can use less then I did and still hit 500+ to cook one, ill report back here with the update. Now lets see the pizzas! Pizza 1, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Pepperoni. Cooked at about 525
  3. Just got a dojoe for my big joe and heres my first cook on it. It ran at 650 degrees for 5 min. The dough was Alton Brown’s last pizza dough ill ever need recipe (however i didnt add the sugar that the recipe calls for) And im very pleased with the pizza it produced.
  4. I have a big joe 3. The 3 tier DC sits ontop of the sloroller
  5. I saw this on “The Burger Show” on youtube (season 4 episode 3. Binging with babish tries to survive in a professional kitchen) and had to try it myself. I set the accessory rack and my baking steel on the lowest part of my big joe 3. Got the steel to about 700 degrees and smashed 4 1/4lb burgers. What i learned from the show was taking the cheese and putting it directly on the grill, then put the burger on the crispy gooey cheese then flipping the whole thing. Came out good. Will make again. Heres a link to the video where I learned this
  6. Awesome cook. Great presentation. Looks like its from a restaurant.
  7. Thank you! Your absolutely right. There is a 2.5mm hex/allen key head. Turning it counter clock wise fixed it. Thank you!
  8. I have a kamado big joe 3 and just today it won’t lock. I pushed the lid down as hard as i can and it won’t lock. Just started today, used it yesterday and it was fine. Is there something I could adjust to make it go down more to catch the latch? Thanks in advance
  9. Definitely call a buddy. It is heavy. Not 500lbs but still heavy. Wear gloves. One person grabs at the lower vent and the other grabs right at the bottom of the hinge assembly. And you should be alright.
  10. I have a big joe 3. It’s definitely not 500lbs. My brother and I were able to assemble it together. I wheel it around my deck with no issues.
  11. If that was your first brisket and you thought it was ok. And your guests thought it was good. Id count it as a win. Your next will be better and the one after that will be even better. Glad the burnt ends came out great.
  12. At 250 itll be where you want it between 10-12 hours. I normally do 225 and it takes 12-14 hours. You definitely want the meat to get a nice rest so if its done by 2pm-ish having it sit in a cooler til dinner time will be good.
  13. 5lbs of bacon burnt ends. Brisket burnt ends. And a sliced brisket flat. Got a nice smoke ring on the flat. Was good. Also made a ton of homemade french fries (i used alton brown’s tomorrow fries recipe its awesome) and we had burgers and hotdogs. Great Independence Day meal
  14. Awesome looking pizzas everyone. Heres a bacon one and a pepperoni i did.
  15. I really love my kamado big joe 3 and I know im going to buy alot of accesories, what do you guys/gals do for storage? Right now I tuck the slo roller right under the grill/cart and the heat deflectors on the small shelf on the cart. I know ill eventually get the cast iron grill grates, soap stone, dojoe, grill expander, the laser cut stainless grill, and the question is... where am I gonna put it all? Do you have an awesome storage unit by your grill for the extra stuff or do you just make a place for it in your indoor kitchen? Id love to see pictures of your setups
  16. I’ve been cooking on a generic kamado style grill for 2 years (not sure what brand, I got it thru the company I work for as a prize). I enjoyed using it so much that I just recently stepped up and bought a Kamado Big Joe 3 and gave my older unit to my brother who I hope gets the same level enjoyment out of it as I did. Heres a family photo and a picture of my first smoke on the new Joe. 3 racks of ribs (bbq, spicy bbq, dry rub) and cheese baked potatoes
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